0 The Fool (Rian)– gives her half possibility of dealing extra damage, half possibility to receive damage. I just made this up after seeing how there's a slash across the zero. Haha silly author.

1 The Magician (An) – summons fiery Morning stars to rotate around her. If you've read Elfen Lied you know how badass Morning stars can be, especially when fired from a gun.

2 The High Priestess (Du) – Summons many light blades to volley-fire at the opponent. Inspired by Unlimited Blade Works, and archery in general.

6 The Lovers (Xis) – If one other person is holding a tarot card, she is able to sense whether they are alive or dead. Inspired from one of my favourite Grimm stories, The Two Brothers.

7 The Chariot (Satu) – Melds into two objects in her surrounding and becomes two battle sphinxes. When I thought of Chariot, I thought of the two horses or sphinxes drawing it. Of course, sphinxes look cooler.

9 The Hermit (Nafuru) – Forces living humans out of the vicinity, usually transported somewhere random in the area. Kinda self explanatory, you know? Hermit…leave me alone…get off my lawn…sort of deal.

10 The Wheel of Fortune (Dris) – The imaginary being Kerei is able to hold one person while Merianna cuts the 'life-strings' around them with the shears. Inspired from the Fates in mythology, and how the spinning wheel is the wheel of fortune and Kerei's (based off Keres, spirits of death) missing eye.

11 Justice (Anzu) – As she flies up into the air, the atmosphere soaked up her blood and forms it into sharp needles in the cold air while fling down at the enemy. Even if they miss, the open ends split open and when the lightning strikes one of them, they conduct the electricity around, shocking whatever is inside the enclosure.

12 The Hanged Man (Deus) – Nooses fall from the sky to hang her enemies, strangling them. First card I came up with. Inspired by a manga chapter by Itou Junji where balloons with your face came after you with nooses.

14 Temperence (Quatorza) – Incorporates her body with the flora around her, the rafflesia plants that grow on her are mouths that emit a stinking stench and demand blood to water themselves. Inspired by .flow and the plant-theme it had. Only it needed more death stench with a horror element.

17 The Star (Dris-Satu) – Gives her the knowledge of all written things around her. I just had to.

18 The Moon (Dris-Vit) – Offers her information from other minds including what spirits see in her surroundings. Something to contrast number 17.

19 The Sun (Dris Nafuru) – Heals her as she is put to sleep, accelerates her health regeneration. Also as passive as 17 and 18.

20 Judgement (Vaint) – Almost all her wounds are inflicted on someone else. This card is bad.


Where did I come up with these weird card names?

They're garbled up versions of the numbers in French. And Rian, which is garbled up Cantonese/Manderin.

What about that stuff they talk in? What language is that?

That I seriously just made up. I apologize if it accidentally translated into something bad about your mother in any language.

What is 'risado sirscunus'?

It's an anagram (nag a ram) for risus sardonicus, the sardonic smile. From my understanding, it's a symptom of an infectious disease or muscle spasms. I just thought it sounded cool.

Where did you get inspiration for your character?

Tumblr *cough* Merianna was supposed to be the contrast to Ciel (Her name have 'sea' and his name having 'sky) as a soft-hearted, tender character who cries a lot. Some of her habits come from me (scared of sunfish and holes, puffing you're your cheek when your annoyed…) But it was mostly trying to be what Ciel could have been.

Do I sense Charles Dickens works?

Jake Hawkins was inspired by The Artful Dodger from Dickens' Oliver Twist. You know…Jack Dawkins…Jake Hawkins…overly large brown coat. Especially when he was played by Elijah Wood that one movie *swoons*.

His original street-name was going to be Shots, but nah. I didn't really want him handling gambling or guns. All I had in mind for him was to be the sort of antagonist who doesn't really want to be an antagonist and he's just ripped apart by Merianna's ignorance to feels.

Oliva was of course, Oliver. (Even with the handkerchief thing) while Stikes came from the adult Sikes. The gin from the story found its way into the gin-and-apple beverage they drink.

Theme Songs?

I wrote most of this story while listening to Regina Spektor's Two Birds to help flesh out Merianna and Jake's past.

I also listened to Bullet For Prisoner by Luka Megurine for Meirin and Allen.

Oh, and overall, Silhouette of a Breeze from Victorian Romance Emma helped out! The celtic version, to be specific.