BlackLynx17: Hello everyone! This is my first Pokemon Fic... My first game fic period so don't judge to harshly.

This fanfiction takes place right after the final battle with N. Touko had just beaten him and N was saying his big speech at the end.

In this story I made Touko 16 and N 18. I know the trainer's only suppose to be 10 like in all the games but whatever this is my fic, I'll do it however way I want too.

Anyway I thought this up when I first beat Pokemon Black but only now did I decided to write it out and post it. This is the first chapter so it may be a little rough but enjoy.

N Eternity

Chapter 1

"When I first met you in Nuvema Town I heard the voices of your Pokemon, and they shocked me. Why do these Pokemon... Why do they claim to be... fond you? They said they wanted to be with you... I couldn't comprehend that there were Pokemon in this world who liked people. I had no knowledge of such Pokemon until that moment and from then on, as my journey continued, my feelings swayed. Pokemon and people were all selfessly joining their hearts to help each other so I wanted to fight you, to ascertain my belief... I wanted to face you as a fellow hero. That I desired, I considered only Pokemon... No, only those Pokemon I had know, even I should not have opposed you, surrounded by all those Pokemon you had met. Well the Champion has forgiven me, but what I do now will be up to me to decide. Touko! You said you had a dream... That dream... must be realized! Your wonderful dreams, your ideals have the power to change the world! Touko! You can do it! Well..."

"Good-bye Touko, I'm sorry... For this... For everything" N said right before he took off on Zekrom's back.

Those were the last words he said to me. Those were going to be the last words if I didn't go after him. N was gone and he was never coming back. That seemed to give me the drive to finally move and do something.

"I choose you, Reshiram" I yelled throwing my Pokeball up in the air.

Reshiram came out in a ball of fire. I didn't have time to admire his beauty at the moment though. I know I just caught him so I should be befriending him but I had no time. I'd work on our friendship later, I need to go after N.

"Please Reshiram help me" I said to it.

Reshiram stared into my eyes before bowing his head down to me.

"Of course, you caught me. Your my hero, I'll help with anything you command" he said.

He was talking to me, Reshiram was talking to me! I just heard him growling at me though, telepathy maybe? What am I doing? I have no time be shocked about it. I need to go after him.

"Thank you" I said jumping on his back.

"Now after him, follow Zekrom" I commanded.

Reshiram let out his cry then opened his arms. He lifted them up then took off. I was amazed by his speed, flying Pokemon were nothing compared to it. Reshiram flew higher and higher through the clouds. It became harder for me to breathe due to the lack of oxygen but I wouldn't turn back now. Why hadn't I say anything? Why didn't I respond to his speech? The clouds seemed to thicken around us, there wasn't any sunlight anywhere.

Where was he? Where did he go?

"N! N!" I yelled looking around.

There was gray clouds everywhere. The deeper Reshiram flew in them the more we looked lost. I stared panicking. Where was he? This wasn't suppose to happen. We were suppose to take off and find him immediately, not just fly around blindlessly. I didn't give up though, I kept calling his name till my voice became hoarse hoping he might hear it. N you can't be gone , you can't be. There's still so much we can talk about, there's so many things I haven't told you yet.

Reshiram suddenly stopped flying. He floated in the middle of the sky surrounded by the dark clouds.

"What are you doing?" I asked him.

"I can not go any further. It is pointless Master, we can not track him" Reshiram said.

I gripped his coat and started kicking his sides. I couldn't accept his answer, we had to find N. We had too!

"No Reshiram were not giving up. I know we can find him, I know he's here just keep going, just a while longer" I told him.

Reshiram didn't listen though. He stayed still ignoring my commands.

"Reshiram please listen to me! Reshiram! Reshiram! There's still so much I need to tell him, Reshiram" I yelled.

At some point I started crying. I knew he was right but ... But...

"ITS NOT FAIR!" I yelled out to the sky.

I gripped Reshiram's coat tighter, burying my face in it. I cried into it, just like how I used to cry into my pillow when I was younger. My hot tears streaming down my cheeks.

"Why? Why! I saved the world dammit, don't I deserve to be happy? I saved everyone so why can't I get one thing in return? I hadn't meant to love you N, it just happened. Since the day I first saw you I was attracted to you, I was drawn like a Combee to honey. I imagined our meeting at the Ferris Wheel was our first date. I was planning on kissing you until you told me you were the leader of Team Plasma. I should have chosen you over the world, that shouldn't have shook my heart over you. I was scared though. I didn't know what to expect anymore. I'm sorry I acted so cold to you after that, I'm sorry I didn't learn my feelings sooner. It was only up till now when I realized you were leaving did I learn that I love you" I cried.

I love him.

But he was gone now. The chances of me finding him were slime, probably never. A world without N. I lived 16 years without him but now, I don't I could survive 1. A life without N, I wouldn't want to life like that. I loosened my hold on Reshiram and leaned back. Slowly I started slipping downwards and soon off of him. I fell off my white dragon and started free falling; my tears floated up as I fell. It was a weird feeling, falling to my death. It felt as if the air was surrounding me, crushing me. N. I wonder if I'll get reincarnated into a Pokemon, I hope N would catch me.

He really does love Pokemon. I lifted my hands and wiped my tears. It's all going to be over soon. I turned around and looked downwards, to where I was falling. Reshiram must have flown really high because I still couldn't see the ground, only clouds.

My hat?

I extended out for it but couldn't reached. It flew back up into the clouds. My mother got me that for my first Pokemon adventure... I wouldnt be needing it though... Pretty soon I wouldn't be needing anything.

But no, Arceus wouldn't be so kind to me, Arceus wouldn't let me end my suffering. Why else would Reshiram catch me? He flew right under me, catching me on his back before taking off again. I didn't care anymore, I couldn't. My heart was broken therefore my body was numb. I had no feelings.

"Just head back" I ordered him but Reshiram didnt reply back.

N. He was gone. The end. Nothing after it. No happily ever after or him coming back. Why couldn't he had noticed our feelings? Why couldn't he have realized sooner that I liked him? N was a child after all. He was probably clueless to those sort of things, that's why. I wish we could have kissed in the Ferris Wheel. Before he told me his big secret, before I realized he was my enemy.

My dream... at first it was to go on a Pokemon adventure. When that was realized the next one was to become the Champion. That dream came true too. After I wanted to unite Pokemon and people together, I realized that thanks to you N, and your life story but now... my dream was to be with you.

"How can I have the power to change the world if I can't even help myself?" I muttered in Reshiram's coat.

"Hey look! There she is!"

Reshiram landed back at N's castle. The castle he would never come back too. The one that would never see him again. N why did you have to leave? You finally turned good, you could have stayed here and lived peacefully. You could have stayed here with me.


People were calling me, they were expecting to see me. I didn't have the strength though. I was heartbroken, I had just tried to kill myself... some hero I turned out to be.

"Return, Reshiram" I said holding out his Pokeball.

I slid off him as he returned to his ball.

"Touko?" Bianca said walking towards me.

I don't know why but I was suddenly very tired.

"What's wrong with her?" Cheren asked.

I walked towards Bianca but tripped and fell against her. Luckily for me, Bianca caught me.

"Touko! Touko! What's wrong?!" she yelled.

"He's gone" was the last words I could sum up before I succumbed to the darkness.

It's been a week. A long, agonizing, N free week. It hurt. Apparently from what Bianca told me, I passed out from exhaustion. I've been in the Pokemon Center ever since. Cheren's been on me asking why I was acting this way, Bianca knew though. I was grateful to her, if she wouldn't have been here I would sent my Samurott out and have him Hydro Cannon Cheren when he first came to visit me.

Alder visited me once. He told me Ghetsis was in jail and congrats on being the new Champion. I didn't smile, I didn't even acknowledge him. I just stared out the window, wondering where N was at the moment. Was he alright? Was he eating? Being N, I'm sure he didn't take any Pokemoney with him. How would he survive?

I would be released from the Pokemon Center today but in reality, I never wanted to leave. What would I do now that N was gone? Of course I knew what I would do, search the world until I find him... but for how long? My goal seemed impossible, it probably was. I'd have a better chance of finding him if I went on a TV show that was broadcast across the regions and ask if anyone had seen a green haired would probably work, I was the new Champion after all. They would have to introduce me to the world as Touko, Champion of the Unova Region.

Then again wasn't N wanted as a criminal? That wouldn't work at all but I still held onto it as a back-up plan.

Today was different. Bianca and Cheren hadn't visited me once. It was still light out but it was the afternoon, they should have been here by now. Right on cue though someone knocked on the door. I didn't respond, either way they would have walked in. Instead of seeing my blonde haired friend, or my glasses friend, what I saw was an old man. An old man in a trench coat.

"Touko I presume?" he asked.

I looked outside my window. I did not know this man, judging by the way he was dressed, I didn't want to know him either.

"My name is Looker" he said.

Especially with a name like that.

"I'm an International Police Officer. I was assigned to Unova to investigate Team Plasma but it seems you've already have. Not only that, you stopped their plans and saved the world" he said.

Like that would make me feel any better. He was just reminding me of my betrayal to N.

"I would like to thank you of behave of the International Police Force" he said.

I looked towards Looker, his figure bowing at me.

"Is that all? I would like to be left alone" I told him.

Looker straightened his posture.

"No well... it seems only Ghetsis was captured, the leader of the Seven Sages" he said.

"I know who he is" I said.

He was the one who messed up N's childhood. If only he handed existed, then maybe N could have had a normal life. Maybe we could have met and battled each other.

"Right. We only have one out of the Seven Sages, there's 6 left" Looker said.

"Your point?" I asked.

"I would like your help finding the other 6" he said.

I snorted. "Not my problem"

"But your the hero"

"I was the hero" I corrected.

Now I'm just a heartbroken trainer, whose lost the will to live.

"Your friend has informed me about your situation, I didn't think it would be so serious" he said.

"Situation? About what?"

"About the Leader of Team Plasma. How you fell in love with their King"

Maybe I didn't know what to do anymore but now I did. Kick Bianca's butt for telling a complete stranger my love life.

"It would have never worked out even if he would have stayed. He's a criminal, he would have been apprehended and brought to justice" Looker said.

I clenched my fist tightly against my sides.

"Is that all you've come for Mr. Looker? If so I politely ask you to leave" I growled.

He wasn't helping my situation at all, he wasn't even being sympathetic towards it.

"I'm sorry if I insulted you but it's the truth. You need to get yourself together and find the remaining sages" he said.

"Why the hell should I! I saved the goddamn world and what did I get in return? Heartbreak! Loneliness! Nothing! Now get the hell out of my room!" I yelled at him.

My hands were itching to reach for my Pokeballs. I don't care if I was in a small room in the Pokemon Center. I would sent my Reshiram out and Fire Blast this man.

"It seems I can only make you mad. I'll stop beating around the oran berry bush now and place all my Pokeballs on the table. If you find them for us, we'll drop all of N's charges. He'll be a free man" Looker said.

"He's already free, no one's going to find him... not even me" I said.

"Let me ask you this Touko, who raised N?"

What did that have to do with anything? Regardless of it though, I answered the man.

"Ghetsis" I said.

"Really? He was the leader of the Seven Sages, he would have been preparing Team Plasma for N to rule. Do you really think he would have the time to raise a kid?"

Looker had a point but where was he going with it?

"His servants then and maybe the other sages" I answered.

Looker looked at me. "Correct, the sages must have raised him, taught him everything they knew. They would N better then anyone else. Don't you think they would know where N went?" Looker asked.

My heart skipped a beat. Time seemed to freeze then restart at twice the speed. N and the Seven Sages. It would make sense if they knew where N went, it was definitely a lead. A lead I needed to get my self going. I wouldn't have to travel the world blindly now, only the region, in search of the last remaining sages.

"So I take it we have a deal?" Looker asked.

"He'd be free... to live with me? You wouldn't take him away if I found him?" I asked.

"I don't think the people of Unova would be happy if I took their hero's man away from her. A deal's a deal and if that's not enough you have my word. No one will take N away, unless he tries to take over the world again" he said.

I knew he was trying to make a joke but I was in a serious mood at the moment. I could find him, we could be together, finally after everything.

"Alright, you have a deal" I said.

"Good, I'm glad to be working with you Touko now if you'll excuse me" Looker said getting up.

I pulled the covers off of me and got out of the hospital bed. First things first, I'll be needing my trainer clothes back and not these hospital gowns. Though stylish and comfortable, this gown wasn't fit for adventure.

"I almost forgot, we have a lead on one of the sages. It appears one of them is hiding at Relic Castle, that's in Desert Resort right?" Looker said.

Relic Castle.

"I got it" I told him.

"Good luck" he said and with that he left.

I changed out my hospital clothes and back into my regular outfit. I looked at myself in the mirror, bushing my hair into my usual high ponytail when I realized... I didn't have my hat. It flew off while I was free falling. I dropped my hair and started brushing it down. I guess I'll wear it like this, I'm going to need to avoid Mom for a while though. I pulled on my bag, placed my shoes on, and hooked my Pokeballs to my belt. Looking over myself one last time in the mirror before I leave, I realized something.

I was a trainer. Not even a trainer, I was a Champion. I was the Champion of the Unova Region. There was nothing I couldn't accomplish with my team. I opened the window in my room to the highest point and called out my Pokemon.

"Go, Hydreigion" I said.

I jumped out the window and landed on him. Getting a better hold on my backpack, I patted his head.

"Hello my friend, it's been a while. Please lend me your strength, our destination Desert Resort" I told it.

Hydreigion cried out happily as it flew in the air. I was on my way to my first sage.

Mr. Looker watched as the Champion flew off into the distance. With a smile he sighed.

"Ah young love"

BlackLynx17: So hoped you liked the first chapter. I always hated Hydreigion's name, I always called it Hydrogion because they were spelled and sounded the same. I couldn't use my nicknames for Pokemon in the stories though or you might not be able to understand. This is going to be a short story, but I'll make it the best I can.

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