Chapter 4
I jumped to my feet and lost my footing, the last thing I saw were the steps edging closer to my face but before any impact happened I was suddenly lifted into the air and into strong arms. I huddled into the fabric as the alcohol and the cold were both battering my already tired body.

When I looked up I realised I was in a front seat of a strange car,

I don't remember my taxi getting here I thought to myself but something told me this was not my taxi I turned my head and saw Elisha in the driver's seat. He was smiling to himself and lightly tapping his fingers on the steering wheel.

"Somebody is finally awake, you almost took a tumble, I didn't want you waiting outside for that taxi so I thought I would give you a lift, besides you are in no state to do anything right now" he said, keeping his eyes fixed on the road.

"I suppose I should thank you" I replied "again"

He stopped tapping the steering wheel momentarily before he answered

"What were you doing drinking so much anyways? You clearly cannot handle your drink you made a total fool of yourself I could practically hear you in the assembly hall!" he said still not looking in my direction

What? He is lecturing me again! I was not going to stand for it this time, this man had an uncanny knack for control and he treated me like a child

I gulped loudly "you saw me?" I asked. He nodded his finger still tapping the steering wheel, I couldn't take my eyes of him but he would not look at me.

"I wouldn't have noticed had you not made a scene with your friend, you really need to learn some manners, when someone talks you are supposed to listen." He replied flatly. I could feel an anger boiling up inside of me, it was threatening to come to the surface and I let it, this guy was utterly insane.

"You have no right to lecture me! I am not a child I can do what I like you told me you would never see me and you lied! You told me you never lied to anyone but here you are in my presence you're a psycho I am surprised you haven't stalked me or something! "I was feeling brave and I regretted what I said as the words spilled out.

His eyes momentarily darkened and he pulled onto the side of the road.

"Don't move" he ordered, I gulped slightly but his eyes never moved from the windscreen

He climbed out of the car and slammed the door shut, making me jump. This is ridiculous! I thought to myself I can do whatever I want he can't just order me to stay here!

I tried to see where Elisha had gone but it was too dark outsideI was tired and agitated and the alcohol was still pulsing through my veins. I was feeling very petulant and I unlocked my car door and stepped out.

The cool air hit me hard and I instinctively wrapped my arms around my shoulders and looked around for Elisha. We were parked in a layby near a small wooded area. I tried to peer through the darkness of night to try and find him but I couldn't see well enough. At that point I really did not care and started to walk towards home.

Luckily I knew where I was and slowly walked away until the car was no longer in my sight

Elisha is going to furious when he finds I have left I thought to myself. Maybe I should have stayed put, but I hated being told what to do, especially from someone I barely knew, plus he promised that I would never see him again.

I kicked a small stone as I walked, my limbs were warming up but I was tired and starting to feel the hangover starting to bite. I was still more than a half hours walk away from my home but I had walked further before so I just huffed and kept my legs moving.

I was still absentmindedly walking when I felt a big gust of wind from behind me. I whirled around only to be met with the main road and the rows of trees. I turned back around and began walking again.

After a few minutes of walking I became uneasy again. It was the same feeling I felt when I had first seen Elisha; I pushed it behind me and sped up my walking pace. I was almost in a jog but the feeling would not leave me.

I should have listened to my body as within seconds of me walking faster, something grabbed me hard and slammed me into the floor, knocking me out cold.

When I awoke I was aware that my body was being dragged along the floor. I struggled against the floor and tried to get to my feet. I managed to get a glimpse of Elisha pulling me along the floor. He allowed me to get to my feet and grabbed my elbow and pulled me harder.

"Get off me!" I shouted

He only pulled harder and said nothing

"Are you deaf? Let go!" I shouted louder, hoping someone would hear me. Again he said nothing and marched me down the path towards his car. His eyes were dark and it looked like he was grinding his teeth. His lips were pressed into a hard line, I could see that his skin was unusually pale and the hand grabbing my arm was cold.

"Let me go!" I practically screamed, I tried to grind my foot into the path but he just dragged me without batting an eyelid. My last resort was to scream at the top of my lungs. I saw something inside him snap as he pulled so hard on my arm I ended up in front of him.

He slammed his hand around my mouth, instantly ceasing my screaming and pushed me forward. He still hadn't said anything and he was scaring me. I could smell his aftershave again and it still ignited a spark deep inside my stomach. As scared as I was I still felt safe around him but I was still guarded.

We half walked and half hobbled to his car and when we got to the passenger's side of the car, he pushed me so I was up against the door and he had his hands resting either side of my head.

I turned my head to the side trying to avoid his eyes but he only growled in response. I slowly moved my gaze so I was looking into his dark black eyes. The same eyes that drilled into my skull were looking straight at me again and my whole body was instantly changed into flight mode. My heart rate sped up and my hands became clammy and I twisted my fingers together, waiting for him to speak. When he finally did he was eerily quiet

"You disobeyed me again"

I couldn't take my eyes away from his as he watched my movements, his hands were still either side of me and I couldn't see an escape. I hated the closeness of our bodies but I couldn't do anything about it

"Sorry" I replied meekly

He shook his head at me, still not moving his eyes

"You need to be punished"

My eyebrows nearly shot off my face as he said those words; surely he could not be serious? Punish me? It sounded ridiculous; a grown man punishing a woman was never heard of! I looked away from him embarrassed. I was unsure if he meant what he said; he grabbed my chin and made me look at him. This confirmed he was being deadly serious and the adrenaline started to flow through my veins.

He smiled slowly as his hands moved down my face and to the side of my neck. His fingers trailed down my neck and over my collarbone before he moved his hand back up my face and to the side of my head. My breath hitched in my throat as I tried to gage his next move but he was unreadable, everything about him seemed so unnatural.

I was still scared of this man and he knew it. As his hand returned to its rightful place he spoke again

"You have beautiful skin Sophia" he played with my name on his lips

"I don't like people disobeying me, first you speak to me rudely and then you ignore my request, and this cannot happen you will be punished"

I tried to push my way past him but he just pushed me back hard, the air left my lungs and I was left gasping for air. He laughed lightly before he moved his hand again. This time he forced my head to the left, exposing the right side of my neck.

I stood there confused for a few seconds before cold lips began nipping at my neck. His cool breath startled me and I started to struggle

"Please I am sorry let me go" I pleaded with him

"Shhh" he whispered into my ear, sending shivers down my spine

"Do not talk, do not move, I cannot tell you how angry I am and I will not hesitate to kill you, nod if you understand"

Every emotion possible went through my body, I wanted to laugh, cry, run, scream, everything I could to get away from this man. This man saved my life just over a month ago and now he wants to take it.

There was nothing I could do so I nodded, a tear rolling down my face. I had no clue as to what he wanted to do but I just wanted it over with.

"Good girl" he said as he continued his tortuous nipping to my neck. I stifled a gasp and he moved one of his hands

"Hold your hands above your head" he commanded and I followed without even thinking. He clasped a cold hand around both my wrists and held them there. He slowly brought out what looked like a tie and tied it around my wrists and allowed them to fall back to my waist.

He turned my head once again using his right hand to hold my head to the left and his left hand pushed my shoulder down.

I heard a small growl as he edged closer to my neck.

"This will hurt" he said before he plunged his teeth into my neck.

His bodyweight was holding my hands down and his hands were keeping me still. The pain was like a pinch followed by a stinging sensation. His left hand covered my mouth as I started to scream, silencing me.

I could feel my blood pulsing against his mouth as he greedily gulped down my blood. I couldn't believe what was happening to me. I had only gone out with my friends and now I was being drained by this man.

No wait, a man would not do this unless he is seriously sick in the head. No this isn't right, this cannot be true, Elisha must be a vampire.

After what seemed like eternity I became numb, my neck was burning and my limbs felt like they were on fire but it was subsiding as quickly as he was drinking my blood. My vision was becoming blurry and I was struggling to remain conscious. Just as I was about to give in I felt him pull away from me and he licked the wound clean. It stung as his tongue went into the tiny punctures, securing them.

He did not speak and neither did I, he lifted me into his arms and put me into the car and buckled me in. he quickly ran his fingers over the puncture site before untying my hands and climbing into the driver's seat.

We drove in silence and it wasn't until we were stationary that I realised I was at his house. I was too weak to say or do anything. Thoughts of vampires and ghosts and anything else that I had read in books were circling through my head.

There has to be a scientific explanation for this I thought

Yea because tying your hands up and drinking your blood can be explained through science! My subconscious sneered. She was right, there was no other explanation for it other than Elisha was a vampire.

I watched helpless as Elisha walked around to my side of the car and opened the door, he tried to reach in but I recoiled away from him, trying to make myself as small as possible. Luckily for me he didn't seem surprised at my reaction and only smiled.

"You have two choices, come willingly or unwillingly both will get to you to the same destination the only difference is how."

I weighed the options in my head, if everything I had seen and felt was true, this man was not to be messed with and I was still alive for some miracle. I moved myself closer to him, much to his satisfaction.

"There is hope in you yet" he said as he lifted me out of the car and carried me into the house.

My whole body felt drained and I was freezing cold, everything was a blur and before I knew it I was huddled in soft blankets that lulled me into a deep sleep FOREVER.