"It's Halloween!" Maurice cheered, jumping onto Roger's bed. Roger, who had been stabbing his math homework, glanced up.

"It's not even October yet," he pointed out. Maurice frowned at him.

"Stop ruining my joy. I'm staying over tonight," he said. "Mostly because I'm bored and Jack's being a dick."

Maurice had been staying with Jack's family for the past three years, ever since his own parents had died in a car crash. Roger, who lived across from Jack, had used to be extremely annoyed with this development, but lately he'd come to accept Maurice. Kind of. As long as he didn't touch him.

Problem with that? Maurice touched people. A lot. Roger had – accidentally, sort of – broken his arm once when Maurice wouldn't stop hugging him.

"And I brought movies!" Maurice said, bouncing up and down.

"You're going to break the bed," Roger muttered, shoving Maurice's legs out from under him. This was a mistake. Maurice landed on top of him. "Get off."

"Your fault," Maurice said, shrugging and sliding off of the bed. "But, anyway. We're gonna watch movies! On your laptop? On your laptop-"

"Why on my laptop? That would require us to be close. Can't we just-"

"Nope. On the laptop. Go make popcorn!"

Roger rolled his eyes and left the room, muttering under his breath all the while. His parents were gone, as usual – they worked all the time, and when they weren't working, they were sleeping – so he would've had the house to himself. And, since they were gone, they could've watched Maurice's stupid movies on the TV in the living room. But Maurice didn't care about logic, it seemed.

One of the ways Roger tried to discourage Maurice from coming over was burning the popcorn and, if the popcorn turned out perfect, salting it until it was almost unbearable. But Maurice couldn't take a hint.

By the time Roger got back with the half-burned, half-extremely salty popcorn Maurice had curled up on Roger's bed, messing with his computer.

"Type in your password," Maurice said, glancing up. Roger rolled his eyes and did so, yanking his blanket away from Maurice after.

Apparently they'd fallen asleep during the movie, because when Roger woke up, he was curled up next to Maurice, his laptop dead and pushed to the foot of his bed, and popcorn kernels everywhere. He spent a little bit of time freaking out about being so close to Maurice, then a little bit of time being annoyed at the popcorn all over his bed, and then Maurice woke up.

"Oh, hi Roger," he said. "You have a comfortable bed."

With that the dark-haired annoyance rolled over, taking the blanket with him and pushing Roger onto the floor. Roger was tempted to push him out the window, then decided that he would make breakfast instead.

Being home alone every day since he was five had given Roger plenty of time to do whatever he wanted and eat whatever he wanted, so, naturally, he learned to cook. He wasn't that bad, either, though people often complained that it was always too salty, or too sweet, but mostly too salty.

(To be honest, Roger didn't actually like the salty taste; it was just his way of subtly telling people he didn't like them.)

Today, though, he didn't have enough energy to make the scrambled eggs super-salty. He added cheese and chopped-up pieces of leftover bacon instead. At a quarter past nine, Maurice stumbled downstairs.

"Ooh. Food," he said, reaching for the pan. Roger hit his hand with a wooden spoon. "What?"

"Clean off my bed," he said. Maurice sighed, but stomped back upstairs. Roger smirked and waited.

Maurice was down a few minutes later. The popcorn kernels were probably just under Roger's bed now, but Roger didn't really care about the underside of his bed.

"Now can I eat?" Maurice asked. Roger nodded, and Maurice sat down. "So, about Halloween…"

So, yeah. :D Each Saturday it will be another cute little oneshot, and the Saturday closest to Halloween there will be a Halloween oneshot. :) Then we'll lead up to Thanksgiving, then Christmas, et cetera.

Should be fun, right? And you can never have too much Rogice.