The Chronicles of Narnia: The Telmarine Princess

Chapter Three: The Pevensies

The next morning, Sophia, Caspian, Trufflehunter and some other narnians, began the journey to Aslan's How.

"We will be safe there" Trufflehunter replied. "Aslan's How is a sacred place" The journey was long a rough and when nightfall came, they made camp. Sophia could hardly sleep, for fear that her uncle would come upon them in the night. Artik was standing guard in the early hours of the morning, so Sophia decided to join him and she was glad she did, for a strange boy was headed for the minotuar with a sword in his hand.

"Stop!" She commanded. The boy turned to look at her. He had blonde hair and was gorgeous. She had a hand on the hilt of her sword.

"Why do wish to attack my guard?" She asked.

"I am sorry" The boy replied. "When I was here last, minotaurs were on the side of the witch and tried to kill my brother" It was then that Sophia really noticed the sword that the other boy was carrying.

"You, I take it, are High King Peter" She said, stepping forward. The bow lowered his sword and sheathed it.

"I am" He replied.

"Then you are most welcome here. But where are the others?" She asked.

"We awoke before them" A girl she had not noticed spoke up. The girl seemed to be around the same age as Caspian.

"I see" Sophia said. "My cousin is also asleep. I am letting him rest, for I fear that he will not get enough of it in the days to follow" She sighed. "I didn't expect you to be so young"

"That's the trouble with our world" Lucy explained. "We grew up in Narnia, but when we went home, we went back to looking like this. For a year we wondered when we'd be coming back"

"A year?" Sophia asked in disbelief. Peter nodded.

"Yes. You can imagine what a shock it is to return to a place you loved and have it be centuries later" He said. "Did you call us?"

"No" Sophia replied. "My cousin did. When he is awake, we will resume our journey to Aslan's How. We would very much like it if you were to accompany us"

"We would like that very much as well" Lucy replied. Sophia smiled and Lucy and Peter went back to thier camp. She leaned against a tree.

"Do you think they can help us?" She asked Artik. The minotaur grunted.

"They don't seem special to me" He said. Sophia grinned.

It was late morning when everyone was finally awake and all the introductions were made. Sophia hoped to find a great friend in Susan. When they reached the How, Trufflehunter took them in to a room with the stone table and carvings on the wall of the battle at Beruna.

"It's us" Lucy said, trailing her fingers along the carvings. Peter was staring at one particular carving, tears shimmering in his eyes. Sophia went to stand by him and gazed at the carving. Peter was engaged in a fierce battle with the witch, but there was a limp figure on the ground a few feet away.

"Who is that?" She asked.

"Me" Edmund said from behind her. She sensed that it was a touchy subject, so she said nothing more about it. She merely watched as Peter embraced Edmund.

"We need to gather the army" Peter said. "We need a plan of attack" Sophia nodded.

"Very well" She said. "I'll have everyone gather at the stone table" She looked at Caspian and then back at Peter.

"Listen to me" She said, leaning close so that only Peter would hear her. "If something happens to me, you must protect Caspian. I'm all he has left" Peter placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Nothing is going to happen to either of you. I promise" He said

Once the enemy was gathered, it was time to plan the attack.

"It's only a matter of time" Sophia began. "My father's men and war machines are on their way"

"That means those same men aren't protecting his castle" Peter pointed out, thoughtfully.

"What do you propose we do, Your Majesty?" Reepicheep asked. Peter didn't answer. Instead he turned to Sophia and Caspian.

"What do you think we should do?" He asked.

"We need to get ready for it" Sophia said. "Our only hope is to strike them before they strike us"

"No one has taken that castle before" Caspian spoke up. Everyone fell silent. Sophia braved a smile.

"There's always a first time" She said. Peter nodded.

"And, we'll have the element of surprise" He said.

Yes. if we don't act, the Telmarines will just wait and starve us out" Susan said. Lucy sighed heavily, but said nothing.

"If I get your troops in, can you handle the guards?" Peter asked Reepicheep.

"Or die trying, my liege" Reepicheep said, bowing.

"That's what I'm worried about" Lucy finally spoke up.

"Sorry?" Sophia and Peter spoke at the same time. Sophia blushed.

"You're all acting like there's only two options. Dying here, or dying there" Lucy pointed out. Peter sighed.

"I'm not sure you've been listening" He said quietly.

"No, you're not listening" Lucy said angrily. Peter gaped at his sister, for she had never ever spoken to him like that. "Or have you forgotten who really
defeated the White Witch, Peter?" Peter sighed.

"Of course I haven't forgotten, Lu" He said, pulling her into a hug. "But this won't be the first battle we've been in without him" Lucy sighed.

"I'm sorry" She said. "But I'm worried about you. All of you" Peter took her gently by the shoulders and looked at her in the eyes.

"I promise you Lu, if anything goes wrong, I will call off the attack" He told her. Lucy looked at him and smiled weakly.

"Okay" She whispered.