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Four Years Later~

"Mom, Dad!" Phillip yelled as he got off the school bus and ran into the Chicago home. Today was his first day of school, and he was eager to tell his parents about it. But when he entered the house, his parents were nowhere to be found; instead the two toned diva Kaitlyn was there.

"Hey there Dudebuster!" Kaitlyn greeted and gave Phillip a hug.

"Auntie Kaitlyn, where's Mom and Dad?" Phillip asked as he sat down his book bag on the floor. Kaitlyn smiled.

"I have great news." She said excitedly.

"What is it?" Phillip asked.

"You know your baby sister, inside your Mommy's tummy?" Kaitlyn asked.

"Yeah?" Phillip asked confused. "Is she here?" Phillip said.

"Yeah! You get to meet her today!" Kaitlyn explained. "Your Mom and Dad are at the hospital. They told me to bring you once you got off the school bus. So, you want to go meet your baby sister?" Kaitlyn asked.

"Yeah! Let's go right now!" Phillip yelled excitedly then grabbed Kaitlyn's hand and pulled her to her car. "Hurry Auntie Kaitlyn!" He yelled.

"I'm hurrying!" She replied with a laugh. "Buckle up!" She said as they climbed into her car. They then began the short drive to the hospital, all the while Phillip was squirming in anticipation in the back seat. He couldn't wait to meet his baby sister that he had been waiting nine months for.

"AJ you did amazing." CM Punk said to his wife, as they were in a recovery room now. He stroked her hand gently and she smiled weakly at him. He then bent down to give her a much needed kiss. They had been through so much together.

"I'm just glad you were here to see it." AJ told him with a small laugh, but it was different this time. Instead of a c-section, she had given birth to her first daughter naturally, and Punk was there to support her. "I love you." She told him.

"I love you too." Punk replied and that's when Dr. Bee wheeled a hospital baby bed into the hospital room, and it felt like déjà vu. "Finally." Punk said in anticipation, it felt like they had waited to see her forever.

"Here's youre baby girl. She's just beautiful." Dr. Bee complimented in that southern drawl of hers. "Be sure to feed her in a few hours. Oh, you guys are probably pros by now." The doctor said then left the room. Punk then made his way to the baby bed and scooped up his tiny six pound daughter who was wrapped in a hospital blanket, and wearing a hat. He looked down at the newborn and studied her appearance. She looked more like AJ, except with Punk's green eyes. Her pouty lips opened in a yawn as the straight edge handed her to his wife.

"Aw..." AJ cooed then pulled off the babe's hat, and stoked her wild tufts of brunette hair.

"She looks like you." Punk said as he watched his two favorite girls together. Suddenly, that's when Phillip burst through the door dragging Kaitlyn behind him.

"Mom! Dad!" He said with that bright CM Punk-like smile.

"Hey little buddy!" Punk greeted and went to pick up his five-year old son. "How was your first day of school?" Punk asked.

"I had so much fun Dad!" Phillip said as he looked at his Mom who was holding his newborn baby sister. "Can I see the baby?" He asked and Punk laughed.

"Of course you can." He answered as he sat Phillip up in the hospital bed with AJ.

"Hey Mom." Phillip said as he gave AJ a hug.

"Hey little man." AJ replied. "Want to hold your sister?"

"Yeah!" Phillip almost yelled.

"Put your arms like this." Punk ordered as he had his arms in a cradle-like position. Phillip obliged and AJ laid the babe gently in his small arms.

"She's so tiny!" He mused. "What's her name?" Phillip asked.

"Lily Jeanette Brooks." Punk answered. Of course, AJ picked out the name but Punk liked it. It was pretty for a little girl. "She's your baby sister, and you have to protect her." Punk told Phillip.

"I will!" Phillip said determindly which caused everyone in the room to chuckle.

"Can I hold her?" Kaitlyn asked and AJ nodded. Kaitlyn then carefully picked up the baby from Phillip and cradled her. "Okay, she is seriously too cute. The next baby you have, I'm stealing it." Kaitlyn joked.

"Like you won't see her enough." AJ teased. "You're practically a live in babysitter." Kaitlyn then handed the baby back to AJ and said that she had to leave because she was supposed to do a SmackDown taping.

Things were shaping out to be perfect for CM Punk and AJ. They had the perfect life, the perfect family, the perfect marriage, everything was just perfection. Although they had their ups and downs, everything worked out okay, and now they were happier than ever. I guess you could say, there are no such things as mistakes.

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