Axl and Sue have been having a war about who's the favorite child.

Axl believes that he's the favorite, but Sue thinks otherwise.

It's Monday morning and Axl is up early for Summer school.

He gets out of bed, but he's not feeling like himself.

Maybe I'll be able to get out of going to summer school Axl thought to himself.

He started to feel hot and his throat felt scratchy. He pulled his pants up and put his shirt over his head and got dressed.

He walked out of his room into the kitchen.

"Good Morning" Axl said in a hoarse voice.

Sue, Frankie, Mike and Brick were sitting in the kitchen.

Sue gave Axl a glare as Frankie said, "Axl, what's wrong?"

"Just going to summer school" Axl said as he coughed.

"Axl, your face looks flushed. I don't think you're going to summer school today" Frankie said.

Sue got even angrier as Frankie talked.

"Mom, I'm fine" Axl said.

"Axl…that we're even fighting over you wanting to go to summer school makes me think you're sick" Frankie said.

Mike walked over to Frankie and Axl and felt Axl's forehead.

"He does feel warm" Mike said.

"Guys! Let me go, I have to pass Junior English I'm not taking it again" Axl exclaimed as he coughed.

"Sweetie, you're sick. We're not letting you go. Go to your room and either me or your father will be there. I'll call summer school and figure everything out" Frankie said.

Axl rolled his eyes and did as she said.

"I've never seen Axl act like that" said Mike.

"Neither did I, he must really want to pass" Frankie agreed.