The Chronicles of Narnie: The Telmarine Princess

Summary: Princess Sophia has grown up caring for her cousin Prince Caspian, so it comes as a shock to her when the twelve year old boy vanishes into the night. Sophia uncovers a dark plot against the boy's life and with the help of Aslan, vows to do everything in her power to protect him. (Mostly based on the book and the Focus on the Family movie series made in the eighties with some elements from the new movie)

I do not own narnia or any of the characters except Sophia.

Chapter One: Flight

Princess Sophia was excited about the birth of her brother, Razier. She noticed one person not present at the celebration, her younger cousin Prince Caspian, heir to the throne. She frowned and made her way over to where Doctor Cornelius was standing. The old man seemed sad, and depressed about something.

"Doctor Cornelius, where is Caspian?" Sophia asked. "He should be here for this" Cornelius did not answer for a moment.

"I cannot say Princess." He said softly. "He has vanished this very night. I have yet to tell your father, for this is a happy time" Sophia could see that it was not something he wanted to bring to her father's attention anyway. She looked up at my father who looked back at her and in that instant, she knew the truth. Miraz knew that Caspian was gone. She wanted to confront him and ask him why no one was out looking for the young boy, but she held her tongue. It was a celebration, after all.

"He's only a boy" She gasped. "What if something bad has happened to him?" Cornelius looked at her gravely.

"My dear child, I do believe that the young Prince is safer out there than he is behind these palace walls" He replied, before walking away. Sophia contemplated on the meaning of his words.

The next morning, she confronted her parents in thier chambers.

"We have to find him" She exclaimed, crossing her arms. "He could be hurt, or in danger, or..."

"My dear daughter," Miraz cut her off. "We have searched the Prince's bedchambers. There is no sign of a struggle"

"What?" Sophia gasped. Prunaprismia spoke up this time.

"Sophia, it is our belief that he has run away" She told the sixteen year old. Sophia shook her head.

"No, he wouldn't" She protested. "He's only 12. He wouldn' run away"

"I know this is hard to accept..."Miraz began.

"You're wrong!" Sophia cut him off. "And even if he did run away, we should still look for him" When she saw that her parents didn't seem to care about the wellbeing of thier nephew, she stormed out of the chambers.

"She is becoming a problem" Miraz mused, stroking his chin.

"She's a headstrong child" Prunaprismia reminded her husband. "As long as Caspian lives, she will never yield to Razier being King" Miraz was thoughtful for a moment.

"Very Well" He said. "My guards will find the boy and kill him. His death will be reported to the people as an attach from the Wild Beasts of the Forest"

Neither Miraz, not Prunapismia, realized that Sophia was standing right outside the door. She couldn't believe that her parents could be so cruel.

"Caspian, I'm coming" She whispered. She ran to her chambers and grabbed a small jeweled dagger which she stuck in her boot. She didn't want to go searching for her cousin in a very long dress, so she donned a pair of slacks that she had stolen from her father one day and a ruffled white tunic. She swept her long black hair into a single braid. When she got to the stables, she noticed that Caspian's horse, Destrier was gone. He must have figured out what his Uncle was up to. She hopped on her horse, Destria and rode out beyond the castle walls. Sophia didn't know where she was going or how to find Caspian. She was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't noticethe golden blur in front of her. Destria reared up, throwing her to the ground and galloped away. Sophia looked up to see a large majestic looking lion in front of her and she fainted.