Stepping into the school it was just has Alexandra had always imaged it to be; grand staircase, shrunken heads in cupboards, streamers and empty Trinski bottles littered the school indicating there had been a party the night before. None of this surprised her, the day before had been the first day back from the Christmas holidays and the girls of St Trinians always celebrated their first day back at school with a party guaranteeing that nearly every student was nursing a hang over, or an extreme sugar rush come down in the case of the younger years. The smell of alcohol and burning drifted down the stairs welcoming Alexandra to her new school.

"Annabelle was right" Carnaby scoffed. "This is a Hogwarts for pikey's. Why on earth anyone would send their daughter to a hovel like this I've no idea!"

"It doesn't seem that bad father" his daughter replied.

"Just wait till you meet the students" Carnaby warned.

They approached the receptionist's desk, the receptionist just like last time was to busy listening to her music to notice the newcomers so Carnaby leant over and stopped it. She glared at him and looked him up and down before finally saying.

"Oh, it's you again." With a poisonous tongue, Alexandra had the feeling that she was going to like her.

"I'm here to drop my daughter Alexandra off has she will be attending this school." Carnaby replied doing his best to look dignified, and failing.

"Oh, hello." The receptionist was surprised and obviously hadn't noticed Alexandra until now. "I'm Beverly, St Trinians receptionist. Sorry about the mess the girls party got a little out of hand last night…" she trailed off has she noticed a half naked boy trying to sneak out the school. Beverly sighed and shook her head before turning to the com to tell the headmistress of the new arrival.

Whilst this was happening Alexandra noticed a group of students watching her from the stairs, they were all dressed differently so she realised they most belong to different tribes of the school. She noted that one was an emo wearing all black, spikes and dark heavy makeup, another was clearly a chav dressed in trackies, her hair in a tight ponytail and chewing obnoxiously on gum, there was also a posh tottie, dressed in designer garments which didn't leave much to the imagination and her hair expertly styled into curs that trailed to frame her face, a geek, wearing the school uniform exactly has it should be and had no makeup or style about her, there were twins who looked to be a bit older than her and looked like they had just walked away from an explosion. The last girl was tall and pretty with wavy brown hair that stopped just past her shoulders, minimum makeup on showing the her beauty was natural and her school uniform styled in a way that Alexandra couldn't place her in any of the tribes. Each girl watched Alexandra with a scrutinising eye which made the young girl shrink back slightly and she missed Beverly telling her father to go to the headmistress office.

"Come along Alexandra" her father ordered has he stepped into the office and Alexandra hastily followed him not wanting to remain under all the scrutinising eyes.

The headmistress office was a comfy looking room with sofa's facing the desk and a window seat that could probably fit five people, it was filled with professional looking portraits and painting that could easily belong to the national gallery and there was a whole shelf of various alcoholic drinks, the headmistress sat at her desk giving Carnaby Fritton the filthiest look anyone could ever give. Camilla Fritton, Alexandra aunt's, didn't look as crazy as she had expected but she did look a St Trinian because even through the dirty look she was giving Carnaby you could still she the mischievous glint that belonged in the eyes of true St Trinians, in young Alexandra's eyes she looked very comforting and a women who should be deeply respected.

"So Carnaby…" she spoke suddenly and darkly. "Here to abandon another of your daughters at my school I see."

"I never abandon Annabelle here." Carnaby gasped taken aback.

"Really… Then explain how you never came to pick her up at the end of the school year or even for Christmas."

"Annabelle betrayed, I see no reason why I should've welcomed her back after she helped you fleece me of half a million pounds!"

"Because she is your daughter Carnaby, a true Fritton and possibly one of the greatest girls this school has ever had the pleasure to call a St Trinian."

Carnaby Scoffed at this outburst from his sister but made to effort to defend himself.

Camilla realising Carnaby was lost for words turned to Alexandra who braced her self for an equally hostile welcome.

"You must be my darling niece Alexandra." She said with a soft sing-song voice and she pulled her into a hug with was a pleasant surprise for the youngster.

"I remember when your mother was your age." She sighed. "Incredibly bright and mischievous young girl she was."

"She always speaks very highly of you." Alexandra replied eager to make a good impression on her aunt.

"I don't doubt that she does, most of my girls do." Camilla smiled. "So I understand your mother wishes for you to become a St Trinian."

"Yes. Her grandfather has left money in a trust fund to pay for her education. All the details are here with her admission form." Carnaby jumped in handing Camilla the envelope containing everything needed for Alexandra to join St Trinians. "Well Goodbye Alexandra I'm sure your mother will send me to pick you up for the Easter holidays so until then try not to enjoy this school too much."

Carnaby forced his daughter into a goodbye hug before leaving the office.

Meanwhile, on the stairs…

The girls watched Carnaby and the girl enter Miss Fritton office. A millisecond of silence passed between them and then all but one started gossiping.

"Whoa, I neva thought the anti Fritton would dare show his mug 'round ere again." exclaimed the chav, shaking her head in disbelief.

"It's never not neva, you chav." The emo mocked the chav starting a war or words between the favourite enemies. After a couple of repeated insults the others girls got bored of the scene and decided to change the subject.

"Why is it you two end every conversion with a slanging match?" The posh tottie asked the warring pair. "It's getting a bit tedious."

"Has much has it kills me I agree with Chelsea." The geek chimed in. "could you two stop bickering for five minutes at least?"

The emo growled but didn't argue.

"Bianca?" Chelsea turned to the chav with the sternest look she could muster.

"Alright, alright" Bianca put her hands up in surrender to the other girls.

Then they all noticed that their head girl was still staring at the spot where the young girl had stood looking up at them, she was pale and seemed lost for words.

"So…" Bianca stepped forward and leant on the banister looking at the door to the headmistress office. "That's the other Fritton sister!"

"Alexandra." The head girl sighed suddenly.

"What did you say Annabelle?" The geek asked.

"I said Alexandra." Annabelle replied. "Her name is Alexandra."

"Well we think…" One of the twins spoke

"… That she should get a proper St Trinian welcome." The other finished and both smiled innocently at Annabelle.

"Okay Girls." Annabelle spoke in her head girl tone. "Tania, Tara whatever prank you first and second years have you'd better go and set it up."

"Yes Belle." They both chimed before running up the stairs to the dorm.

"Chelsea, go make sure they don't try anything too dangerous."

"Sure thing Annabelle" Chelsea agreed and then followed the twins.

"Bianca, go into the lab and make sure the girls in there don't blow anything up."

"Will do" Bianca poked her tongue out at the emo before descending the stairs and disappearing down a corridor.

"Zoe." Annabelle turned to the emo who grunted. "Make sure your emo's aren't trying to kill anyone."

Zoe gave Annabelle a wicked smile and vanished off up the stairs.

"Lucy." Annabelle turned to the geek with exhaustion. "Can you get me the CCTV footage of whatever has been said in that office please?"

"Of course I can Annabelle but why?" the geek seemed confused.

"I want to know what my father has to say for himself and why Alexandra is here."

The door to the office swung open and Carnaby walked out and back to his car unaware of the geek and his daughter's watchful eyes. Lucy placed a comforting hand on Annabelle's shoulder before the pair parted ways, Lucy to the dormitory and Annabelle to the head mistress office.

Back in Miss Fritton's office

"Now Alexandra, take a seat." Camilla pointed to the sofa beside them.

"Thank you miss." Alexandra replied.

"While we are in this room discussing personal matters you may call me auntie if you wish"

"Yes Auntie."

"Now…" a serious look fell upon Camilla's face and Alexandra braced herself for the next topic of discussion knowing how uncomfortable it would be for her. "I understand you mum is ill, is that right?"

"Yes auntie" Alexandra felt the familiar lump in her throat and the sting of tears in her eyes that threatened to consume her has they did every time this subject arose during the last few months.

"Might I ask what is wrong with her?"

"She has cancer." Alexandra gulped in a lungful of air to steady herself. "She has gastric cancer, the doctors say it's a 50:50 chance on whether she can beat it or not."

"My poor girl, how horrible this must be for you." Camilla put an arm around Alexandra's shoulders has silent tears streaked down the young girl's cheeks. "I want you to know that St Trinians look after they're own and if you ever need some to talk to about anything all you need to do is ask."

Alexandra nodded and wiped the tears away so no-one could tell she had been crying, she looked up and smiled at her kindly aunt. Just then there was a soft knock at the door.

"Come in." Camilla called whilst standing up to face the door.

Alexandra stood to face the door and watched has one of the girls that had been watching her from the stairs stepped into the room. She instantly recognised her has the pretty one that she hadn't been able to place in a tribe and now she could see her up close she understood why, the girl proudly wore the head girl badge on the collar of her shirt. The head girl smiled at Alexandra before turning to the headmistress.

"You wanted to see me auntie?" she asked and Alexandra felt has though all the air in her body had been knocked out of her.

"Ah yes." Camilla smiled. "Annabelle this is Alexandra." Both of them turned to face Alexandra who felt like she was frozen with nerves.

She felt Camilla put a hand on her shoulder.

"Alexandra I'd like you to meet your sister Annabelle."