Finding Family

Author: GleekShip

Spoilers: Season 4

Summary: When Jake first comes to Lima, he seeks out his brother.

Pairings: Kurt/Jake!Friendship Puck/Kurt

Finding Family

"Hey." Jake laughs as he stumbles into the living room, looking back at all of his friends who are celebrating in the living room before looking to the boy that's sitting alone at the kitchen table. "What are you doing? Why aren't you out there celebrating with he rest of us?" He props himself up on the table with his hand and looks to Kurt. "You know that your coaching helped Marley, Unique and I all better and more confident on that stage. You're a big help to our success. So-"

He stops as he takes in Kurt. The boy had been missing for the past hour and now he's sitting in the kitchen staring into space. He had acknowledged Jake with a glance, but now space held his eyes gaze.

"What's wrong?" Jake asks as he sits down before glancing over his shoulder and then back to Kurt. "Does this have with the proposal not going to plan?"

"No." Kurt answers before looking back to Jake. "I knew Rachel would call sometime today, but that was just wrong timing all the way around. But I'll ask him later. Maybe in a more intimate setting. And with my phone off." he chuckles before he smiles at Jake. So congrats again. You must be so excited. Singing the duet that made you guys win . . . it's exciting."

"It is a bit." Jake smiles, but he frowns. "Come on, dude. Why are you in here all alone? We kind of need you in there for it to be a proper party."

Kurt smiles weakly before looking away. "I don't know. I mean, I'm not upset that Noah and I couldn't have our moment because the where doesn't really matter. I'm more . . . disinterested? No. It's not that I'm not happy for you guys, I'm just not in the mood. I'm more than willing to just sit back and watch you guys have some fun."

"Well I guess I'm staying in here with you." Jake decides as he settles back into his chair. "Plus it's been awhile since you and I've had a proper chat."

"Yeah." Kurt smiles before his eyes drift to the table.

"Do you remember where we first met?" Jake asks. "Officially I mean. Not you watching me have a temper tantrum from afar."

"Yeah." Kurt laughs. "In this kitchen. I guess this is sort of where we became-"

"Friends." Jake finishes. "Yeah. And here I was just searching for my family, but I found a good friend."

"Who would have thought?" Kurt asks through amused lips. "I honestly thought you were lost. Or you had come to retaliate at me like many of the dumb jocks of McKinley had done before, but you weren't like them."

"And it was so easy to talk to you." Jake admits. "I thought I'd find Puck here or some crazy relative. I didn't expect to find his . . . his boyfriend."

"You're not the only one surprised about our relationship." Kurt chuckles.

"Yep." Jake nods. "I thought . . . that there was no way that Puck was gay. And I didn't mean it in a bad way, just that from the pictures he didn't fit that look. Not that you do." He's quick to say. "But . . . do you know what I mean?"

"I do." Kurt tilts his head in acknowledgment. "But I'm glad that you've learned to not judge someone based on their looks. We wouldn't have become friends otherwise."

"We're not friends." Jake shakes his head as he leans forward. "We're family."


So I know the chapter is shorter compared to usual, but I felt like it was an epilogue so it needed to be. Just to wrap up the final moments for Kurt and Jake and how they've come full circle from their initial encounter. This story has been something great to write, and I will miss it, as I do my readers. :) So let me know what you guys think!