Chapter 1


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"Pick up your feet Eric, come now walk like a big boy for your mother."
"Yes mama."
Eric Slingby held on to his mother's hand as they walked to a friend's house. He didn't hate visiting them he would just rather play as most four year olds did.
"Elain sweetie, it's Lynn are you home?" Staying quiet so his mother could hear inside he noticed she opened the door and they stepped inside.
"Oh love you shouldn't be up. Look at you." Letting go of his mother's hand Eric watched as she helped her friend sit.
"I'm fine Lynn honest. I need some movement, I can't handle being in bed all day anymore. Oh you brought your son, look at how big he is getting."
"Eric come say hello to Mrs. Humphries. You remember her I'm sure. Her husband and your father meet often."
Stepping closer to his mother he dropped his head slightly.
"Hello ma'am. Wow your stomach is really big!"
Flinching from his mother's voice he wasn't sure what he did. Her stomach was huge; she must not have chewed her dinner completely. Mrs. Humphries didn't seem as upset since she was laughing, his mother could be strange sometimes.
"Oh Lynn it's fine. He is adorable. Your right Eric my stomach is quite big. Do you care to know why?"
Nodding yes he stepped closer to hear what she as going to tell him.
"It's because I am going to have a baby."
"A baby?"
"Yes, right now there is a little baby growing inside of me. You grew inside of your mother at one time too."
"I did?"
"You did sweetie. I can't believe it's been years already. Time has moved much too quickly." She sat next to Elain so they could talk as they usually did when they got together.
"Care to feel the baby kick Eric?"
"Okay." How could he say no, the whole thing confused him? Doing as he was told he placed a hand on her stomach. Feeling something hit his hand his eyes went wide.
"He is saying hello to you. Tell me Eric, when my child is born will you play with him and become his friend?"
"Oh that's so good to hear. Thank you so much Eric."

He didn't mind being here with his mother since his dad was working but it was boring here. Mrs. Humphries was really nice though, she gave him candies. He had always liked her because she was really nice and funny, her husband was nice too but he liked her better.
"Your son is such a beautiful child, he took after you and your husband so wonderfully."
"Yes, he has hair just like his father and my blue eyes. There is no denying he is my son. I'm sure your child will take after you both. With features so soft it would be impossible for that not to pass on."
Hearing them going back and forth he tuned them out and played on the floor with the toy he brought with him.

Eric stood in front of his house playing with a ball before lunch. He had finished all he had to do for his mother so he could play before he had to eat. He was determined to get better with his kicks, the ball never went where he wanted it to.
"Eric sweetie, can you come inside for a minute?"
Hearing his mother he grabbed the ball and went inside before he got yelled at.
"Yes mommy?" Seeing her in the kitchen he saw she was preparing a basket of some sort.
"Could you be a dear and bring this to Mrs. Humphries?"
"Do this and come straight home, then you can eat and play until your father gets home."
"Okay." Disappointed he put his ball down and took the basket, he really just wanted to play outside. Going outside he started towards her house, she wasn't that far and he didn't have to go down any other roads. He just didn't like walking by himself though; one of the people on this street scared him. They had this toothless smile and laugh that made him want to run and hide. Hopefully he wouldn't run into him today or at least not until he was coming home so he could run.

Not getting an answer from the front door Eric walked around the back to try. He had done this before when she didn't hear him. On his tippy-toes he reached for the handle and opened the door when it didn't open. His mother would be mad at him if he left the basket on the steps. Though maybe she wasn't home?
"Oh Eric, I thought I heard someone knocking, I'm a little slow right now. Come in sweetie."
"My mother wanted me to give this to you." Holding the basket out for her he waited for her to take it.
"Oh thank you. You're such a kind boy, always helping your mother."
Not saying a word he waited to make sure he was good to go. He didn't want to upset his mother by not bringing something home. Looking around the room he tried to patiently wait, though he wished she would hurry so he could go home and play.

Hearing a strange noise he looked over at her. Something seemed to be wrong as she leaned over the counter.
"Ma'am? Did you get hurt?" Slowly he stepped closer to her; he was starting to feel his body fill with worry. He didn't know what was wrong but he wished his mother was here.
"…Eric… I need you to run home and get your mother for me…I think the baby might be coming…"
"Now, please Eric."
Turning he ran as fast as he could from the house yelling for his mother as he got closer. Seeing her stepping outside he yelled for her before pulling her dress towards where he just came from.
"What in heaven's name has gotten into you Eric? I taught you better than this."
"But momma, Mrs. Humphries, baby, coming." He tried to get the words out as best as he could though he had trouble breathing.
"What about, oh!" Feeling his mother pull away he watched her go back into the house and come out moments later.

Eric sat on the front steps bored. He had no idea why his mother made him follow her here. All he wanted to do was play, this was so unfair. Using his finger he made drawings in the dirt in hopes to pass the time better. Hopefully he wouldn't have to be here much longer. How long did it take to have a baby anyway? Hearing the door behind him open he saw his mother there.
"Momma can we go yet?"
"Soon I promise. Thank you for being such a good boy. Do you want to see the baby?"
Taking his mother's hand they went inside towards the bedroom. Slowly stepping in, it took coaxing from his mother and Mrs. Humphries to get closer.
"I want you to meet someone Eric, it was thanks to your bravery that Alan was born safely."
"Yes, that is my son's name. Eric, this is Alan." Watching her move her arms he got a better look at the baby in her arms.

Alan sat in bed staring out his bedroom window as he heard a gentle knock before his rooms door opened.
"Alan, sweetie, I brought you lunch."
"Okay Momma."
Having it placed in front of him he noticed she sat beside him on the bed.
"Momma, why can't I go play with the other kids?"
"Because you aren't strong enough to run around with them."
"What if I am really careful, please momma?"
"Sorry but no. Your health is important to me and the doctor has said you are too weak."
Moving his hair out of his face she tried to get him to smile at her. A few months after he was born he had gotten sick from the snowy weather they had. The fact that he survived at all was a miracle in itself but it left him much weaker than most. He was always sick and bedridden from it.
"I know it's hard sweetie. Once your father gets home we'll do something alright?"
"Okay…" Understanding this wasn't going to let him go outside he moved to eat his lunch.

A few days later Alan got out of bed to see his parents were talking to a couple of people in the other room. He really wanted to go play with the other children. His parents were busy with the other people they would never know. Sneaking out of his room he walked out the back door and headed towards the laughter he heard every day. Maybe he could finally make a friend, like the ones his in his stories that his mother would read to him all the time.

Eric played in front of his house kicking his ball around. He was supposed to be playing with the other kids since his parents were out but he didn't want to play their dumb game. Hearing something strange from the other kids he went to see what was up. Turning the corner he saw the others messing with someone he had never seen before.
"He is probably a ghost, look he is so pale."
"I'm not a ghost, I'm Alan."
"Ghost, Ghost!" Seeing the others kids run away the newcomer was left alone and sat on the dirt. He seemed ready to cry.
"You just move here?"
Eric stepped closer and gave his hand to help the other one up.
"No, my mommy says I'm always too weak to play with the other kids." Seeing the ball Eric was holding Alan pointed to it. "Can I play with the ball?"
"My ball? Sure let's play. I'm Eric by the way."
"I'm Alan."
"Nice meeting you. How old are you?"
Holding up five fingers Alan said, "This many."
"Your five, I'm nine." Using Alan's hand he made nine fingers so he would understand, he started laughing at how amazed he was by that.

The two kicked the ball back and forth for awhile until they got bored. Alan liked hanging out with Eric, he was funny. Sitting on the steps they talked before something came to Eric's mind.
"Your name is Alan? Is your last name Humphries?"
"That's my name."
"My mom says you're always sick. What is wrong with you? And is your mom going to be mad?"
"My mommy says I got really sick when I was a baby. I just wanted to play with the other kids. I feel okay."
"My mom is going to yell at me. Let me help you home."
Seeing he really didn't want to he smiled as he got Alan to stand. "I can go over to your house sometimes, so we can play. I can bring some of my toys. My dad makes the coolest!"
"Okay! Eric, do you want to be my friend?"

Opening the back door Alan was scooped up in his mother's arms.
"Where have you been? Your father went out looking for you. Do you feel okay?"
"Momma, I'm fine. I played with Eric! He is my new friend!"
"Eric?" Looking over her son she saw Eric standing in the doorway hoping he wasn't going to get in to much trouble, he could tell his mother was looking at him with eyes that meant he was getting a talking to later. Though, he did the right thing, he brought Alan home. Maybe it wouldn't be that bad. The last thing he wanted to his parents or Alan's parents to think he kidnapped him or something. After being thanked a bunch of times by Mrs. Humphries it was decided by both mothers that the two could play again. It probably wouldn't be outside but at least it was better than having to play with the other kids all the time.


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