"Happy Mad Hatter Day!"

Roger just looked at him. "What?"

"Mad Hatter Day."

"You're making that up."

"No, I'm not. And because it's Mad Hatter Day, I think we should go freak people out and act insane," Maurice said. Roger rolled his eyes, then thought of something.

"How did you get into my room?"

Maurice grinned. "Your window was unlocked."

"No it wasn't," Roger said. After a different incident that had involved Maurice sneaking into his bedroom through his window, Roger made sure his window was locked at all times. Maurice sighed.

"Fine, your mom let me in," he said. "But that's not important! You need to wear weirder clothes."

Roger could only watch as Maurice dug through his closet, eventually settling on black skinny jeans that Roger was fairly sure were Jack's and pulling a huge, bright orange t-shirt out of his backpack. "Now you'll look Halloween-y, too!" Maurice cheered. "Speaking of Halloween, we need to decide on costumes."

"Why?" Roger had actually been planning on staying home and handing out candy to little kids, possibly freaking them out a little bit. He hadn't been planning on wearing a costume – just a huge trenchcoat and a fedora would work, especially if he glared at them as they took the candy. Then their parents would warn all of the other parents to stay away from his house, and then he'd get to use the candy to bribe Maurice to do stuff for him.

"Because we're going trick-or-treating!" Maurice said.

"I don't even like candy," Roger muttered. Maurice grinned.

"Then you can give it all to me!"

"No. And I'm not wearing that," Roger said.

Thirty minutes later, Maurice dragged Roger out of his house. Roger was wearing the skinny jeans and orange shirt. Maurice had also tried to force him into some bright blue Converse, but Roger had drawn the line at that. They settled on black.

Despite Roger's idea that they should just go to the park and torment small children, Maurice decided that they were going to go to the movies. And then a bookstore, where Maurice bought Roger Stephen King and himself Rick Riordan.

"Where do you get all of this money?" Roger asked. Maurice grinned.

"Jack's wallet," he said. Roger rolled his eyes, and Maurice dragged him to Wal-Mart.

Eventually, Roger managed to get back home. Unfortunately, Maurice followed him. "You should make me supper."

"It's three in the afternoon," Roger pointed out.

"Lunch, then. An afternoon snack. Macaroni and cheese."

"I don't like macaroni and cheese."

"You don't like anything. Please?"

"Fine," Roger muttered.

Maurice decided to organize Roger's room while Roger was making him food. He grabbed the book he'd just bought Roger and went over to the boy's bookshelf.

It was a mess of unread books. "Alphabetical order you go!" Maurice chirped.

Twenty minutes later, Roger was back, and Maurice was sitting on his floor, putting all of his books in order. He actually had quite a few books, and all of them looked like they'd never been read. Maurice didn't read that much, but he liked the Percy Jackson series and Harry Potter.

"What're you doing?" Roger asked.

"Organizing," Maurice said. "Your bookshelf isn't in alphabetical order."

"Should it be?"


"Well, food's ready," Roger said, shrugging. "And if you find my copy of Saw, bring it down. I'm going to watch it after I'm done eating."

"That sounds like a stupid idea," Maurice said, beginning to reshelve the books. After about ten more minutes, he was done. He hadn't found Saw, but he had found Saw II, so he brought that down instead.

"Food's on the stove," Roger said. Maurice grabbed the pot and a fork.

"Hey, you didn't salt it this time! Does that mean you're starting to like me?"

Roger walked over with the salt shaker and poured half of it in the noodles.

"Nope," he said, grabbing his movie and going to the living room. Maurice grinned. Roger never changed.

Yeah, today is Mad Hatter Day.

Also, if any of you have any suggestions for Halloween costumes, I'd appreciate them. Cx