All credit goes to L.J. Smith author of the Forbidden Game series. Sorry if this chapter isn't as good as the rest.

Chapter 5

Time passed. Jenny knew that it had. Not that she could see it go by, or feel it. She just knew that it must have. Julian had kept his word. He had let her see from the shadows all of her friends as they rested in their beds. The two she remembered the most was Tom, and Summer.

Julian hadn't been kind to him in the time he had "won" him. Tom had bruise all over, and a few scratches. Jenny didn't know how she knew Julian was responsible for them. He lay on his bed in is wet, muddy clothes, sleeping so peacefully. His chest moving up and down as he breathed. When he had whispered her name she wanted to rush to his side.

Julian had held her to him and then pulled them into the shadows. He called it shifting. It was like teleporting only she could feel her body being carried through something. Then he had brought her to see her last friend's room. It was Summer.

Julian seemed to know that Jenny needed some private time and had left; or rather shifted to some other place. Jenny had walked over to her and hugged her. Summer hadn't awoken, but in her sleep she had wrapped one hand around Jenny. It was as though she knew that Jenny was there. After a few minutes of talking to the sleeping girl, Julian had returned and had shifted them to the ally way Jenny had gone into before she found the more Games store. Once again the door was there.

Now Jenny was sitting on their bed. It was bigger than any bed she had ever seen, and when she had first saw it she had wondered how it could fit into the house. Now she knew about how, when Julian had escaped, he had turned the house into a huge castle to live in alone. He had spent day's just manipulating rooms to keep himself distracted. Distracted from his thoughts about how much he wanted to see her again.

Jenny laid herself down on the bed. Time didn't flow the same in the shadow world. Jenny knew she should be getting older, but she remained the same. Julian often tried to explain why time was different, but Jenny never really understood.

Julian lay next to her awake. Although he would hold her while she slept, he never fell asleep. It had first seemed strange sleeping next to someone who didn't need to sleep. Until she realized that he had always been by her side since she was five. Now he was like a guard protecting her from any danger that might come upon her while she slept.

Tonight she didn't want to sleep. She wanted to go back to earth and see her mom and dad again. Julian had been firm to tell her that she couldn't along with strictly reminded her of her promise the first time he had taken her back here. He had explained how if she went back on her word, he would reclaim Tom.

Julian wrapped his arms around her like he did every night. Night meaning when Jenny wanted to sleep. She felt the heat rise to her face. It had taken awhile, but she had eventually fallen in love with Julian. She still loved Tom, but when she thought about it she realized it wasn't the same kind of love.

Tom had made her feel like she like she was floating on air. He had been a rock she could hold to when everything was chaotic. It was a simple beautiful love.

Julian was much different. He made her feel like she was one of a kind, like not a single other woman could compare to her. When he complemented her it had a deeper meaning to it she had never felt before. Julian simply made her feel things she had never known existed. His love was not something words could describe, but Jenny loved trying to describe it every time she had some alone time.

That was why she had asked him to re-do their marriage ceremony. She had felt that she should give him herself, only without the intent to trick him. He had kissed her with so much passion before agreeing. The ceremony was the same, simple and sweet. When it was over he had picked her up and had, held her to him. Then he had taken her to a beach called, Pidgin Point. It was one of the few breathtaking places on earth, he had told her. To be on earth that last time had been his way of saying thank you.

Jenny rolled over and kissed Julian. He smiled, and as light as a feather traced her face with his fingers.

"How much time had passed?" Jenny asked.

"Is that what has been occupying your thoughts?"

Jenny nodded.

Julian sighed, startling Rascal. Rascal was the name of Julian's wolf. It had taken a lot longer for Jenny to like his pets than it had for her to love Julian. This was saying something because normally Jenny loved animals. Now, every night Rascal slept on the edge of the bed. Demetrius was always coiled around Julian's night stand. Jenny still tried to figure out how long Demetrius really was. She would take out a ruler and try to line him up to it, but he always slithered away. She supposed that she could just ask Julian, but it seemed so silly that she never did.

"It has been only a week, here in the shadow world."

Jenny knew that she had been awake and asleep enough for it to have been much, much longer.

"Only a week?"

"Time is different here. I keep trying to explain this to you, but you never understand."

"So, will I age?"

"No, because I won you the way you are, you will always remain the same." When he said won it sounded more like a term of endearment than making her sound like a possession.

"But don't you age?" she asked

"My appearance will never change."

"But your elders look-"

He cut her off by kissing her.

"I made a few inquiries before the second game to my elders. Shadow men shouldn't be able to love. As it turns out I'm not completely a shadow man."

"How can that be?"

"The runscave wasn't the only thing they cared my name, or rather the symbol that represents me, into. Although their, experiment worked I'm now the only one who can create more shadow men, or get rid of them."

Jenny gasped. "Does that mean that your elders are-"

Once again he cut her off with one of his soft kisses.

"I don't have the runescave, but they can't hurt us. They're bound to unbreakable rules."

"So basically we get to be together forever?"

"And a day." He said before kissing her again.