Finding Family

Author: GleekShip

Spoilers: Season 4

Summary: When Jake first comes to Lima, he seeks out his brother.

Pairings: Kurt/Jake!Friendship Puck?Kurt

Finding Family

"I can't believe this is where you live." Jake's voice is in awe as he stares at the nice pool.

"I'm just renting." Puck shrugs. "Think if I buy, it'd be up in the Hills."

Jake slowly nods.

"Excuse me."

Jake nearly jumps out of his skin as he and Puck turn around.

That voice.

Before them is a well-dressed woman. "Aren't you the guy that cleans our pool?" She's quick to ask as Puck stands up.

"Yeah Mrs. Cross." Puck stumbles through his words nervously. "Hey. Thought you were in Hawaii for Christmas."

Realization dawns over Jake and he looks back to the pool.

"Yeah we came back early." She purses her lips. "You have five minutes until I call the police."

The woman turns and walks back into the house.

Jake stands up and looks at his half-brother. "Dude, why did you lie to me?"

"Because I didn't think you'd be impressed by my apartment in the Valley filled with Ikea furniture I never figured out how to put together." Puck leans down and starts picking up his stuff.

Jake pulls his shirt on and sighs. "So . . . is this your big secret?"


"The reason that you've been avoiding Kurt." Jake continues on. "I can't believe that this is why."

"Are you serious?" Puck's voice goes low. "You think that my boyfriend is going to love how pathetic my life has become. How . . . how I'm barely getting by? How I had to go back to cleaning pools because I couldn't get an actual job? How . . . how I can't give him the life that he deserves?" Puck's voice goes soft and broken. "I don't deserve Kurt anymore."

"You're such an idiot." Jake lets out a humorless chuckle. "You deserve Kurt because he chose you. You know that he doesn't care if you have a job or-or if you clean pools. He loves you because you're you."

Puck shakes his head, disbelieving in his half-brothers words. "I'm not talking about this anymore. Don't." He quickly adds when Jake opens his mouth to speak. "Listen dude, I'm sorry for ruining your Christmas."

"Don't." Jake shakes his head before deciding to drop the previous issue. "Listen, if we leave now, we'll back it back to Lima by Christmas Eve. We'll spend Christmas together."

Kurt glances over at the couch. He has a blanket folded over the couch, ready for him when he wants to sleep. He decided to give his dad the bed. He knows Burt has back problems on top of everything else. Kurt sighs before standing up. He had spent a better part of the night, Christmas Eve, alone, sitting by the Christmas tree.

I guess Noah and I are done. He hasn't called me in . . . so long. Not even on Christmas Eve.

Kurt sighs and looks back to the twinkling tree before leaning down and unplugging the lights from the outlet, not wanting to risk the fire hazard. He sighs as he makes his way over to the couch, falling down on it in his Puck's old t-shirt and a pair of basketball shorts, Puck's as well.

Kurt shifts a bit to get more comfortable. He reaches down and takes his phone from his pocket and reaches out to place it on the small table, but stops. He quickly pulls the phone back and turns it on. He only hesitates slightly before opening his contacts and scrolling through the list. He stops on that number before backing up a few for the next number. He quickly clicks call and holds it to his ear.

The phone rings a few times before Kurt hears his voice. "Hello."

"Hey." Kurt smiles, happy to have some sort of comfort at the end of the long day.

"Hi Kurt." He can hear Jake's own smile through the phone. "I expected a call on Christmas, but not just after midnight. I figured it'd be later on in the day."

"Yeah." Kurt says softly before clearing his throat. "It's been a long day and I was hoping that you'd be awake. I'm not disturbing you am I?"

"No." Kurt narrows his eyes at the hushed tone. "I'm just-can you . . . give me a second?"

"Sure." Kurt nods to himself as he hears rustling coming through on the phone, followed by quiet footsteps.

Kurt reaches up and places the phone on the arm of the chair. He pulls the blanket up to his chin and rolls onto his side. He quickly slides a hand out to grab the phone before returning it to his ear.

"-there?" Jake finishes.

Kurt gulps. "Sorry. What was that? I had to set my phone down for a second?"

Jake chuckles and it seems louder now. "I asked if you were still there. Which is obvious now." Kurt smiles. "I had to step outside."

"That's fine." Kurt chuckles before letting out a shaky breath. "So how are you? How is everything?"

"Good. Good." He can hear some hesitancy in Jake's voice. "I've been spending some time with the family for a bit."

"That's good." Kurt smiles only briefly before it falters. "Family? I thought you said you only had your mom."

"Well . . . Puck and his mom are here too." Jake reluctantly admits.

"Oh." Kurt's caught off guard.

Well, I'm happy that I know they're both with people that love them.

"That's good." Kurt says genuinely. "It's about time both of you extended your family.

"Yeah." Jake chuckles softly before his tone becomes serious. "Are you sure this is okay? I mean, you said you're not sure where you and Puck stand."

"I'm fine." Kurt says softly. "Honestly."

"Okay." Jake says slowly before letting out a shaky breath. "So what's up? I'm assuming you wouldn't call me so late unless you needed to talk. Even if it's Christmas."

Kurt lets out a shaky breath before opening his mouth. "Dad has prostate cancer."

So, what do you think. Part two will continue on and it should complete the Christmas episode, but we'll see. Sorry for the delay. College has been a beast so far. So let me know what you think and if you're still enjoying. :)