Finding Family

Author: GleekShip

Spoilers: Season 4

Summary: When Jake first comes to Lima, he seeks out his brother.

Pairings: Kurt/Jake!Friendship Puck?Kurt

Finding Family

Kurt grins, unashamed of what he and his boyfriend were doing as he struggles out of the backseat of his rental. He tries not to stop on Puck in the process and manages with until a grunt or two when Kurt kicks him in the side. He smirks at Mercedes as he moves to stand by her and watches as Puck follows.

"You know-" Mercedes looks between the two. "I'd be loads more mad if you guys were broken up and just here for a quick one-night stand, but you're not. That'd be totally unrealistic." Mercedes snorts. "God. That sounds like bad TV."

"Shut it, Mercedes." Kurt teases. "Our reality will never be as crappy as that. I would never do a one-night stand, even if Noah and I were broken up."

"But you'd be tempted right?" Puck asks with a smile as he shuts the door.

"I'd admire the scenery before moving on." Kurt chuckles as he loops his arm with Mercedes. "I don't do one night stands, even if I love the guy. It's just not me."

"I agree." Mercedes nods as she marches them towards the church. "So how long were you guys in there for?"

"A few minutes." Kurt shrugs.

Puck snorts. "Try half an hour. Half an hour of his sweet lips on mine."

"Shut up, Noah." Kurt blushes.

Mercedes giggles. "It is hot watching you guys make out."

"Mercedes!" Kurt's eyes go wide as his boyfriend and best friend both roar in laughter.

"Just wait, Mercedes. It's much hotter when we're wearing nothing and doing more with our tongues." Kurt groans as he bows his head, more amusement seeping into Puck's voice. "Kind of like last night. Nah, Mercedes. You haven't seen nothing yet."

Puck whispers his last husky words into Mercedes ear before chuckling and moving back to Kurt's side. Kurt looks at Mercedes and watches the girls face flush. If she was just slightly drunk and Kurt was to offer, he's pretty sure that she'd love to watch them.

God. My friends only think about sex.

Kurt stops as lips attach themselves to his. Mercedes lets go of his arm and continues into the church, yelling something, as Puck continues to kiss Kurt. Kurt moans lightly into the kiss before pulling back.

"Stop, Noah." Kurt loops his hand through the one on his face and continues to the church. "Even though I don't believe in church's and stuff, we should still respect that others do and not behave like idiots."

"I'm just behaving like someone in love." Puck responds with a cheeky grin. "And it's a wedding. They're supposed to be fun."

"No." Kurt shakes his head with a chuckle. "You in a suit is fun, but wedding's are about happiness. Mainly for the soon to be married couple."

Puck pouts. "That's not fair."

Kurt chuckles. "And then we have the reception: the fun. The chance to sneak off and maybe have a quickie that I believe you owe me behind the stage." Kurt turns his head and grins at Puck's eager expression.

"How do you know there's a stage?" Puck asks in a whisper as they step into the first crowd of people in the lobby."

"Rachel." Kurt answers as he pulls Puck against his back so they don't get separated in the crowd. "And there's every chance of someone seeing us unless the lights are dim back there."

He can feel Puck practically purring from behind him. "I'll find a way to make that happen."

Kurt chuckles before letting go of Puck's hand. "Go find us seats. I have someone else to look for."

Jake gives Kurt a nervous smile before scooting along the bench in the empty hallway. Everyone else has already gathered in the main hall of the church so they're left well on their own. Jake looks away from Kurt and down the hallway.

"I, uh . . . I got a room." Jake keeps his voice soft.

Kurt narrows his eyes in confusion. "A room? For?"

Jake sighs as he looks back to Kurt, trying to widen his eyes as if Kurt should already understand. "Me . . . and Marley . . . tonight."

"Oh." Kurt sits back slightly. "Okay. Um-"

"It's a stupid idea, right." Jake chuckles dryly. "I knew it."

"No. No." Kurt shakes his head. "Not stupid, just . . . probably not the right one for now. Have you and Marley even . . . talked about this part of your relationship?"

Jake chuckles. "No. Not yet, but that's why I wanted to try tonight."

"Well I'm one for love," Kurt starts off with a smile. "So do you love her?"

"Of course I like her." Jake's eyes widen slightly. "I mean yeah. I love her." Jake groans and lifts his head back until it hits the wall, eyes shut. "I think I love her. I mean, I've told her, but I keep telling Ryder and Puck that I like her. And you too now."

"Well maybe that's enough for you two." Kurt offers to reassure the boy. "Just make sure that she's ready or you'll be getting hell from me." Kurt chuckles. "Mercedes has informed me that Marley's best girl is a diva who's not afraid to put a six inch heel up your tan . . . butt." Kurt decides on.

Jake snorts. "I can see Unique trying." He sighs one last time. "I guess we'll see what happens tonight. As long as things go smooth and our relationship doesn't end in shambles, then I can for sure see love for her in the future."

"Good." Kurt nods before placing his hand on Jake's arm. "Now come on. We have a wedding to get to and I will murder you if we're late. Even if we're fashionably late. I won't accept either."

Jake snorts as Kurt drags him back to the main hall of the church.

I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter. I'm trying to go along with the show while running Kurt/Puck and Kurt/Jake's story line as well. Enjoy. :)