Finding Family

Author: GleekShip

Spoilers: Season 4

Summary: When Jake first comes to Lima, he seeks out his brother.

Pairings: Kurt/Jake!Friendship Puck?Kurt

Finding Family

Kurt smiles as he sees his boyfriend appear on his Skype box. After only texting and calling only this past week with only one Skype call at the very beginning, especially after their fragile relationship almost broke up, it was nice to see the face that he loved. He wished with all his heart that he was with Puck so he could just hug him and hold him. It was easy to see that Puck felt the same if his goofy and 'I'm in love' smile and the way he leans towards his computer is anything to go on. Puck has the dopey grin on his face that Kurt can't help but love, one of the many faces that he can't help but love. He wants to reach out to touch Puck, but he know it'll look odd to caress his computer.

"Hi." Puck's soft voice comes through the computer.

Kurt lets out a tiny chuckle. "Hi to you too. How are you, Noah?"

"I'm good, Kurt. Hanging in there." Puck's smile falters a bit. "I miss you though. I wish you were here."

"Same." Kurt nods. "Now that . . . we're better with each other, I'd really like you close."

"Yeah. I'm still sorry about that Kurt." Puck gulps. "I'm just-"

"It's fine, Noah." Kurt gives the boy an encouraging smile. "It made sense once you explained it, but next time can you talk to me? You had no idea how much it killed me to be shut out like that. I thought you were the one person that would never do that to me."

"I'm so sorry, Kurt." Puck's smile drops as he moves closer to his screen. "I know I was being a complete idiot the entire time. A moron. I had no right to do that to you when I know that you would have told me it's okay and done everything you could to show me that you loved me. I'm sorry for making these past few months miserable for you. We could have been having a happy life together and I had to go and screw it all up. Over something that didn't really matter. But Kurt-"He cuts Kurt off as Kurt goes to open his mouth. "I'm sorry I felt so insecure. I should have known that after almost two years with you. I'm so stupid for ever doubting you. And I know you'll say that you forgive me, but I'm not going to let a moment go by between us where I don't tell you that I'm sorry and show you how much I love you."

Kurt purses his lips and looks down at his lap, a small blush appearing on his face. "You really don't have to."

"But I want." He can hear the smile in his boyfriends voice. "And you will know of every bad thing that I've done from here on out. And then you might be able to punish me."

Kurt looks up to see his boyfriend winking at him. Kurt laughs and shakes his head slowly. He really does love this side to his boyfriend as well.

"Well we'll see the next time that we're together." Kurt suggest.

Puck nods eagerly and shifts on his side of the screen. "I'm holding you to that. So . . . when do you think that will be. I can't really afford to fly out to you anytime soon."

"Well . . ." Kurt starts off slowly. "Schue's wedding is coming up. That'll give me a good reason to come down without my dad telling me to save money."

"Really?" Puck perks up even more so. "That's in a few weeks."

"I know." Kurt nods.

"Cool." Puck grins. "Don't worry about anything besides getting back here. I'll get us a room for the night."

"Noah." Kurt warns. "This isn't just about sex."

"I know, but you can't expect me not to touch you. And you still have to punish me." Puck winks again.

Kurt rolls his eyes. "I know, and we'll get to that. But first things first, and besides, I'll be down for more than a day."

Puck's eyes light up. "Oooh. How long are you gonna be here?"

Kurt smiles at Puck's childlike reactions, almost as if it was Christmas. "Just a few days. Maybe a week. I only have classes on Tuesday's and Thursday's, but Thursday's is canceled because the professor wants her Valentine's Day weekend to be extra long. So almost a week."

"Sweet." Puck stretches the word out as he rocks back and forth in his seat with excitement. "I can't believe that I'm going to have you for so long."

Kurt chuckles. "Well there will be Mr. Schue's wedding and time with my dad, so you won't have me that long."

"I'll have you on nights then." Puck shrugs with a goofy grin. "That's when you're funner anyways."

Kurt scoffs, but he can't help but continue to smile. "Is that all you think about?"

"No." Puck chuckles. "But I know that I have a lot to make up for with you, and that's the best way to go. You usually forgive me once I let you take control."

Kurt raises an eyebrow and nods as his eyes become slightly darker. "This is true."

"Plus I know you'll do anything to see more gorgeous body in the nude." Puck boasts as he puts his arms into a pose and flexes.

Even though Kurt is looking at them with lust, he pretends to be disinterested. "Well that's nothing compared to the guy I had here this morning." He watches Puck's smile falters. "He was a real work of art in the nude, let me tell you." He can see Puck frowning now, so he decides to go for one more tease. "He even ate breakfast in the nude with me."

"Who is he and where does he live." Puck says with a serious face.

Kurt chuckles before leaning towards the computer. "Easy, Noah. It's just Rachel's boy-toy. He has a habit of walking nude around the apartment."

Puck looks relieved that Kurt hasn't moved on, but he isn't going to let this go. "I'll have a talk with Rachel later on."

"Go for it." Kurt nods. "I already called in some help. One more wouldn't help."

Puck nods, but then he refocuses on Kurt. "You really shouldn't tease me like that."

"Well that just makes the climax worth the wait, Noah. Three weeks, Noah." Kurt grins as Puck's eyes darken as well. "And you better not release until then."

"What?" Puck whines. "But I gotta cum. I can't last three weeks."

"You will thought." Kurt smiles softly. "Because you know it'll be worth it."

Puck clenches his jaw. "Fine, but we get to sneak away at the wedding too. And at least once at your dads house."

Kurt snorts before nodding. "Fine, but on your own head."

"You bet." Puck grins.

Sorry for the lateness of the chapter. I hope you enjoyed. :)