Finding Family

Author: GleekShip

Spoilers: Season 4

Summary: When Jake first comes to Lima, he seeks out his brother.

Pairings: Kurt/Jake!Friendship, Puck/Kurt

Finding Family

"Kurt! Why do you have that?" Santana demands with a smirk.

"Leave Bruce alone." Kurt mutters as he rolls over onto the pillow and shuts his eyes.

"Does Puck know?" Santana asks in a sing-song voice as she sits down on the bed with an evil grin.

Kurt groans in annoyance as he rolls over and glares up at Santana through sleep-crusted eyes. "No he doesn't, and he doesn't need to." Kurt adds as his mind starts to wake up. "This is just a nice pillow that happens to have the stuffed body of a male companion. Or at least the upper half." Kurt adds with a goofy grin.

"So me telling Puck what's up with the pillow wouldn't be a bad thing then?" Santana questions as she reaches up for the pillow.

"No." Kurt snaps as he yanks the comfortable pillow back into his hold. "Just leave it be."

"Why shouldn't I tell him?" Santana asks, not even close to giving up.

"Because." Kurt groans. "He'll make it into a big deal when it's actually not. And you just want some amusement."

"It's not a crime." Santana smirks.

"But it is an annoyance just like you." Kurt growls before he turns his head to look at Santana. "Get out of my room. I want to go back to sleep."

"You need to get up and help me clean the place up. And by help me, I mean just you." Santana retorts as she stands up from the bed.

Kurt groans. "Let Rachel do it. She's already started on clearing space for you in the bathroom. Let her clean the rest of the place then. Half the mess is already hers and Brody's."

"And thank god he'll be gone permanently." Santana smiles happily and looks up to the ceiling. "It's gonna be nice to have this guy-free zone."

"I'm still a guy you witch." Kurt mutters to himself before clearing his throat. "Well I'll still have Adam over and Puck will move in eventually so that rule won't last long."

"Whatev's." Santana shrugs.

"Where is Rachel, by the way?" Kurt asks as he blinks his eyes open a bit more, his sleepy mood slowly leaving him. "Shouldn't you guys be bickering right about now?"

"Hardy har har." Santana chuckles dryly and rolls her eyes. "She said she was going to go see Brody. I did offer to go with her." She quickly adds when Kurt goes to say something. "But she wanted to see him alone. She asked one of his friends where he was so she's headed to Nyada."

Kurt sighs and shuts his eyes. "This whole thing is really screwed up."

"Of course it is, but she can't expect every relationship that she has to be like the one she has with Finn, now can she?" Santana points out as she sits back on the bed and lets her gaze drift to Kurt. "New topic though. Did you get a chance to see Finn the other day? I couldn't find a time to ask you since Rachel has been moping about."

Kurt nods as he slowly sits up, Bruce falling to the bed with a soft thud. "Yeah. I got to see him for a few hours. We had pizza and stuff. He stayed until the last minute before his plane left. He was cutting it close though because Rachel came home half an hour later."

"Yikes." Santana mutters before she lets out a deep breath and stands up. "Come on, Hummel. You have five minutes to get up and start helping or Bruce is meeting a shredder and being sent to Puck."

Kurt swears internally and glares at the back of Santana's head before he heaves the blankets off of his body.

"Those girls need to be shot." Kurt mutters, clearly unimpressed."

Jake gulps. "Don't you think that's a bit extreme?"

"They hate on you for wanting to sing a Chris Brown song." Kurt sneers into the camera. "I didn't get hated on when I sang I Want to Hold Your Hand even though the singer and his band did drugs. And that glee club has done songs from singers that are abusive. They should know by now to separate the artist from his creations."

"I agree with you." Jake eagerly agrees, mostly to appease Kurt's sudden anger. "It's just a bit annoying."

Kurt sighs. "Oh well. Just choose something new. I mean it's stupid, but it's not worth losing a girlfriend and friends over. Just make sure that they understand."

"Will do, captain." Jake chuckles.

Kurt chuckles softly. "So how is everything? The home life and stuff."

"It's good." Jake slowly nods. "Mom's been doing well. She got another job so she's not at home as much, but she's happier now that bills are being paid."

"That's really good." Kurt smiles. "And what about school? Talk to me about grades."

"A 'b' average." Jake boasts with pride. "Which is good for me. Marley's been helping me study."

Kurt raises an eyebrow. "Studying? Mhm. I know that exact excuse."

Jake rolls his eyes. "That kind of studying is only kissing. Otherwise it's actual studying."

"Well I'm proud of you." Kurt smiles. "One more person that's going to make it out of that town.

"Thank you." Jake smiles before he shrugs. "Puck has been helping me too. He's getting prepared for college and he's using my homework to help him remember stuff that he didn't care for back in school."

Kurt nods, impressed. "He told me about that. I think he's hitting his mid-life crisis by trying to be responsible."

Jake snorts. "Maybe. Anyways, I need to go. Marley and I have a date tonight. Need to shower."

"Have fun" Kurt smiles before they both hang up the call.

Sorry for the late and short chapter, but I hope you enjoyed. The next few chapters will be several parts because of everything that's going on. Let me know what you think.