The Chronicles of Narnia: The Telmarine Princess

Chapter Nine: As the years go by.

Sophia and Peter were married by Aslan himself and there was a great celebration in Narnia at the union of a King of Old and a Princess of Telmar, for thier union united Narnians and Telmarines forever. Caspian was happy for his cousin, and agreed to help build Cair Paravel. Many Narnians descendent of those who befriended Peter when he was in Narnia the first time, helped to rebuild the castle. Peter wanted Cair Paravel to be exactly as it was, so he hired some architects from Archenland to help him. These architects had pictures of Cair Paravel when it was first built and from there, drew up the plans for the new palace.

"It will take about three years to complete it, your majesty" Drinian told the king.

"That's fine Drinian" Peter said. "Take as long as you need, to get everything perfect" Drinian was from Archenland and he was both an architect and a captain. He had been to sea many times and Peter found a friend in Drinian, for they would talk for hours about ships and tales of the sea.

Sophia spent her time raising Razier to be a good prince and helping Caspian run the kingdom. When all was said and done at the end of the night, Peter enjoyed a relaxing evening with his wife and the boy he considered a son.

Exactly three years later, Cair Paravel was ready for Peter and Sophia. Several Narnians volunteered to be servants in the castle of thier ancestors and soon Cair Paravel was roaring with activity. Caspian himself often visited Cair Paravel. He was growing into a fine young man and enjoyed spending time with Peter, Sophia and little Razier.

One day, Caspian announced his intention to take a crew and search for seven missing lords that had been loyal to his father. At this time, Caspian was fifteen years old. Peter and Sophia were nineteen and Razier was only three.

"Are you sure about this, Caspian?" Sophia asked. "It could be a very dangerous voyage"

"I was hoping you'd come with me" Caspian replied. Sophia looked down at her hands.

"What about Razier?" She asked. "And who will run the kingdom while we are away?"

"I was hoping Trumpkin would" Caspian said. "And we can take Razier with us" Sophia glared at Caspian.

"I am not taking a three year old on a voyage like this" Peter decided to interject.

"Caspian, are you willing to hold off on this voyage until your 21st birthday?" He asked. Caspian sighed.

"I suppose I could. But why?"

"Because, Razier will be eight years old and we will be able to take him with us" Peter said. "Otherwise, Sophia and I won't be able to come with you" Caspian thought about this and nodded. It was very reasonable.

"Okay" He said. "When I turn 21, we will set sail" After Caspian had left, Sophia turned to Peter and kissed him.

"Thank you" She said. "I wasn't all that comfortable with Caspian going on the trip right now" Peter smiled.

"I know" He said. "If he still wants to do this when he's 21, I am willing to set sail with him"

"As am I" Sophia said. "I do believe this is something he must do"

They watched at Razier played with one of his toys. Peter was happy in Narnia, but he also missed his family. He wondered when Edmund and Lucy returned to Narnia and hoped that it would be sooner rather than later.


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