One peaceful day in Skyworld, I woke up and got out of bed I was happy that he finally defeat Hades. ''Good Morning Lady Palutena'' I said in a happy mood though I had work to do. ''Good Morning Pit'' Said Lady Palutena in the same mood also. But I wondered I still had to train with my Blade I want to become even stronger then my army do I could help them to be strong also! Anyway I went to training room to train with a Pillow. Five Minutes Later… I went to find something to drink I walked through the hall and then Entered the room with a lot of drinks. I picked one up and then went back to the training room when I ran in I accidently droped the potion and smashed on floor but then the Pillow was changing colors. ''What's happening'' I said puzzled then I kept staring at the pillow and started to have eyes,arms,and legs. ''Uhh… Lady Palutena may you please come here. ''What is it Pi-it wait what is that'' Said Lady Palutena '' I don't know Lady Palutena want me to defeat it'' I said in fighting position ''No Pit I think this is a Sak to believe'' Said Lady Palutena ''A Sak?'' I said