Finding Family

Author: GleekShip

Spoilers: Season 4

Summary: When Jake first comes to Lima, he seeks out his brother.

Pairings: Kurt/Jake!Friendship

Finding Family

Jake sighs and bites his lip as he slowly raises his hand.

God. Why did he have to be the only person that I can talk to about family?

He knocks quickly on the door in front of him. He takes a breath as he takes a few steps back to wait.

He only has to wait a few seconds before he can hear the sound of large feet crossing the inside of the house, each step getting closer to the front door. He takes a deep breath as the door opens up. He's surprised to see a very tall man with a beer hanging limply in his hand.

"Can I help you kid?" The gruff voice asks.

"Umm . . ." Jake shakes his head, getting his thoughts together. "I'm Jake sir, I'm here looking for-"

"Dad." A high voice interrupts him. "Who is it?"

"Some kid." The man in front of him answers before stepping to the side.

Jake's eyes narrow at the thin and pale man that steps up. "You."

"And you?" The pale boy raises an eyebrow before turning to the larger man. "Dad, can you give us a few minutes?"

The older man stares back and forth between the two teens in his doorway before nodding. He gives the pale boy a pat on the shoulder before retreating into the house.

The pale boy turns to stare at Jake. "What are you doing here?"

"Umm." Jake looks from the retreating form to the stern face of the pale boy in front of him. "I don't know if I have the wrong address."

"Who are you looking for?" The pale boy asks.

"My brother. His name is . . ." Jake trails off, not seeing the pale boys shocked face as he busies himself by pulling a small book out of his backpack. He opens the book and scans it for the name. "His name is Noah Puckerman." He finally looks back up into shocked green eyes. "I guess I got the wrong place."

"No." The pale boys hand reaches out and grabs his wrist. "No-just . . . come in. Please."

"Uhh." Jake slowly starts to hear the curiosity in the pale boys tone. "Yeah. Yeah sure."

The pale boy smiles before letting go of his wrist. He steps back and motions for Jake to step in. Jake re-shoulders his backpack and steps into the brightly lit house. He hears the door shut behind him before a hand is on the small of his back, guiding him further into the house.

This guy is really touchy-feely.

"In here." The high voice directs him into the kitchen. "Here." Jake is all but shoved into a chair at the island.

He watches as the pale boy moves quickly around the kitchen, making them something to drink. It's only a minute before a warm mug of hot chocolate is placed before him. He waits for the pale boy to take his seat on the opposite side before taking a sip.

"Good stuff." He acknowledges with a small nod before taking a larger sip.

"Thank you." The pale boy smiles. "So."

"So." Jake sets his cup down.

"How . . . how did you find out that Noah lives here?" The boy asks.

"Well . . ." Jake scratches the back of his neck. "I looked into the school records and found his home address. At least what it was last year." The pale boy nods for him to continue. "Anyways, when I found the house, it was some crazy woman. She through this address book at me when I asked where he was." He reaches up to rub the small-forming scar on his neck. "For . . . for Noah, there were two addresses listed. I figured that this one was my best shot since the other one was in L.A."

The pale boy laughs, his high laughter filling the kitchen. Jake chuckles at the boy.

"Well you came to the right place." The pale boy says with a small smile. "Noah does live here."

Jake's smile falters. "Great." His voice full of nerves again.

The pale boys eyes narrow at him. "What's wrong?"

"Umm . . ." Jake bites his lip and takes a deep breath. "Okay . . . see the thing is . . . he doesn't know . . . that I'm his brother."

He can hear the pale boy let out a small gasp as he stares at the table.

"Okay." He hears the pale boy let out a shaky breath. "So you want to talk to him?"

"Yeah." Jake's voice is soft and quiet.

"Well . . . he's not here right now." The pale boy says slowly.

Jake's head jerks up to look at the boy. "What?"

"Well he does have his other apartment in L.A. And-" The pale boy adds on when Jake's head starts to fall again. "He'll be back soon."

"Really?" Jake starts to smile.

"Yes." The boy nods. "Now unfortunately, I will not be here when he returns."


He's easy to talk to.

"Why not?" Jake asks.

"Well . . ." The pale boy smiles. "I'm going to New York in a few days." Jake's eyes go wide. "And then your brother will be joining be after a few days of being here."

Jake cocks his head. "So . . . are you guys like . . . best friends or something?"

He can see a hint of amusement in the pale boys eyes. "Something like that." The pale boy smiles.

Jake nods. "Cool. So . . ." He looks around nervously. "Should I come back in a few days to find him?"

The pale boy shakes his head. "I'm sure he'll find you."

Jake raises an eyebrow, but lets the comment pass. The pale boy smiles as he stands up. Jake quickly stands up and makes his way out of the kitchen. He can hear the pale boy following him down the main hallway.

I don't think I'd ever see him being friends with a Puckerman, but then again I don't even know what my brother looks like. Maybe he's feminine too.

The pale boy smiles as he opens the door. "Well . . . I hope to see you again Jake Puckerman."

Jake smiles as he steps outside. He turns around and extends a hand to the pale boy. The smile on the pale boys face widens just a bit.

"You too . . . Sorry dude. I don't even know your name." Jake apologizes.

The pale boy smiles and takes his hand. "Kurt. Kurt Hummel."

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