Ai-chan: I'm bored~

Gene: *smirks* then I'll entertain you, my love. *starts kissing Ai-chan's neck*

Mai: *blushes* guys!

Ai-chan: *stops Gene* Ciel you go away! Shoo! Shoo!

Sebastian: Young Master, let's leave. *carry Ciel*

Ai-chan: *smirks* now let's continue…


Italic – Thoughts

Normal – English

Bold – Japanese

Mai's POV

I woke up due to the sound of crashing and Finny's crying. What happened now? I lie on the bed and stare at the ceiling. What happened yesterday? Why did he do that? Shaking away the thoughts, I prepare myself and went outside. I went to the dining room only to find it in a mess. "What the heck?" I questioned. I found the trio idiots, Madam Red's butler, Sebastian, Tanaka and Ciel.

"Meyrin, what happened?" I whispered. "Grell pushes a tea cart and hit Finny then attempt to wipe the spilled tea but pulled the table cloth instead," she answered. Yikes… he is so clumsy… I observed Sebastian and Grell and soon I found out that Grell is here because Madam Red asked Sebastian to train him.

Half of the day went noisily. Instead of improving, Grell failed every task which annoys and angers the rest. Though for me, it's quite amusing to see someone clumsier than me. I stood beside Sebastian who is trying to stop Grell from doing suicide. "You'll create more trouble if you do that," he said.

"Mai, you're coming with us to the town," Ciel ordered. I nodded and followed the two men. Entering a shop, a man greeted us, "Welcome boy. Are you here for an errand for your father?" Dark aura started to appear as Ciel opened his mouth to retort. However and thankfully, the demon stopped him. "Excuse me, we're here for my master's cane," he smiled politely. "Ah so you're the owner for this cane. Exactly what sort of person do you intend to have use this cane? It couldn't be that kid…" the man said as he handed Sebastian a short cane. Suddenly the cane was pointed at him which makes him froze in fear. Tyrants… "It doesn't bend. It's a well built cane. This should cover it," Sebastian said and throws a bag of coins on the counter.

As soon as they left, I bowed at the man and apologized, "I'm sorry for their behavior. They are quite short tempered…" "Mai!" "Coming!" I shouted at Ciel. I bow once again and left. "Humph… Finny's idiocy is a bothersome thing. Thanks to that, I got stuck with getting a new one," Ciel grumbled. "My deepest apologies. It's true that you grew but it did take time," Sebastian replied. I sighed and look away. Men… are so damn annoying… "Mai, this is for you," Ciel said as he tosses a bag with gold coins. "Ciel are you sure? This seems to be too much…" I asked. "Yes you saved me last time when the idiot didn't…" he replied. "Huh? When?" I enquired. "Yesterday. Didn't you remember?" he asked and I shook my head no. He was about to speak when a child's voice interrupted him.

"Look mommy! It's Phantom's Bitter Rabbit! It's a new one!" a child cried in glee. "Oh you… Didn't I just buy candy?" the child's mother sighed as she drags her son away. He seems to really want the candy… "Ciel, I'm going to there a moment. Later I'll catch up," I shouted as I run off without listening. I dashed into the shop and bought a bitter rabbit and a doll that catches my eye. It's a black rabbit with a red eye.

"Excuse me mam! I want to give this to your son!" I said as I approach the boy and his mother. "Ah thank you, young lad. You're so kind," the woman said. "You're welcome. Bye and take care," I waved my hand with a smile on my face and when they are out of sight I let a sigh escape from my mouth. If only my parents we're still alive… I went back to carriage to find Ciel and Sebastian staring. "You're actions are so kind!" Sebastian commented. "Yeah right coming from a demon like you I don't know whether I should take that as a compliment or insult," I replied sarcastically.

Ciel's eyes widened and glares at Sebastian, "You knew that she knew but you didn't tell me?" "My apologies it has somehow slipped my mind," Sebastian bowed and I scoffed. Slipped from my ass. We entered the carriage and Ciel said, "Mai, don't tell the other about this!" I just stare at him and replied, "Idiot." "What?!" he exclaimed. "You heard me. Making a contract with a demon is so stupid but then I'm not you so I don't know what you're thinking at that time," I explained.

I stare out at the window and fell asleep.

Mai's Dream

I stood in a garden full of roses of different colours. Two teenagers, one male and one female, ran into the garden. "SEBBY! GET BACK HERE!" the lass screamed in fury. "No way, Maika. Try to catch me if you can!" Sebby replied. "Sebastian!" Maika yelled.

Suddenly the scene changes and this time, I saw four adults and a boy in the garden. "Alex, Maria, long time no see," a dark brown haired and red eyed male greeted. "Yes, Sasuke, Sakura. It's been a long time indeed," Alex, a black haired and blue eyed male replied. "How is little Sebastian?" Sakura, a silver haired and green eyed lady asked. "Here, still the same. Where is Maika?" Maria, a blond with red eyes lady, enquired. "Mommy! Daddy! Look I made you a flower crown!" a high pitched voice said. A little girl with red eyes and silver hair came running but she accidentally trips and cries. "Now Maika, a small scrape like this will heal in a second. See…" Sakura comforted the crying child. The wound on Maika's knee healed in a second. "Still the same too huh…" Maria commented, chuckling slightly.

Once again the scene changes and this time there's only four adults sitting around a marble table. "The demons attacked her again yesterday… It's been worse these few days…" Sasuke sighed. "Being a half angel and half demon makes Maika a rare creature… She is also powerful... and can shape shifts know…" Sasuke added. "We'll help you guys. Sebastian has been stronger now…" Alex said. Maria was about to open her mouth to speak when I was abruptly pulled away from the scene.

"-i! Mai! Wake up!" I groaned and snapped open my eyes. My brown orbs were met with crimson ones. I realized that he is so close so I punched his face. He glared at me before aiding Ciel. I followed them and gaped at the sight of the garden. The hedges where cut into a skull. Ciel entered the mansion and nearly fainted. On the contrary, I squealed like a mad girl, "Kyaa! This is so cute!"

I saw Bard, Finny and Meyrin on the corner of the room with Grell who is trying to kill himself again. I burst into laughter when I saw Bard dressed as a maid and Finny dressed as a rabbit. Muffled sounds of a girl's squeal could be heard and soon Tanaka appeared wearing a dress. Ciel visibly paled before a blond girl tackles him. She squeezes Ciel and shook him too.

Sebastian intervenes and greeted Elizabeth. "Sebastian, I have something for you!" she said and put on a pink bonnet on Sebastian. I laughs into another full blown laughter and rolled on the ground clutching my stomach. Sebastian fakes a smile and thanks her. "More, importantly Lizzie, why are you here? Have you told Auntie?" Ciel questioned. "I wanted to see you so I rushed out in secret and came here.

"Mr. Sebastian, who is this girl?" Bard asked. "Lady Elizabeth is the young master's fiancée," Sebastian replied in a monotone. "EH?!" the three idiots and I shouted. "Ciel let's have a party!" Elizabeth decided and rambled into her own world.


Ciel sat slumped on his desk as he and Sebastian discuss Elizabeth.

Sebastian: Lady Elizabeth is the previous head family's younger sister. The daughter of Middleford-Marquis family that Lady Francis married into… Also, you can't turn your fiancée away coldly, so it can't be helped.

Ciel: It's not like I became her fiancée, I was forced to do it.

Sebastian: *serves tea* …however, today it would be more profitable to obey her and follow her wishes yes? You also still haven't finished the current game.

Ciel: Just fill her quickly with dinner or something or something and then bring it away. I don't have time to associate with little girls and their hobbies.

Sebastian: …however, it appears that Lady Elizabeth wishes to hold a dance…


Sebastian: Young Master.

Ciel: What?

Sebastian: I don't have proof but… is it true you can't dance?


Sebastian: *sighs* It's no wonder. It seems that even if you were invited to a party, you would be a wallflower.

Ciel: I'm busy with work. I don't have time to busy myself with games…

Sebastian: *turns Ciel's chair* I'll take your word for it, but Young Master, But it's often said that a dance is a "social" thing. At evening and dinner parties and the like, good grooming has become a must. If you can become an elite gentleman, dancing should be natural. If you were to refuse an invitation from a customer's daughter, in high society, your reputation will go down the gutter…

Ciel: *annoyed* …I get it already! It's fine like this. Who would call for a home tutor?

Sebastian: From now on there won't be any time to call for a tutor. Since just demeanor and pose are sufficient, you will master the basics in one song.

Ciel: *suspicious* then who'll teach me? No matter how you look at the people of this house…

Sebastian: Please don't worry. Though you're insolent, I'll be your instructor.

Ciel: *furious* you idiot! Do you think I'd dance with a big, male partner like you? Do you even know how to dance?

Sebastian: If it's Viennese Waltz, then please leave it to me. I often cause quite a commotion at Schonbrunn Palace. Won't you be my partner for one song? My lord.

With that, the disastrous lesson starts. Beginning with left foot, Ciel accidentally steps on his butler. When trying to do a natural turn, it came out very stiff. Putting out a leg as if it's sliding ended up as a kick on Sebastian's ankle. "Wow Ciel… You're worse than me…" I muttered while eating a cake. "Shut up!" he snapped. "It seems your talent for dancing in non-existent. It must be crushing Young Master…" Sebastian added. "You're too big!"Ciel complained. "Are you ready Young Master? It's said that "Dance begins with the Waltz and ends with Waltz". You can't dance with high social status ungracefully. In any case, Mai you become Young Master's partner," he said.

I choked on the cake and asked, "What?" "Do it!' he ordered. "Tch fine. Don't blame me if I step his foot or something," I grumbled. Before I realize it the dance ended with only small mistakes. "Good, Young Master. It seems you can dance after all but we need to do something about your frown," Sebastian commented as he pulled Ciel's cheek. "Stop it!" a loud slap echoed through the room. "Somehow… I … smiling… To smile happily… is something I've forgotten…" he muttered. He's forgotten how to smile? "Well then Ciel I'll help you remember," I chirped.

"You don't know anything about me! You're too ignorant! You act like you've no worry!" he exclaimed. I smacked his head and opened my mouth. "You don't know anything about me either, selfish brat. You didn't know what I went through when they died. Unlike you who are rich, I need to work at the age of 9 in order to survive. When I was sent to orphanage, I got no friends. I'm lucky that I'm lucky that my teacher took me in. Now excuse me, I'm going to leave," I said in a calm voice and blank look.

BANG! The door slams open and Elizabeth went in. "Cie-!" she started but stopped. Out of a sudden, I felt shivers ran up my spine and turned my head to see Elizabeth observing me. "Oh shit…!" I yelled and hid behind the nearest person. "Sebastian, I don't care whether you're a demon or not but please help me," I begged giving him puppy dog eyes but he just smiles wickedly and pushes me to Elizabeth. "LET ME GO! MAD GIRL! BAKA!" I screamed every insult that I know.


"But Lizzie, I'll trip!" I whined as I followed Lizzie. She found out that I'm a girl so she dressed me in an A-line white dress with lots of frills and ribbons. The occupants of the room stare at me. "Mai! You're so beautiful!" Meyrin complimented. I blushed and muttered a soft thanks. "Ciel!" Lizzie shouted in glee when she saw Ciel wearing his costume.

"You're so cute!" she exclaimed again as she hug Ciel. "Eh?! Where is the ring that I gave you?!" she queried. Something bad is going to happen… "This ring is fine," Ciel replied curtly. "No, I went to lots of trouble to make everything cute. Only your ring is totally not cute!" she yelled. Huh… this is going to be a long day… I look back at the couple and saw Lizzie holding Ciel. "Elizabeth! Give it back!" Ciel boomed.

Insensitive… I get ready my PK as Lizzie tears up and screamed, "I HATE THIS RING!" She slams the ring down and I stop the fall and make it land gently on the floor. Ciel raises his hand and was about to hit Lizzie when Sebastian intervene. "You've forgotten your long awaited cane," he said and explained why Ciel acted like this.

I glanced back at the now calm boy and gaped. "CIEL! WHY DID YOU THROW THAT RING?! IT'S NOT BROKEN YET YOU THREW IT AWAY!" I screamed. "But Lizzie threw it…" Ciel stated. "Baka… Really is a blatant idiot…" I muttered in Japanese, ignoring his statement. "Anyway I don't care about it. I am the head of the Phantomhive house even without that ring," he said.

Ciel: What's with that face?

Lizzie: B-But…

Ciel: *sighs*It's a terrible face and yet you call yourself a lady. *wipes Lizzie's tears*

Lizzie: Hick!
Ciel: I wouldn't want to invite a lady with a face like that to a dance would I? Let's forget those bad things and dance until dawn with evening party etiquette, shall we? My Lady? *stretches out hand*

Lizzie: *smiles* yes… It's really is… like a dream!

I watches them dance and left the room silently to look for the ring. I heard a violin playing and man's singing joins the noise. I went to the garden found the ring. "Thank god that it isn't broken. That idiotic brat…" I mumbled. "Mai, what are you doing here?" a voice asked. "Go away. It's none of your business, demon," I seethed and walked away.

Suddenly, I was pinned at the wall and pinkish eyes glared at me. "What?!" I enquired. I lifted the things and aim them at Sebastian. He let go and I scooted away. I stuck out my tongue and dashed into the house. On the way, I heard a sound. "Kyaa~~ It's a cat!" a squealed and hold the cat in my arms. "I think I'll name you Yoru…" I decided.


"Mai!" Madam Red called as she gave me a bone-crushing hug. "Madam Red, are you here to visit Ciel?" I enquired. "No, I'm here to visit you my dear Mai and please just call me mom or mother," she replied. "Okay m-mom…" "Good! Now let's go shopping!" she cheered and drags me off.

Once we arrive at the town, we enter a cloth shop. Dressing of different colour and design are hung everywhere. "Now let's find you some dress," 'mom' said. After a few dozen dresses, we went into another shop which has men's clothing this time. We bought some shorts and left.

When we went back to the mansion, the sky is already dark. "See you tomorrow Mai!" 'mom' said as she waves at me. "Bye mom!" I answered with a smile on my face.

"Where did you go?" Ciel asked as I entered the mansion. "To the town shopping with mom," I replied. "Mom?" he queried. "Madam Red asked me to call her mom," I explained and placed the bags in my room. I changed into a teddy bear pattern pajamas and walk toward Yoru's position.

"Yoru! Yoru!" I exclaimed and search for her around the garden. "Yoru! Yor-" I called the cat as I turned around the corner only to find Sebastian cuddling Yoru. "Ah~~ such soft fur~ these little paws~" he coed. I blink once then twice then thrice before slapping myself. "I'm not dreaming… That means he is possessed… Yep that must be it… wait demons can't get possessed… AH MY HEAD HURTS!" I muttered to myself and screamed in the end while ruffling my hair.

"Mai… what are you doing here?" the demon asked. "Why are you with my cat?" I enquired back. "Your cat?" he questioned but it's more of a statement. "Yep the name's Yoru which means night." The said cat jumps off Sebastian's lap and came to me. I sat down on the ground and stroked the cat, my lips curved up forming a soft smile. A felt Sebastian sat beside me and also stroke it. "Hold on to it. I'll be back," I said as I hand him the cat and look for catnip. "Found it!" I chirped.

I hold the catnip in front of the cat to get its attention. I tease it a little by moving the catnip above its head. "You're teasing it…" Sebastian who I've forgotten a while ago commented. "Yeah so what? Wanna complain?" I enquired nonchalantly. "No, can I borrow that?" he asked politely. "Find your own," I shot back.

"Why do you hate demons so much?" he asked, holding catnip. "Demons have always cause problems for my friends. I don't care about myself but one of my friends almost lost her life to an insane demon. They are nothing but trouble," I mumbled quietly. "So you're saying that we demons are bad just because of that one?" I glared at him and replied snappily, "Yes I've encounter a lot during the past two years and on each encounter we almost lose our life. I know that making a contract with a demon is a very unintelligent thing to do because of the price. Also summoning one isn't easy because you can lose your life but then you won't understand." I stroke Yoru one more time before heading back to my room, ignoring Sebastian's stare. "Oh one more thing, you are a weird," I told him.

Ai-chan: …

Sebastian: …

Mai: …

Gene: …

Ciel: …


Ciel: You just did.

Ai-chan: *stares at Ciel* Ciel, the red nose idiot~ had a very shiny nose~ and if you ever saw him~ you would say that he is weird~

Ciel: *glares* shut up!

Ai-chan: *keeps singing* Ciel, the red nose idiot~ had a very shiny nose~ and if you ever saw him~ you would say that he is weird~ …

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