Code Baby Blue. I repeat, Code Baby Blue. - Cal

"Calliope! Stop playing on your phone and get my ass to the hospital! I'm seri-" Arizona is cut off by a sharp contraction ripping through her body. Doing the breathing excercises she read about, the pain starts to subside. "Seriously, what are you doing?" She asks her frantic wife, who is running around the living room, getting everything they would need to go to the hospital. Seconds later, Callie quickly runs to her wife and slowly guides her towards the front door.

"Alright baby, I have everything. I called Addison and she was already at the hospital, so she's getting everything set up and will have a private room ready when we get there. I text my sister, my parents, your parents, Mark and Teddy to let them know what's happening. I have our bags, phones, camera and your pillow. Let's do this."

With a smile on her face, masking the amount of pain she was in, she kisses her Latina and they make their way to the car.

The drive to the hospital isn't long, but it felt like hundreds of miles away to Arizona, who had 3 more contractions on the way there. Pulling into the back of the hospital, going undetected by anyone, Callie sees a lone wheelchair by the door. Throwing the car in park and rushing out of it, she guides the wheelchair to the passenger side door.

"Calliope, I can walk. I am not riding in that thing."

"Uh... yeah you are. You may be able to walk right now, but by the time we get to your room, you're going to damn me to hell because I made you walk all the way there. This isn't for your benefit, I'm saving myself from eternal damnation." The tone in Callie's voice let's Arizona know she's joking and the blonde even laughs, finally breaking the small amount of tension. Arizona begrudgingly sits in the wheelchair, while Callie gets everything out of the car and within seconds, she is being wheeled into her hospital.

Not as a doctor this time. No. She was the patient now.


"Drugs. I want the drugs!" Arizona screams to her wife.

Five hours after being admitted to the hospital, Arizona hasn't been given an epidural and she is getting scary. Callie secretly contemplates bringing in a priest to perform an exorcism because her in labor wife is down right terrifying, but she pushes that thought aside and just tries to comfort Arizona the best way she knows how.

"Soon baby. We have to wait for Addison to say it's time." Just as she finishes her sentence, Addison walks in.

"Good news! We can give you the epidural now." Both Arizona and Callie sigh in relief. Arizona from purely being exhausted from pain and Callie from having to see her wife in said pain. A nurse follows closely behind Addison with everything to give an epidural and before too long, Arizona's pain starts to subside and she can finally relax a little. Callie takes a wet wash cloth and runs it across her wife's forehead, wiping off the sweat and trying to comfort Arizona the only way she can right now.

After the epidural fully kicks in, Arizona relaxes back into the hospital bed, her face flushed, but freshly clean. The last person either of them ever thought would come into their room at that moment.

"You look like hell Robbins." Cristina says as she plops down in the forgotten chair in the corner.

"You try pushing something the size of a watermelon out of something the size of a lemon and see how hot you look." Arizona snaps back and Callie loses it. Maybe she's tired, but she found that completely hilarious. Cristina just rolls her eyes and leaves the room without another word.


Time seems to pass and after 13 hours, Arizona and Callie are ready to welcome their son to the world. Addison get's everything set up, Callie gets gowned and is immediately back to Arizona's side, holding her hand and getting into coach mode.

"Ready to have this baby ladies?" Addison asks as she situates herself between her best friends legs to deliver their baby. "I know everyone in the waiting room can't wait to meet the little guy."

"We're ready." The couple reply in unison.

"Ok, we're ready and I need you to push Arizona." Addison instructs.

Arizona gives a nod and begins the grueling job of pushing out a baby. Callie is holding onto her hand for dear life.

"Come on babe, you can do this. I'm so proud of you."

"Calliope, I change my mind. You can have our first kid." Arizona responds, falling back against the raised bed. Everyone in the room laughs but gets back to business.

"You're doing great Arizona. I think a couple of more pushes and you're going to see your boy."

Helping an exhausted Arizona sit back up, Callie grasps her wife's hand again and braces herself for the last few pushes.

"I love you so much Arizona. I can't wait to meet our boy. You're so amazing for giving us this amazing gift." She places a lingering kiss on Arizona's forehead.

As if that kiss to the forehead was the shot of energy she needed, Arizona nods towards Addison and she proceeds to push with everything she has.

"We have a head!... One more big push Arizona and he's here." Addison exclaims. Tears already springing to Callie's eyes. "Good Arizona... come on, one more push."

With the last of her energy, Arizona gives one giant push.

"He's here! We have a baby boy!" Addison says, tears in her eyes too, completely happy for her best friends.

Callie got a glimpse of her son for the first time and the tears she tried to hold back cascaded down her cheeks. Her son was breathtaking. After the nurses cleaned him up a little and bundled him in a blanket, they brought him over to his awaiting mommies. Placing him in Arizona's arms, the new parents couldn't help the flowing tears.

"He's so beautiful, Calliope."

"He has your eyes Arizona."

It was true. Even though they had a Latino sperm donor, genetics from Arizona won in the eye department, because when he opened his eyes, staring back at them were some of the clearest blue eyes they had seen. He had a head full of black hair, darker skin than Arizona, but not as dark as Callie... just a perfect mixture of the two.

The nurses gave the married couple a few minutes with their new addition before they had to take him to get him cleaned up better, measured and weighed. Arizona was on the brink of passing out asleep, so Callie stayed with her until she was in dreamland. Kissing her wife's forehead, she quietly leaves the room so she can make the announcement of their sons arrival. Bursting through the waiting room door with the biggest smile she thinks she's ever had, everybody in the room jumps out of their seats. Arizona's parents, Callie's parents, Callie's sister, niece and brother in law, Mark, Teddy, Alex and shockingly enough, Cristina all asking questions at once.

"Whoa whoa, calm down people. He's here! And he's beautiful! And my wife is a freaking rockstar! We have a son!" Callie beams and is engulfed in several hugs. "Arizona is sleeping right now while they are cleaning our son up and doing all necessary tests to make sure he's completely healthy, so if you guys want to go home and come back in the morning, that would be good." Callie suggests to the crowd. Everyone agreed and just as Callie was turning around to head back to Arizona's room, a voice stops her.

"Callie, what's his name?" The brunette whips back around, a stunning smile on her face directed at Barbara Robbins, the asker.

"Timothy Marcus Robbins-Torres." Callie replies, looking directly at Arizona's parents and then to Mark, all three of them with tears in their eyes.

Mark clears his throat a couple of times to get himself under control before he speaks. "Marcus?"

Callie nods her head and walks back over to Mark and Arizona's parents. "Timothy, because our son is going to be an honorable man, just like his Uncle Tim. Marcus because he's going to be a wonderful man just like his Uncle Mark." Barbara, The Colonel and Mark swallow the lumps in their throats and wipe the tears from their eyes before engulfing the new mom in a bone crushing group hug. They get themselves under control and all the guests leave the hospital on an incredible high.


Arizona groggily wakes up but can't seem to open her eyes yet. She doesn't know how long she's been asleep, but she feels like it wasn't long enough. She was completely spent. She hears whispers beside her and she tunes her ears in to listen.

"Your Mama and I love you so much little guy. We are so happy to finally have you here with us. You are going to have everything you will ever need, but that's just a small part of what your Mama and I will do for you. We will love you no matter what. We will protect you from everything we can. We will cherish every single day with you because you are the most amazing thing to ever happen to either of us. Of course, marrying your Mama was beyond incredible. I love her so much, and I love you just as fiercely."

No longer able to pretend to still be sleeping, Arizona opens her eyes, now with unshed tears in them and looks at her whole world. Her insanely beautiful wife holding their insanely handsome and perfect son. Callie looks at her and the smile she recieves from the brunette is miraculous.

"Hey." Arizona croaks out, her voice laced with sleep.

"Hey there Mama. Someone wants to see you." Callie replies, gently getting up from the chair and handing Timothy to her. The smile that overtakes the blondes face is breathtaking and Callie could have sworn she just fell more inlove with Arizona than she already was.

"Hey handsome. You're the one that's been playing soccer with my organs huh? It was all worth it though. You are perfect." She leans down a little and places a lingering kiss on Timothy's forehead and he let's out a little snort and a soft sigh, making his mothers melt on the spot.

"He really is perfect." Callie sighs and gets as close to her family as possible without actually jumping in the hospital bed. Unbeknownst to them, Addison had slipped in the room and was overwhelmed with the sight infront of her. She grabs her cell phone and snaps a picture of the new family. Seeing everything is alright, she slips right back out unnoticed.


2 days later, the Robbins-Torres family were getting to go home. Addison had kept mother and baby just for observation and allow Arizona to heal a little more before discharging her. Callie never left the hospital the whole 2 days. She spent every minute in her wife's room, getting anything and everything she needed and spent every second she could with Arizona and Timothy. Now, they were ready to leave the hospital and start their lives as a family.

"You guys ready to blow this joint?" Mark exclaims as he walks through the door, 3 coffees in hand, decaf for Arizona. Callie, who was busy packing all of their things while Arizona held Timothy, hugged her best friend and accepted the coffees.

"You know it Marky!" Callie responded, the smile on her face so big, she felt like her face would split.

"How's my nephew doin'?" Mark asks as he sits in the chair next to the hospital bed, looking at the face of Timothy, who was snuggled in a light blanket and letting out a baby snore. He softly runs his finger across Timothy's cheek.

"He's incredible. Just passed out after a feeding." Arizona responds, her eyes never leaving the face of her baby. She was entranced.

"Actually Mark, Arizona and I wanted to talk to you about something." Callie interrupts them as she gets the last of their things packed and ready to go.

Mark straightens in his chair and clears his throat. "Shoot."

Callie comes to sit on the bed with her little family, smiling down at her boy, then looks directly at Mark. "Arizona and I would love for you to be Timothy's Godfather."

Mark, overcome with emotion, starts to tear up. Not only did they name Timothy after him with his middle name, but they trusted and love him enough to ask him to be his Godfather. Manly man, Mark Sloan, let the tears flow as he got up and hugged his best friend, then bent down and hugged Arizona and kissed Timothy's forehead before speaking. "I'd be honored."

The three adults continued conversation, waiting on Addison to come through the door, annoucing they could go home. An hour later, they got the go ahead to be discharged. Callie filled out all the paperwork, Mark took everything down to their car and put it all away and got the carseat situated, while Arizona sat in a wheelchair, still holding her precious boy, who now was wide awake and staring at the blue eyes of his Mama.


"It's good to be home." Arizona proclaims as they march their way into their house for the first time in 2 days. Callie, coming into the door seconds later and places a kiss on the blondes cheek and one on Timothy's lips, just nods her head in agreement.

Arizona moves to the living room and sits on their super comfy couch, while she gets situated to feed Timothy and Callie goes upstairs to put everything away and comes back down and starts a load of laundry. Finishing up, she sits beside Arizona and let's out a sigh. "Incredibly good to be home. I love you so much Arizona. You and Timmy are my world."

Arizona looks up from her son to her wife and her dimples show. "We love you too Calliope."

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