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N Eternity

Chapter 2

The sky was bright blue today, not a cloud in sight. It was the perfect day to go out on a journey. I wonder if N was looking at the same sky today? I hope he was wearing sunblock, N looked like the type that got sunburn easily since he was so pale. I still loved him though, pale and all.

Today was actually the perfect day to go out for a picnic instead of a journey. Had N ever been on one? I doubt it with him being the King of Team Plasma. I should take him on one when I find him... if I find. Snap out of it Touko, your going to find him. I have 6 chances, one of them is bound to work. No doubts, stay positive. I wonder what N would like to eat on our picnic? My cooking skills weren't that terrible, I'm sure I could make one decent meal for us.

My Hydregion started to growl beneath me. I looked at him and noticed the sandstorm raging under us. It seems we were finally here, we were flying over Desert Resort right now.

"There Hydregion, descend" I commanded.

He nodded and lowered himself, entering the sandstorm then landing at the entrance of Relic Castle. I returned him to his Pokeball and clipped it back onto my belt. Relic Castle. This place was big, maybe not as big as the entire desert, but still I had a lot ahead of me. Even if by some miracle I found one of the Seven Sages, there's quicksand located all through out this place. He could easily run and escape by falling in one of them. I had my work cut out for me but then again this was all for N. Taking a deep breath, then smiling as I exhaled I took a step towards the entrance.

"Hi there Touko" Professor Juniper said exiting the underground cave.

I took a step back in surprise. My eyes widened as I stared at my Professor who had just came out of nowhere to greet me. Maybe not out of nowhere, but still what was she doing here?

"I heard about these Pokemon statues and came to investigate them" she said walking up to one of the statues.

I was still startled by her sudden entrance so I couldn't really wrap my head around what she was telling me. I did notice her place a hand on what she called the Pokemon statues.

"By the way these statues are actually Pokemon. They're currently asleep and all hardened up. To wake up the Darmanitan you'll need a Rage Candy Bar and I just so happen to have some" Professor Juniper said walking back to me.

She grabbed my hands and placed several candy bars in them. I only stared blindly at them then back at her.

"Well I better get going" she said walking off.

I stared at her figure retreating into the sandstorm. I noticed something... not once did she let me talk. I kneeled down and shrugged off my backpack so I could put my newly owned candy bars in them. I didn't have time to catch Pokemon at the moment, unless it was a legendary. I was on a mission to find N, I would come back and catch a Darmanitan later. I looked over to the sleeping Pokemon, it's not like there were going anywhere; they were currently frozen in stone.

Studying the green wrapper of the Rage Candy Bar I noticed that I hadn't eaten anything this morning. I left the Pokemon Center before they could serve me breakfast... I wonder how a Rage Candy Bar taste? It must be delicious if it could wake a Pokemon up from stone. Well Professor Juniper did give me a lot, I'm sure eating one wouldn't cause any harm. I peeled off the wrapper and took a bite. This had to be one of the worst ideas I ever had. It was even worst when Cheren and I decided to try and capture a Beartic using nothing but a stick and a baseball when we were younger.

I immediately reacted to the taste and started coughing. I dropped the candy bar on the ground as one hand raced to hold my throat while the other pounded my chest. That had to be one of the worst things I've ever eaten, I couldn't believe we were feeding Pokemon this. It tasted like something that belonged in the trash... or on a Trubbish.

Forgetting my latest fiasco I finally entered Relic Castle.

"Just great more sand" I mumbled walking through it.

It was a pain getting the sand out of my shoes the first time, now I'd have to do it again. How could I have forgotten to wear sandals instead of shoes when visiting the desert? I avoided the quicksand and followed the walls. I stop short at the sight of an construction worker. Well time to head back, no way he was going to let me through. He'll probably say there's still a sand problem down there or something so I shouldn't even bother wasting my time.

Uh oh... why was the wall getting taller? I looked down, damn I stepped to close to the quicksand. I sighed and waited for it to consume me. Seconds later I landed on my feet a floor under. I climbed the stairs back up to the entrance though, I hadn't thoroughly searched the first floor yet. As I passed the closed off area again something was different... the construction worker wasn't there... did that mean I could enter?

I ran towards the area, well more liked walked, and was happy when I found solid ground. Stairs... well might as well. I climbed down them but ran into the construction worker. Oh no I was busted.

"Oh your free to go down there now, we've cleaned up the place" the construction worker said.

I smiled at him and continued walking downstairs. Let's see, there were stairs leading up and there were stairs leading down. I choose to go up first. Chances were that the Sage hiding here would be at the top. Why? Because he would think of himself all high and mighty. I started running up the stairs, pushing my self faster. There was a lot of flights though, the more I climbed the slower I got but finally I reached the top.

"What the?" I said walking into the box shaped room.

On the floor was a disk. I leaned down and picked the disk up, it was a TM.

"Where the hell is the Sage?! I climb up all these stairs and get a TM? You can't even use TM's in the anime!" I yelled out in frustration.

I threw the disk back on the ground and ran my way back downstairs. Down, always go down. Take the low road Touko I told myself. When I arrived back where I started I walked down the stairs this time and looked around the new room.

"Okay there must be another passage... somewhere" I mumbled to myself looking around.

I found the other passage, but between me and it was a pile of sand. I climbed up it without complaints though and finally entered the new room. Inside was two columns and of course, more sand. I walked up to the columns, I wonder who broke them? Was it an earthquake or something more? I didn't have time to study the scenery I had that Sage to find. I walked into the next room but something strange happened, it looked exactly the same. After another 10 minutes of wandering around I deducted that I was trapped in a maze.

"... I HATE MAZES!" I yelled kicking a rock near my foot.

It skipped forward and... kept... moving? Why was it still moving? I didn't kick it that hard did I? I looked around, the whole room was shaking, not just the rock.

"What the?" I said and turned around.

"Holy Mother or Arceus" I said.

Behind me was a stampede of Darmanitan, and they were coming right at me. Without a second thought I took off running.

"I thought Professor Juniper said they were suppose to be sleeping and could only wake up if I gave it the nasty candy bar!" I yelled as I ran.

Wait a second. I looked back and stared at the Darmanitain. There was chocolate smeared across their faces.

"I get it, when I dropped the candy bar before the Darmanitan must have awaken by the smell of it and eaten it" I deducted.

"BUT WHY ARE THEY CHASING ME!" I yelled after.

Oh another stupid question. I had more Rage Candy Bars in my backpack. Then again why was I running away? I'm a Pokemon Trainer, I could fight them off. I stopped running and faced the raging Darmanitan.

"Go Samurott" I yelled out throwing my Pokeball towards them.

"Hydro Cannon" I ordered as it came out.

Samurott cried out as he obeyed my command. The burst of water had a direct hit on the Darminatan, super effective. All of them fainted.

"Thanks's Samurott" I said petting him.

I'm glad I won't have to run away from those Darminatan anymore. Now I need to huh? My eyes widened at the sight of a strangely dressed man. I've found the first Sage. He was standing in front of some kind of doorway.

"You ready for round two Samurott?" I asked my partner.

Samurrot nodded. I walked into the clearing.

"Stop right there!" I yelled.

The Sage paused and turned his head, probably to see who was talking to him.

"Give yourself up" I told him.

The Sage dropped the stone he was looking at and turned to face me.

"I caught the Pokemon that laid dormant in this castle to present it to Lord Ghetsis. Or so I planned, but isn't even the Dark Trinity that Lord Ghetsis had hidden away in whereabouts unknown...?" the Sage asked.

"That's because he's been brought to justice, they same way I'm going to do with you" I told him.

The old man stared at me. "You... what is your name?" he asked me.

"Touko, Champion of Unova and you have something I need" I told him.

"Touko... I'm Ryoku, one of the Seven Sages. And when all seven are gathered they are perfect. I don't know what those words really mean anymore. I can understand their use, but I can no longer see the dream... Both this Ancient Castle and our castle has crumbled. The only difference is that the Ancient Castle is the remains of civilizations. Nothing of our castle was left behind" he said.

"I didn't come hear for a history lesson Ryoku, I came for you. Now are you going to give in quietly or will I have to use force?" I asked.

"Well it would be a shame to have caught this Pokemon without battling with it once. Your on Touko. You win and I'll cooperate" he said.

I smirked, Pokemon battles were my thing.

"Go Volcarona" he said.

I did not expect him to send out a giant moth. I pulled out my Pokedex... it's types were Bug and Fire. My smirked widened, boy was this going to be quick.

"Hydro Cannon" I commanded.

Ryoku didn't even get the chance to react before the attack hit his Pokemon. One hit KO. Taken down before the match started.

"Well it seems I've lost" he said.

"Good job Samurott, return" I said.

Suddenly I heard music echoing through the cave. I thought it might have been coming from Ryoku but no, he wasn't moving. I looked back and saw Mr. Looker running towards us. He ran right past me and towards to Ryoku. Was there a stereo is his hands? Wait... it looked more like a PokePhone. Was he playing his own theme music?

"Alright, then... I'm an international policeman. So tell me what you know about Team Plasma" he said.

Where the hell did he come from?

"Understood. But we know little about Lord Ghetsis and Lord N both. We don't even have a certainty that they are truly parent and child" he said.

"What do you mean not truly parent and child?" I said intruding on their conversation.

It shouldn't matter, I was the one who won. I should be asking the questions here.

"It's exactly as it sounds, were not sure if Lord Ghetsis was Lord N's true Father" he said.

Lord Ghetsis locked N away in his castle, abused him and Pokemon, raised him to hate humanity, and he wasn't even his own son!

"Are you going to come willing?" Mr. Looker asked Ryoku.

"Yes I am, hold on though" Ryoku said.

He returned Volcarona to his Pokeball and handed it to me.

"Take this, I won't be needing him where I'm going. He looked rather lonely trapped in this castle all by himself, I'm sure you'll keep him company" he said.

I wanted to refuse but Mr. Looker had interrupted me by handcuffing Ryoku.

"Thanks beside Ghetsis, I guess this leaves 5 of the Seven Sages remaining... I want to know what they were thinking and hoping for... well see you again" he said.

"No wait you can't take him yet! We had a deal, tell me what you know about N" I asked him.

Ryoku looked at me. "I know quite a lot about Lord N, is there anything specific?" he asked.

"Like where he would go"

"Tell me, Touko, why are you trying to find him?"

I blushed. Damn this would have been a good time to have my hat, it could have been hiding it. Ryoku chuckled.

"I see now, I'm sorry but I have no clue where he might be. Maybe one of the other sages would though I heard Gorm was quite close to him" Ryoku said.

Gorm. I got it.

"Bye bye Mr. Looker, Ryoku" I said and took off running.

There was only one problem, I was still lost in the maze when I ran. Damn it, why didn't I wait for Mr. Looker to show me the way out. Uh oh, the ground was shaking again. I looked back and saw the Darmanintan were awake again and fully recovered. I know, maybe they could help me out. I took off my backpack and grabbed all the Rage Candy Bar's out of it.

When the Darmanitan came close I just threw all of the candy bars at them. They started fighting each for them but at the end it looked like they all calmed down.

"Could you guys perhaps show me the way out?" I asked.

The Darmanitan looked at each other before running away.

"Wait! Am I suppose to follow!?" I yelled slipping up my backpack and running after them.

Ring, Ring, Ring.

Stange, my Xtransceiver was ringing. Who could be calling?

"TOUKO! TOUKO OH MY GOODNESS!" Bianca screeched on the other line.

Her face was full of panic in the little screen.

"What?" I asked.

"We thought you ran away! I've been trying to call you forever! Where are you?" she asked.

Trying to call me forever? I must get bad reception when I'm in a cave.

"You know what? I"m still kind of pissed at you for telling a complete stranger about my love life!" I yelled at her.

She jerked back. I could see the surprise on her face.

"Here Cheren, she wants to talk to you" she muttered and I saw Cheren's face on the screen next.

"Where are you?" he asked.

"To make a long story short, an international policeman has asked me to find the Seven Sages, tell mom I'll be home late" I said.

"What! Are you out of your mind! You were hospitalized for a week! You shouldn't be-"

"Sorry Cheren, I'm getting another call. I'll see with you and Bianca when I find the remaining sages, bye" I said accepting the other call.

It was my mom.

"Mom! Hey I was just talking about you" I said.

Hold on... I wasn't wearing my hand! And I already answered the call! Just stay cool, act like nothings missing and she'll probably won't notice.

My Mother smiled at me. "Touko dear how are you doing? Congrats on being the new Champion, I'm so proud of you" she said.

"Thanks but how'd you know?"

"Alder made an announcement on television this morning. It was posted all over the world how he was retiring after you beat him"

"Oh, well I'm kind of busy at the moment Mom. I'm might not be back for dinner, or maybe a couple of dinners" I said.

"I understand, just come home when you can"

"I will, see you soon" I said and clicked off.

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