The Wish

second version

Chapter 1

In which it all began

The beginning is not related to alpha and omega, but in the later chapters the story will go into the story alpha and omega

Hello, it's me, Crash bandicoot, the guy who couldn't get an account

First of all, I would like to thank: Humphrey Loves Kate for writing such awesome stories that inspired me to write a story of my own. I also thank Kswolf Productions for greatly inspiring me with his two stories: The Adventure of a Lifetime, and The Adventure of a SecondLifetime! P.S Be sure to read Garths story and, The Adventure of a Lifetime!

It was a cold evening I was lying in bed and thinking about the future. I wished I could get there somehow, I knew it was impossible, but… wait! I had an idea; what if I made a time capsule that would lie for a thousand years under some city and then be discovered! Bah, I said, this is ridiculous, but it's worth a try. So I started on this strange project. After a week I have made three time capsules that read: Dear futurists, I willingly want to help you in history and in study of the old times, I wish no harm to you all, nobody else knows about this capsule, or about me writing to you. (I did not mention my age) Please come on June 1st 2012, 12:13, pm. You won't regret to take me in. Farewell! After finishing writing this letter I copied it and put them in metal boxes along with some ancient and present time coins. I hope this works I thought. I had another problem, to make these capsules I had to use time that was intended for my homework! Now I have to catch up!

A week later…. Yahoo! I have found a good place to hide my time capsules; you got ten seconds to guess! Tic, tic, tic, tick, tik, tick, tik, tic, tik, tak. Time's up! It's hidden under a highway in Seattle. Now I just have to… ZZZZZZZZZZZZSSSSSSSSSS! I looked around in bewilderment, two robots armed with plasma blasters quietly walked in, they were just being quiet to not wake up anybody. So, I got caught unaware, because I forgot the time the Futunans would come.

(Futuran technology general P.O.V)

I was sitting in my office looking into the many monitors that were on every side of the room. I was thinking about the time machine, and how to protect it. There were many ultra-powerful enemies that would like to possess the time machine. There was Shidla a silver humanoid sphinx that lived on the planet Venus along with other sphinxes, he was a fierce warrior, who not only had supernatural strength, also was the creator of some of the best (user safe) weapons in the galaxy, the infinite cutting laser cannon and the-everything dissolving plasma cannon. The sphinxes really wanted to use our time machine as a power-up to their version of it. The best of the sphinxes' time machines is Valeryanka, a gorgeous machine, silver with laser cannons and magnetic fields. Surprisingly it is only for three people/sphinxes. Luckily

We, peopleare smart and know cat's weaknesses, they love valeryanka, the smell of it drives cats crazy. Sphinxes will not stop until they get the valeryanka. That saved us; we just traded the "precious substance" for goods, like pheroium, a metal that is used in weapons and devices that require ultra-strong and non- melt- able metal to keep the ultra-dangerous power inside until needed. Valeryanka is a special medicine made from a plant, this medicine is used when people are stressed or are trying to recover from a sad loss. Valeryanka helps the sphinx/human to stop worrying, and go to sleep. Just as I was starting to drowse, I heard…


(Now ones P.O.V)

The hover-car zoomed at the speed of sound to the working site, in four seconds Professor Daniel was at his destination.

The word valeryanka in this story is Russian medicine; I tried to write the Russian word in English. I would be thankful to those who would tell me the English word for valeryanka. It tis real! Valeryanka is a real thing, and it is used for calming, cats really do love it!