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The dark hotel room was quiet in the late night, the only sounds were her ever so often labored breaths, and his too fast heartbeat. AJ lay unmoving, wrapped up in his sheets, in his bed, in his room. How could hitching a ride to the hotel with him end up like this? CM Punk cleared his throat, breaking the silence between the new lovers.

"I would say I'm sorry, but I'm not." He said, his voice low and husky, giving AJ chills. Why should he be sorry? They both wanted it. And suddenly AJ felt utterly repulsed with herself, and her stupid actions. She hadn't meant for things to go this far. It was only a kiss. A kiss that lead far more than she had wanted to go. AJ was in a relationship with Daniel Bryan. She loved him right? Then why did she cheat?

"I-I should probably go Punk." AJ said as calmly as she could. Daniel would be waiting.

"You can stay." Punk offered, a sincere look in his green eyes. The straight edge man didn't want her to go.

"No, I really can't." The diva said as she uncovered herself and began to get dressed. She could feel CM Punk's stare on her bare back as she moved about the room, gathering her stranded articles of clothing. Once the tiny girl was fully dressed, she turned to look at Punk, hurt written on her face, the feeling of regret burning inside her. Punk got up and pulled on a pair of shorts then accompanied her to the door.

"So I'll see you around?" The straight edge man asked hopefully, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly. His green eyes bored into her brown ones as he waited for a reply. AJ only nodded, swallowing the lump in her throat, wishing the regret and guilt she was feeling would just wash away.

AJ was confused at the awkward tension between the two. They had just given themselves to each other, why is Punk acting like this? Unless he knew it shouldn't have happened.

Once she had left CM Punk's room, cautious, making sure no one saw her, AJ crept back to the room she shared with her on and off boyfriend, Daniel Bryan. He would probably be waiting for her, suspicious as to where AJ was at this time of night, and she would have to lie.

"Where were you?" Daniel asked casually as soon as AJ arrived. He acted as if he didn't do anything. I was walking, she thought, because you left me at the arena. AJ shook her head and forced a fake smile onto her full pink lips.

"Oh you know, girl stuff with Kaitlyn." She lied nonchalantly. I was having sex, she thought regretfully. She closed the door to the hotel room and Daniel only nodded, a slight smirk on his bearded face.

"If Kaitlyn is going to keep you away from me, there might be consequences." He said, trying to joke but AJ was definitely not in the mood for jokes right now.

"I'm going to shower." The diva said, ignoring his comment about Kaitlyn. She then slowly made her way to the bathroom.

"Hurry up! I want to have some fun tonight." Daniel said grinning and AJ cringed as she shut the bathroom door and began to take off her clothes. She was getting angrier by the second. How dare he act like nothing happened! He left me at the arena, alone! He left me there, and that's why I had to ride with Punk. Daniel's the reason I cheated. It's his fault, she was getting lost in her thoughts again.

But once the petite girl was in the shower, she couldn't stop the tears from coming. She didn't want to cheat, she didn't want to sleep with CM Punk. But there was something inside her that kept her from blaming Punk. He treated her with the most gentle touches, and spoke to her with the kindest words.

It was the way he touched her, like she was a porcelain doll and he would break her if he got too rough. It was the way he kissed her, like her lips were sugar and he couldn't get enough of them. It was the way he cooed to her, like she was the most amazing thing in the world and he didn't want to let her go.

AJ shook her head, trying to get the thoughts of the heavily tattooed man out of her head. This is ridiculous, she thought as she scolded herself, she shouldn't be thinking about Punk when she was happy with Daniel. She loved him right?

CM Punk lay in his bed trying to sleep, he felt restless. He couldn't get the spitfire out of his head, especially when his sheets still smelled like her warm vanilla scent.

He shook his head smiling, tonight was practically the greatest night of his life. Punk didn't mean for it to go that far, but AJ didn't stop him, and he treated her like a princess. Although, a part of him wished that she had spent the night. He would wake up holding her, and then they would get breakfast together. Hell, he might have even been able to convince her to leave Daniel.

Everybody knew about AJ and Daniel. AJ was too good for him, and Daniel just treated her like shit. That's why AJ was so distraught when she left, because of Daniel.

Punk rolled over in his bed still thinking about AJ. She was just too damn good, and he knew he wouldn't be able to sleep tonight.

Author's Note: To be continued...?