"NO!" I Screamed as I stepped into a hidden puddle. The water lapped over my shoes and soaked my cold feet. The feeling was most unwelcome as the cold water turned my body into ice. I stumbled down the remaining alleyway until I was met with the familiar street name.

As I rounded the corner something caught my eye. It was there for a split second, most people would have brushed it off to the street lights or imagination but my intuition was on high alert and urged me to at least have a look.

And why am I going to look in that creepy alleyway again?

My subconscious sneered. Normally I would ignore that part of me but she had a point. Why the hell was I going back down the alley way? As my brain was trying to work out what I was doing my body was already making its way back down the alleyway.

I am just going to go to the next street light then I am turning back around and going home like I should be,

I reassured myself. I stepped closer to the streetlight looking left and right as I did. The creepy feeling I was getting was urgently asking me to run, to get away as fast as I could get my little legs to carry me but tonight I felt brave; maybe it was the adrenaline I don't know, but tonight I was super Sophia.

You're a joke!

My subconscious glowered as I reached the streetlight. Nothing. Hmmm strange I thought it really is not like me to just wonder around but people get it wrong all the time. As I turned around to leave something came into vision. It looked like a couple kissing against the wall. I turned looking slightly disgusted but something looked out of place. I couldn't put my finger on it.

I turned to look again and saw that the couple had stopped tongue tousling and the guy was boring his eyes straight into mine. The look he gave me sent pure electricity down my veins. I turned in quick time and marched straight out of the alleyway and straight home. Without even thinking I had gotten undressed, washed and was already in bed.

Those eyes, those big black eyes was all I could see as I closed my eyes and allowed sleep to take over.

Why was that woman so still?

I wondered as sleep threatened to stop all thinking processes. Whatever I saw I never wanted to again. I scratched it down to another Saturday night out on the town and a couple who could not wait to get home. Typical L.A even in the best light there is always something going on in the alleyways and corners of the streets. I chuckled lightly as sleep won the battle and I fell into a dream of dark alleyways and big black eyes.

I awoke the next morning to my alarm ringing in my ears. I grumbled and rolled out of bed swiftly switching the alarm off. I got dressed in record time and made my way back to work.

On my way to work I contemplated going back through the alley way just to look again.

What do you think you will see? My subconscious asks sceptically the couple still there in the throes of passion? Get a grip!

I shook my head at my thought. Of course they wouldn't be there how stupid could I be? I carried on past the alley way and made my way to work while watching the dishevelled party goers shuffling their way back to work. They looked how I felt but I had come well prepared from the night out.

I walked into work and was greeted by the usual Sunday staff members and as I sulked my way sleepily to my desk and absentmindedly began typing manuscripts from the previous Jury date. My mind wandered slightly over that man in the alleyway. I just couldn't keep him out of my mind and it infuriated me. Nothing was particularly special about him, he was tall and was wearing jeans and a slightly opened black shirt the light was too dim to make out any particular features, the only thing that really stood out were those eyes. Something about them had me transfixed on the spot and even now they felt like they were still boring into my skull, burning their way to my deepest thoughts.

A small cough jolted me out of my daze and back into reality where I was met with a stern gaze.

"Miss Smith if you cannot keep your mind at work then maybe you should refrain from partying all night" My boss said. I blushed as he handed me another stack of papers to transcribe with the deadline written in bold red above it. Looks like I had my work cut out for me.

By the end of the day I was dog tired. This overtime was killing me but I needed to pay my rent and that was the only way I could do it. I sleepily stumbled down the street and made my way to the oh so familiar alleyway. Taking this shortcut was risky at the best of times but at night the risk factor almost quadrupled but I was tired and anxious to get home.

I half walked-half ran through the alley way to get out but was blocked by a wall of cigarettes and vodka.

"whassap lady, you looking for a ride?" a rather drunk oaf asked me swaying slightly from side to side. I looked at him and wrinkled my nose as his offensive smelling breath forced its way into my nostrils.

"No thank you." I replied curtly before trying to move myself around him. Even though he was drunk he still managed to block my path with his tattooed arm by wrapping it around my waist and pushing me back.

"There's no need to be rude lady I am just being friendly here." He replied without taking even a slight break in the sentence so it all came out in one big line. I huffed in his face.

"You're in no state to drive and I do not need a lift thanks for asking." I replied as sweetly as I could. The man just smiled revealing a haggle of yellowing teeth, all bunched up and neglected. His breath was still sticking to my nose and I moved backwards to get some relief. He noticed my movements and moved with me.

I gasped as his hands swiftly grabbed my wrists and I was pushed up against the wall. His face was now mere inches from mine and the stale smell was making me want to gag. I desperately tried to push him away but with all my might I just couldn't budge him.

The drunk laughed quietly as he raised my hands above my head gripping them with one hand so that his other hand could greedily explore. I squirmed and struggled underneath his grasp but he was strong. Either that or I was incredibly weak and I scolded myself.

If I ever make it out of this I am hitting weight training in the gym!

"Please no" I pleaded as his hands moved lower I started kicking out and before I knew it, a sharp thud hit my head. I saw stars then the grass going up my nose. My head began spinning and I lost sensation from my body.

The drunk had obviously hit me and he was now laughing while pulling my skirt. My eyes began to focus as he was hastily trying to rip the fabric right off my body. I screamed hoping someone would hear only to be met with another whack of a fist, this time to my mouth.

"Scream again you little girl and I will cut your tongue out!" Came the callus reply as tears began to stroll down my face. I was helpless but I was not going to give in. Just as I was planning to kick this man again and risk another beating the drunk flew across the alleyway.

I shook my head to make sense of what I just saw; a man I could barely move literally just flew in front of me. I looked down in amusement, surely that was not me? My question was answered when I saw that shape, that familiar shape; the man I saw a last night.

The stranger looked at me briefly with those eyes again. They looked me up and down before turning to the drunk who was heaving himself off the floor. Before I could even blink the stranger launched himself against the drunk. I heard a grunt followed by a loud crunch swiftly followed by another thud.

I saw everything. The stranger launching himself like a wild cat, the speed of the movement and the ultimate end to the drunk as his head was nearly snapped off his shoulders. I flinched as I saw the body fall to the ground. I was paralysed.

I screamed as my brain just processed what had happened. I witnessed a murder, sure he was a scumbag but murder was murder and I was witness to it. My night could not get any worse at this point or so I thought. Before I had fully relieved my lungs of its capacity of air a hand clamped tightly around my mouth.

"shhh" a slow calming whisper swept across my ear. I stop trying to scream and started kicking. The earlier brush with danger had my limbs already in fight mode and I was going to use it for all its worth. I began endlessly kicking and punching everything I could. I didn't care where I was hitting I just wanted out of this man's grip.

The hand holding my mouth tightened followed by an arm sweeping around my waist and my arms making them immobile. I heard the soft grunts as my kicks landed but nothing more.

"Are you done?" the man whispered again into my ear, his breath lightly brushing my neck making the hairs stand on end.

I admitted defeat and nodded slowly, his hands loosened before he spoke again.

"I am not going to hurt you but I do not want a scene either, I will let you go on the promise that you will not scream or try to run away, break that promise and my actions will be forced." His tone was soft but stern. My brain weighed out the situation I could lie and get away from him but the threat in his tone made me think that disobeying this man was not the best idea; however he had just murdered a man in cold blood and is now expecting me to trust him!

I nodded again and his hand released its grip on me. He was still stood behind me and I was able to look at my surroundings. I could see the lifeless body of the drunk lying on the floor. As soon as I felt the strangers grip completely disappear I ran.

Stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid! My subconscious was scolding me did you not hear what he said!

"Break that promise and my actions will be forced"

I had no idea what he meant by that but he had to catch me first before he could do anything so I pushed that thought to the back of my mind and made a run to the end of the alleyway. I risked a peek behind me and saw nothing, letting out a small sigh of relief I went to turn my head back to the front but I hit a wall, at least I thought I did.

I bounced completely off this wall and landed ungracefully on my backside. It stung as I landed and I Screamed loudly. Before I could even get up onto my feet, strong hands were on me again, restraining me. I tried to scream but the familiar hand clasped around my mouth once again.

Again I was stuck against this man, his arms stopping me from moving or screaming. He was unbelievably strong and my best efforts to get away were futile. His hands smelt of aftershave and wine and when I bit him his blood was acidic, almost unpleasant. I tried to spit out the foul liquid but the barrier in front of my mouth made it impossible.

My head hurt from the pounding I had received and the hand clamped around my mouth was offering no comfort to the bruise that was definitely making an appearance across my face. The pain was dulled thanks to the adrenaline coursing through my body but as I was using the reserves, the pain was slowing coming into focus; I could not keep this up.

After what seemed like eternity I relaxed, completely spent I had nothing left to give. I relaxed into the strangers arms and realised that he smelt so good. My attempts at getting away had clouded my other senses but now I was here in this strange man's arms, his strong arms in a vice like grip, draining me of all my energy but I felt surprisingly safe.

"Now that I have your attention I am going to refer back to what I said earlier!" the stranger seethed.

Crap! He sounded mad. I could do nothing more than listen to what he had to say. I still hadn't even seen his face yet but already I could see that he was angry and I knew that this might not end well for me. The fight in me was gone, I had nothing left I was like a deer in headlights, resigned to my fate all I could do was listen.

"As I was saying you disobeyed me and that carried consequences. I warned you and you ignored it my hands are tied, I have no choice."

I listened to his words as my mind tried to wonder, I was trying to think of anything that could take my mind away to a place where there is no pain or fear but my mind was as shut down like my body.

Tears pooled in my eyes as I realised that my life was no more.

"Do not scream, I am moving my hand so help me if you scream you will regret it." He threatened.

He moved his hand slowly, baiting me. I would have screamed but I had nothing left to scream with. I just breathed the fresh cool air in, soothing my dry throat.

"Good girl" he mused as his hand went into his pocket pulling something out. I stood still his other arm still locked around my waist.

"Pull up your skirt to your thigh" he requested. My mouth nearly hit the floor, what could he want?

I took in a shaky breath and went to protest but before I could his voice was at my ear.

"I know you have no means to trust me after what you saw that is understandable but I am running out of patience; if you want to live you will do as I ask. I promised I would not hurt you and I am a man of my word, now please pull up your skirt and expose your thigh"

His tone was scarily calm and I moved my shaky hands to the hem of my shirt. I did not trust this man but he says he won't hurt me and that lit a small spark in my belly. Any rate in the situation I had to do what he said I didn't want to die, who in their right mind would?

I lifted one side of my skirt revealing the top of my thigh while still covering my modesty.

"That's enough" he ordered and my fingers stopped immediately.

I felt him lift his arm up to his head and a small click followed by him spitting something out. I saw a small plastic tube hit the floor and roll idly into the grassy area of the alleyway. I looked at it confused before the whisper was at my ear again.

"This is for your own good, I hoped this wouldn't have to happen but you have seen too much I need to deal with this situation you put yourself in now stay still and please, don't scream."

I tensed up and I saw his arm coming down against my leg. I saw something in his hand but it was too late. The needle passed into my skin like butter and I let out a small yelp as I felt the pinch. He pushed the clear liquid into my leg and instantly pulled it out.

His grip loosened from around my waist and he moved so he was kneeling on one knee and I was lying across it looking at him. The effects of the liquid were almost instant and I began to feel my muscles completely relax.

I saw his face; his eyes were a silver colour framing a beautifully carved face. His jaw looked like it was carved from stone and his hair was short and slightly spiked. He was wearing a tailored suit with a small handkerchief sticking out the top pocket.

He watched me intently as the full effects of the substance coursed through my body. I couldn't panic. I couldn't talk, nothing was working it was like my brain had been disconnected, I was conscious enough to see him carry me bridal style out into the street and into a car. He placed me across the back seats and tied the seat belt around me pulling hard to make sure it was secure.

"Don't fight the sedation it will do you good." The man muttered as he saw me desperately trying to get my limbs to respond.

"If you keep fighting I will give you more"

I ignored his warning and still fought. I could be stubborn when I wanted to be and I was not going down without a fight. My father would be proud; he taught me never to give in to anyone no matter how bad it looks for me. I managed to get my hands to go to the seatbelt and I was trying to pull it off if only I could just,


I jumped at the volume and immediately stopped. I heard a growl coming from the stranger's direction followed by a clicking sound.

"I warned you" he said through gritted teeth and I felt another pinch in my leg. This time I could not remain conscious my head span even faster and I plummeted into darkness.