Finding Family

Author: GleekShip

Spoilers: Season 4

Summary: When Jake first comes to Lima, he seeks out his brother.

Pairings: Kurt/Jake!Friendship Puck?Kurt

Finding Family

"Oh, thank god." Kurt kisses the screen on his phone before he pulls it back to look at the picture again.

It was obviously taken very quickly. It was of Jake. He had somehow managed to get his mother off of his back long enough to send Kurt a picture to show that he was okay with a text, 'I'll call you tonight when things calm down.' Kurt had quickly sent a text back to assure the boy that he'd still be awake. He and the girls have been in a panic for the past two hours. He looks back to the image and smiles as he sees Jake's mom fussing around in the background and he's pretty sure he can see Puck there as well.

I'm happy that they're all together.

He sets his phone down and looks over to his laptop that Rachel's using in the living room. She had been skyping with everyone that she could reach or e-mailing. She had already reached their old friends and now was just going through a list of people that she knew through various clubs.

Santana was pacing back and forth from their front door all the way back to the bathroom while she talked to Brittany. Sam had answered and Santana made him promise to keep her on speaker so she could be there for Brittany as well.

Kurt sighs before he lets his head drop to the table, completely and utterly exhausted. His emotional stamina is doing even worse than the strain that he's putting on his body with stress and worry. He knows Santana and Rachel are the same way. Santana had tried to play her worry off with jokes, worse and more offensive than usual, but they could hear her sobbing when she went into the bathroom. Both him and Rachel had made a silent vow with a glance that they'll wait until that night to see which bed Santana will crawl into like she does when she's under stress. Rachel has been unashamed of her tears from her curled position on the couch.

His phone vibrates again and he goes to answer the text from Adam, reassuring the boy that he's fine. He already promised that he'd be fine for the night, but he feels better knowing that he has a friend close.

Hugging Adam feels almost as good as hugging Noah.

Kurt sighs as he rolls his head over on the table. He spots the burnt pizza that he had pulled out late. No one had noticed the burning smell until smoke started coming from the oven. Now they had to put up with the noisy city around them with the windows open so they could get the smell and smoke out. They've already had people thinking they were smoking pot and they had to stop Santana from throwing any valuables out at them.

"Finn!" Kurt turns at the sharp voice to find Rachel smiling with relief now that Finn is pulled up on the screen.

"Hey, Rach. Hey, Kurt." He adds when he sees Kurt rushing over to take a seat by Rachel on the couch.

"Any updates?" Rachel eagerly asks.

"Not now." Kurt warns before he looks to Rachel. "How are you doing with this? You knew some of those kids from when you ran the glee club."

"Everyone's fine." Finn lets out a shaky breath. "Just relieved at this point. I just left the community center where they had the students and their families. Some have already left, but others want to stay so they can stay updated."

"That's understandable." Kurt smiles weakly. "Where are you staying tonight? With dad and Carole?"

"I don't think I'll be sleeping tonight." Finn mutters. "Getting ready for college has been stressful enough, but now with this. I'm thinking about dropping everything. Marley has already asked if I could come stay with her and her mom. I told her no of course." Finn quickly adds. "But I feel for all of these kids now. I wish I could just have them all together and just . . . talk it out. Cry it out. Just like when Will did that for us last year. I mean that was about suicide, but I think we need something like this."

"I'm sure you'll get to that soon." Kurt comments when the silence rings for a minute, Rachel just focusing on Finn. "But keep yourself in college. You'll be a much better help to them that way. And I'm sure once they figure out what happened, that everyone will be able to meet and sing it out." He smiles as he mutters that. "I mean that's what a glee club does."

"I guess so." His gaze slowly drifts to Rachel who has become very still as she stares at Finn, still in shock of everything. "How's everything on your end?"

"Good." Kurt gulps. "We've made contact with everyone. Santana is still talking to Sam and Brittany. Artie and Tina are at her place. And Puck is with Jake." He glances to the kitchen where his phone is. "They've already sent me a text."

"Good." Finn mutters before he clears his throat. "I should go though. I still have calls and texts to answer. Marley and Kitty are wanting to do a Skype call later with everyone. I have to see who all can show up."

"Okay." Kurt's soft voice shakes before he attempts to bring things back to a somewhat normal state. "When are you starting college?"

"One week." Finn replies, happy with the new subject. "But we'll see. I'll keep you posted?"

"Yeah." Kurt quickly nods before glancing to a teary Rachel. "I'll leave you two alone. Love you, Finn."

"Love you too, Kurt." Kurt hears as he stands up and starts walking away.

Who would have thought that something like this would ever happen. It's just unfathomable to think of.

I hope you guys enjoyed the chapter. There should be roughly five or six chapters after this. Depending on how Season 5 goes, there might be a sequel but it's not looking likely.