The monsters were silent until…

"How do you do know who we are?" asked Sully, confused.

"Big guy," said Mike with his palm pointed to the woman. "Isn't it obvious? Boo showed her mom the pictures she drew of us and realizes that we exist!"

"Guys? You think?" asked the woman, looking at Boo. "You think Claire…" Then, she looked down with her hand on her face.

"Oh, I get what's going on," she whispered.

"What?" asked Mike. "What is it?"

"Claire?" asked Sully, happily as he approached Boo. "That's your name, Boo?"

"No, it isn't Claire." said the woman, warmly as she clasped her hands together. "My name is Mary."

"Oh, Mary!" said Sully to Claire as she pretended to pour tea to him. "What a beauti…" He stopped when he realized what she said and looked at her, confused.

"Wait a minute! What do you mean by…" started Sully.

"Wait!" interrupted a shocked Mike to Mary, realizing what's going on. "Boo?" Mary giggled.

"Mike Wawoski!" said Mary, smiling.

Sully slowly stood up and approached her.

"Boo…Mary?" he said, stunned. "I can't believe it's you! You're all grown up! I thought that the little girl was you!" Mary grinned and walked to Claire.

"Yeah," said Mary, putting her left arm around her and looking at her, lovingly. "I get that my daughter looks exactly like me almost every day. Especially from her grandparents." Mary kissed her daughter's head as Claire stirred her drink. Mary stood up.

"I can't believe that you're an adult," said Mike, stunned. "It took us a year to repair Monster's Inc. It has been a year since we saw you. You were like 3. Now, a year later, you're all-grown-up!" Mary chuckled and shrugged.

"I guess monster time is different from our time," said Mary, pulling a little bit of hair back behind her ear.

"What I can't believe is that," said Mary. "You guys are real." Mike and Sully looked at each other, confused.

"What do you mean?" asked Sully.

"I thought that all this time," said Mary, laughing. "That you were all a dream!" The two's mouths opened slightly.

"What?" asked Sully.

"Yeah! I mean going to a monster world through a door, getting captured by a monster, and walking around in a monster outfit at a factory? C'mon, you have to think that's unrealistic!" The two looked at each other, offended.

"Wha…." started to say Mike, angry. "But, everything we've been through? How can you think that it was all a dream?" Mary, getting their hurt feelings, sighed and looked down.

"My parents," she said, sadly as she crossed her arms. "Thought that I had a problem. I would always have talked about my adventures with you guys. I would draw pictures. I would say 'Kitty' and 'Mike Wawoski' all the time. I would always be inside or outside of the closet, hoping that Kitty would come back for me. So, my parents thought I had a psychological issue, and took me into counseling to convince to me that all what happened was a dream."

"And it worked?" asked Sully, sadly.

"Kinda." said Mary. "But, I always had a feeling that it all really happened. But, as I grew up, I let it all go and thought it was all a dream." She looked at her two childhood friends, who were clearly saddened by the story. She smiled, happily and took them by the hands.

"But, now I know that my dreams actually happened. And you guys existed." She hugged them both. They happily returned it.

"We missed you," said Sully.

"I missed you," said Mary.

"Tea party?" said a little voice. The three looked around to see Claire, impatient.

"So," said Mary, looking at the clock in her old room. "My parents don't come for another 2 hours and my husband won't be home until 4. Want to join me and my daughter for a tea party?" Mike and Sully looked at each other, smiling.

"Sure!/Yeah!" said Sully and Mike as Mike took his seat and Sully, not fitting the tiny chairs, sat on the floor to join their old friend for tea.

NFTA-Well, I hoped you guys liked it! The ending was going to be sad and different with Boo/Mary not letting them see Claire again for her safety. But, I have to get ready for church now, plus I thought it was too depressing, so I ended it like this! I'm so glad I did. Please review it, and thanks for reading!