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Italic – Thoughts

Normal – Normal Texts

Mai's POV

Ring! Ring! "Shut up you damn clock…" I muttered as I reached out to turn off the alarm."Let's see… WHAT IT'S 9 O'CLOCK ALREADY?! Oh shit, I'm late!" I shouted as I took out a tank top and mini skirt before dashing into the bathroom to take a quick shower. Naru is so going to scold me… I hate my sleeping habits… I decided to skip breakfast and quickly head toward the office.

"Mai, you're late. Tea," my narcissistic boss ordered. "Sorry Naru," I apologized and immediately brew his tea. How long has it been seen we have our last case? Naru is also so picky but then… I don't blame him since most of the clients that came don't have interesting cases…

The kettle whistled loudly and broke my train of thoughts. I stumbled to pour the water but accidentally spill some on my hand. "Ouch!" I yelped. Ignoring the pain, I knock on the door to Naru's lair, ermm… office and enter. I place the tea cup on his table and waited for a 'thank you' but of course it didn't come. He reached over to the cup and wanted to take a sip but I pulled it away from his grasp. "Mai, give my tea," he ordered calmly. "Not until you say thank you!" I replied. "Mai, give me my tea now or else I'll cut of your pay check," Naru said smirking. "Fine!" I huffed and turn away to leave. Just before I left his cave/office/lair, I heard his whisper the word 'baka'.

As soon as I left the office, I was tackled by Bou-san. "B-Bou-s-san, c-can't b-breathe…" I said. THUNK! As usual Ayako hit him on his head using her purse filled with bricks? "Oi! Onibaba! Stop hitting me!" Bou-san whined which is a wrong move. "I AM NOT AN ONIBABA YOU OLD MAN!" Ayako shrieked. Geez… When will they confess to each other? It's so obvious already… Unlike me who have been rejected…


Mai: … You Know, I like you…

Naru: I just said that I don't like it when people care about me.

Mai: *fuming* Idiot! That's not what I meant.

Naru: *stare*

Mai: Jeez- You're so slow… I meant I like you in a very special way.

Naru: *smiles* Me? Or Gene?

Mai: *shocks* ... Wha…What, are you saying? Isn't it obvious? I... I mean… I didn't know… *started to cry*

I didn't know that he is Naru. I thought that Naru will smile like him to. Even though Naru would never smile. I sighed deeply and shift my attention back to the arguing couple. Suddenly the SPR door burst open and Madoka entered. "Noll~ I've got a case for you~" she said in a sing song voice as she enter Naru's office. "Mai, tea!" Naru demanded as Madoka drag him out of his office. "What?! Already! It's been only… let's see… 5 minutes since the last cup!" I shouted in dismay. How could he drink all those tea without going to the toilet every ten minutes? "Just do it!" There came his short answer and I trudged to the kitchen while asking, "Who wants tea?" Let's see… 1… 2… 3 and plus 3 for me, Naru and Lin-san.

I brewed 4 cups of tea for the occupants in the other room and one for myself. I strolled into the room and hand them their tea. A chorus of "Thanks, Mai/Mai-chan/Jou-chan/ Taniyama-san," rang around the room from everyone except for the jerky tea addict. "No prob!" I said cheerfully before sitting down.

"So now that everyone is here, I will start. A friend of Martin called him and gave him a case in London but the BSPR are all busy and this friend is a very close friend so he decided for the Japan SPR to take care of it." Madoka started. "Who is the client?" Naru enquired. "The current owner of the Phantomhive Mansion, Mr. David Smith. From my research, this mansion has been infamous for its haunting. Many teams came but none succeed in solving this case." Madoka supplied. "Cupboard fell by themselves and sometime injured people. Heavy things like a statue floated up by themselves and charged at people. The garden often caught fire and explosions happen in the kitchen. At night you can hear a dog's howl and people's chattering. On in a while when someone is walking down stairs, he/she felt someone bumped him/her and that person fell roll down the stairs. They usually get bruises but some have worse like broken leg or head injury. So far no one has died but it is quite dangerous."

When Madoka finished telling us the case, everyone is silent. "I'm not taking it. It's too dangerous," Naru decided, breaking the silence. "Too bad, Oliver~ this case is a must! We're leaving tomorrow at 12 noon~ I already bought tickets for 10 people~" Madoka chimed. Ten people?! She bought too much! Naru sighed, "Everyone can go home and pack up. I don't know how long this case will take so pack up enough things for about two weeks. Mai, call Yasuhara, John and Hara-san before you leave. Everyone come at 9 a.m. and don't be late!" He must have said that line for annoying me… "See you tomorrow Jou-chan!" Bou-san said as he ruffles my hair. "Ah Bou-san~" I whined.

"Hello, John-kun… Yeah, we have a case tomorrow… At nine a.m… The case is in London… Yep, you got it… See you tomorrow," I hang up and started to dial my best friend's number. While Naru is in England for 2 years, Masako and I became best friends. "Hey, Masako-chan! We got a case… Come to SPR office at 9 a.m. 'kay? Pack enough stuff for two weeks… Yep… Bye!" Two down, one to go… I proceed to dial Yasu's number and repeated the same process. Now that my jobs down, time to go home. "Naru, I'm going home!" I yelled and left.

As soon I reach home, I went to my room and pack up. After that, I ate lunch since it's still early and left to a nearby café to meet up with Masako. "Hey Masako-chan!" I called as I approached the kimono clad teen. "Mai-chan, you're late!" she teased. "Mou~ don't be the second the Naru~" I whined and smiled when I heard her chuckle. "So what do you want to talk about?" I asked. "I'm confused…" she replied. "Eh? About what?" I enquired. "My… feelings… for John…" she answered hesitantly. "So you finally realize that you like, no love, him?" I enquired, smiling gleefully. "How did you know?" she asked, surprised. "Well, it is not that hard. You two often blush when you two came into contact with each other. I could say that it is quite similar to how I used to act," I replied nonchalantly. "Really? He also blushes? Do you think he also has the same feelings for me?" she asked hopefully. "Yep however… he is a priest… Oh well! I'm sure that he will do anything for you!" I told her cheerfully as I try to ease her worries. "Ah, it's already 3 o'clock. I need to go Mai-chan. I have a shooting to do! Bye and thanks!" she bid me goodbye and went away.

I strolled home and as soon as I reach my apartment, I went to my bedroom and lay on my bed. London huh… My first time… I drifted to sleep with a small gentle smile plastered on my face while thinking about the case.

Mai's Dream

I stood in a huge and glorious mansion. Wow… It's so… how do I explain it… cool! I walk around while looking at the pictures on the wall and stop at a huge portrait of a lady and a man. The lady is so beautiful… The man is also handsome… Could they be the owners of this mansion? Countless questions run through my mind and suddenly the scene change.

A young dark blue haired boy with clear blue eyes is sitting on the floor as he plays with some wooden toy box. The man and lady in the portrait is sitting on a couch, watching him with a gentle smile. Such a happy family… If only mother and father did not pass away…

The scene changes again and this time I'm in the spiritual plane. I look around for Gene and he approach me with that gentle smile of his. Although two years have passed since his burial, Gene still hasn't moved on. "Gene!" I called as I wave my hand while running toward him. "Hey, Mai!" he said with a smile but I could she uneasiness in his eyes.

"What's the matter Gene?" I asked after sensing his discomfort. "Nothing," he lied smoothly but I could see through it. "You're lying, what is it?" I asked. He sighed and shows me a rueful smile. "As usual, you can see through me… I can't lie with you, can't I?" "Nope," I replied. "Fine I give in. I just have been feeling uneasy these days. I don' think you should join the case Mai. I felt that something bad is going to happen to you," he explained after sighing deeply again. "Well Gene I will still participate no matter what you say. I promise I will stay save," I promised as I extended my pinky and we hooked our pinkies together.

"Quite a childish way to secure a promise but well I know that you won't break it. It's time for you to wake up Mai or else you will be late and you don't want that, right?" he said and waves his hand as I started to fade. "Yep, bye Gene. See you later!"

I opened my eyes and look at my clock. 8. 30… Well I don't I'm going to be late today. I took a bath and cook some pancake. I left my apartment carrying my suitcase. When I arrive at SPR headquarter, only Naru and Lin are present. "So you are capable of coming early after all Mai," Naru commented. "Why you-!" I shouted but my insult was cut off by a bone-crushing hug given by a certain monk. "B-Bou-san… C-Can't B-Breath… L-Let m-me g-go… Y-You o-old… m-man…" I struggled to say those and not long after I say those words, my savior came with her red purse.

THUNK! "Stop choking her you idiot!" she screamed as she pulled me away from Bou-san. "Thanks… Ayako…" I breathed out. "Mai, pack the equipments now," Naru ordered. "Yeah… yeah… Damn narcissist!" I muttered under my breath but somehow he managed to hear it with his superhuman hearing ability. "Insulting me won't do anything… Now quick do your work or I'll cut your pay," he said. "Grrr…" I growled and decided to ignore him for the rest of the day.

There! Finally, I'm done! I look around and notice that everyone's here already. "Hey Yasu!" I cheered as I gave Yasu a high five. "Hey Mai!" "Mai, Ayako, Yasuhara and John will be in Bou-san's car," Naru said. Good I won't be bored! Wait! Scratch that! "Naru, you're kidding right?" I asked shakily. "Mai, I never joke around," Naru replied as he flashes me that infuriating smirk.

I paled and cried, "NARU! YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! THEY ARE GOING TO MURDER ME!" "Come on now Jou-chan!" Bou-san said as he lift me up and place me in the back seat. Sitting beside me is Yasu and next to him is John. In front of me there is Ayako and next to her is Bou-san. Oh shit! I'm so dead.

On the way to the airport, Yasu started to talk gibberish.

Yasu: Nee~ Takigawa, my love. Let's share a room later 'kay?

Bou-san: Not in a million year.

Yasu: *pouts* aww~ you're so shy~

Bou-san: *pale* shounen, please stop it…

Yasu: *ignores* nee~ Honey~ Do you know that I so flexible? We can do [CENSORED] and also [CENSORED]

Mai: *disgusted* eww! Yasu!

Bou-san: *look at Yasu* YASU STOP IT!

Ayako: *hits Bou-san with her purse* THUNK! Pay attention to the road, old man!

Bou-san: I'm not old you Onibaba!

Ayako: *hits Bou-san again* PAY ATTENTION TO THE ROAD!

Mai: I'm so dead. Bou-san, listen to her!

Yasu: Ah~ No matter where you go I'll follow you. Till death will we part. *tries to hug Bou-san*

Bou-san: *tries to peel Yasu off* Yasu get off!

John: *pale and scared*

Ayako: *hits Bou-san* PAY ATTENTION TO THE ROAD!


The said people get quiet and obeyed.

Mai: *sighs* finally.

Not long after, we finally arrive at the Airport. I jump out of the car and greeted Madoka who is waving like crazy. "OI~ EVERYONE~" she shouted. "How are you Mai?" she asked when I approach her. "Sick… and annoyed…" I muttered. "Stuck… crazy people… car…" I continued when I saw her questioning glance. "Oh. Well get better soon," she wished with a huge smile plastered on her face. "Yeah thanks."

Not long after we check in, we already board the plane. During the plane ride, I spent most of my time sleeping.

Mai's Dream

I stood in that same mansion again but this time I saw people in it. At the bottom of the stair case, I spotted a man. His face show raw fear and his legs are booth twisted at a weird angle. Did he fell down the stairs? I saw three people, two male and one female, standing around him. I heard them asking the man whether he is okay however the injured man just crawls away from them in fear. Did they hurt him? But their faces don't look nasty… As the man crawl away from them, I followed him. On the way, the man met someone on his way which I presume is the butler. Unlike the others, this butler taunted the man saying things like 'you can only travel half of the distance when you've lost your legs'. This butler gives me creeps. I don't like him. His eyes… are red? Could he be wearing contacts? Probably he is… Numerous questions run through my mind as I follow them. The man went into a dark room and hide in a small cabinet. Not long after, the crimson eyed butler enters and approaches the blond man's hiding place and did something to it. That is not a cabinet? No way… It's an oven!

"-i! Mai! Wake up!" Madoka who sat beside me shook me. "Huh?" I asked sleepily. "Dinner time!" she chirped. "Thanks for waking me up," I muttered while rubbing me eye. Once I finished eating, I slept again however this time I have a dreamless sleep.

I woke up due to the announcement made by a flight attendant. We here huh… I fasten my seatbelt and soon the plane tilted down as it lands. We exit the plane and grab our luggage then we head toward the limo. Wow! It's the first time I've seen a limo! "Mr. Oliver, I've been waiting for you and your team. Come and follow me this way," the driver greeted us while he walks toward us.

The ride to the mansion isn't really quite long so I didn't fell asleep. I gazed out of the window and watch the scenery. When we arrive, a man, probably around 40 something, stroll toward us and shook Madoka's hand. "Ms. Mori, you're finally here!" he said. "I presume this is Dr. Oliver Davis right?" he presumed as he walks toward Naru. "Yes, it's nice to meet you Mr. Smith," Naru greeted politely as he shook the man's outstretched hand. "Yes, it's a pleasure to meet you too." "Now can you please show us our base room?" Naru asked. "Yes, yes. I'm going you your sleeping quarters and base room now."

When we enter the mansion, I place a hand on my mouth to prevent a gasp from coming out. It's the same as the mansion in my dreams. We followed Mr. Smith and after fifteen minutes, we finally reach a long corridor full of rooms. "Here's your sleeping quarter. Since we have lots of guest rooms, everyone can have their own room. Now quick place your belongings because I'm going to show you your base," he said. I took the room beside Ayako's and went in. It's so huge… and luxurious. Hey what's that door? I approach a weird door at the corner of the room. It has weird designs carved on it. While holding my luggage, I open the door and the world turned black.


Ciel's POV

I stepped out of the carriage and was walking toward my mansion when something lands on me. As soon as Sebastian lifted the burden off, I immediately stood up and look at the brown haired girl sleeping on Sebastian arms. "Who is she?" I asked no one in particular. "I do not know, Young Master but perhaps we could ask her when she woke up," Sebastian replied. "Fine bring her in," I ordered and stared at the pale pink baggage. "Bring that thing in too," I added and stroll in.

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