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Eric had no intention of going back to his mother's grave the next day but his legs seemed to carry him there without his approval. Alan was working and had no idea he planned to come here. He knew Alan was worrying about him and how he as didn't want to really talk about his mothers passing but appreciated the space while lending a shoulder. Arriving at the cemetery he stopped seeing his father standing over them. A part of him wanted to talk to him, make sure he was alright. His father was alone in this world now; he lost both his son and his wife, as of right now the Slingby name would end once his father passed.
"Eric." Hearing his name he froze until he noticed his father didn't know he was behind him. He was looking at his tombstone. "Take care of your mother for me, at least until I get there. She has been through much since you're passing but somehow we managed through it. She could never get over your loss but she had gotten much better, I'm sure that if she had not fallen ill she would still be with me for years to come."
"Father." He hadn't noticed the words left his mouth from the shock of hearing his father's words until he saw his father turn his head to him.
Nodding he took a step closer to him. This feeling must have been the same one Alan had when he spoke to his mother years ago. This sense that told you not to but deep down wanting nothing more than to put the ones you loved at ease.
"Eric? My son?"
"I am sorry I never did this sooner father. I should have, I wanted to so many times."
"But how? We saw you,"
"I know. Consider this a second chance for me." Borrowing Alan's words he stepped beside his father and looked at his mother's grave.
"You've grown up well."
"Only thanks to the people that have dealt with me. Father I, I have always wanted to apologize to mother for what I put her through. I was the reason she tried to end her life I know that and,"
"What? How did you learn of that?"
"I, well it's my job. We, I collect the souls of the living when their time comes."
"That may be but how did you come to believe that incident was based off you?"
What? His father had no problems believing he was a grim reaper? How could the news not bring about questions of that sort?
"Eric. She, while she was devastated upon learning you had been lost to us in the war that is not the reason for her attempt on her life."
"It wasn't?" While he felt relieved to know he hadn't almost caused his mothers passing he wished to know what was. For so long he had avoided this place believing he would only hurt his mother and it was not the case. He felt even worse for not coming here sooner, when Alan first told him too.
"No it wasn't." Taking a breath his father went on, "a few months after we lost you we learned that your mother was with child again. Sadly soon after, she lost the child from illness and grief. Losing the child was too much for her to bear and her illness only became worse. The doctor had warned me about her possibly taking her life so I watched her as best as I could. But it was never you're fault for what happened."
Eric took a deep breath as he felt like a weight had lifted from his shoulders. While he felt horrible over what happened to her after his passing knowing her attempt hadn't been from him, neither of his parent's blamed him for what happened he felt like he could breath.
"Father I, you have no idea how good it is to hear that. I thought I pushed mother to that point, I hoped that by staying far for the rest of your lives she would be alright."
"You're our son Eric, we would always love you. In this world or the next."

Eric stood in front of the graves a little longer once his father let him alone. Knowing everything he could stay away without the guilt he felt before. He had the closure he needed; he would have to thank Alan when he saw him again for this. Seeing the sun starting to set he started to head back home. Alan would be getting home soon from work. Stopping as he saw a little girl come skipping into the cemetery he noticed she was holding flowers in her hand. She looked familiar to him, reminded him of someone. Watching as she put the flowers on a grave she said something quickly before skipping away. Going up to where she had just been he noticed the flowers had been ones from the spot he used to go with Alan all the time. They were known to grow mostly by ponds and lakes. They were Alan's favorite flowers, Erica's they were called. Looking at the name written on the tombstone he saw it was Alan's. That was why the girl reminded him of someone, she was Alan's little sister, she looked like him when he was that age, only with slightly more feminine features then he had. Nice to know she thought about him even though she never met him.

Coming home he saw Alan in the kitchen by the sink working on something.
"Oh good your home. I was hoping you would be home for dinner."
"I hadn't planned on being so long." Going up to him he kissed his cheek as he saw him putting fresh flowers in a vase.
"Yea. I don't know why but on my way home I was thinking about them and I passed a stall that had them for sale so I picked up."
Smiling Eric said nothing as Alan put the vase on the table. Should he tell him that the flowers were from his sister? Nah he would let Alan figure it out for himself.
"I saw my father today. I ended up going to my mother's grave and he was there. We talked."
Alan stopped and looked over at Eric hoping he was okay. This was what he had wanted him to do for awhile now. Now he just hoped he would be okay, and if not he was here for him.
"You okay?"
"I am. I didn't cause my mother's attempt."
"Really? Oh that's great!"
"Yea, it was something else that happened, it was too much to bear so soon after my passing but to know it wasn't me. I feel, better."
"I'm glad to hear it. See I told you seeing them would give you the closure you needed."
Wrapping his arms around Eric's waist Alan moved closer to rest against him. Eric looked better too, he seemed to be not as grim and weighted down the way he had been.

That night Alan rested against Eric's shoulder as they relaxed in the living room. They had been talking about a few things before he noticed Alan was getting tired. He was even cuter then he already was when he was tired.
"Why not go to bed?"
"Because I am comfortable resting against you."
"But your exhausted it's stupid to stay up."
"But I…" Seeing Alan yawn Eric moved his shoulder so Alan had to sit up for a minute. Standing up he took Alan's hand to drag him off the couch.
"This is stupid, I'm sending you to bed." Not hearing an argument he led Alan into his own bedroom and threw a side of the covers back for him to get under.
"Eric, what are doing?"
"Putting you to bed. You don't want to not rest against me tonight so I'm doing that."
"You want me to sleep in your bed? With you?"
"Yes with me." He had hoped this would be a little more romantic but Alan was being stubborn again so it didn't look like that could happen. Putting his arms around Alan he slid under the covers taking Alan with him. Settled on his normal side of the bed and seeing Alan comfortable beside him he kept him close as he watched Alan shut his eyes.
"You're so soft, Eric."
"Good night Alan. Rest easy." Kissing his forehead he closed his eyes once certain Alan was peacefully sleeping in his arms.
"I love you."

Alan was in the library putting some books back when one fell out. This bookcase was beyond crammed, these poor books. Picking it up he saw the cover, it was a record book. What was record doing here? He could see it was locked too, though the lock seemed to be broken. Staring at the cover he couldn't make out what the title was, something fate? Or maybe it was prophetia, the Latin word for prophecy? Maybe it wasn't a record then. Taking the book to a table he was curious about what it held. Something about it made him unable to put it down. He had never felt anything like this before, not over a book. Moving the lock he flipped open the cover and saw the first page.

Eric had no idea where Alan was. He knew he went out to the living world, and came back but now no one knew where he was. It was odd that he would vanish while on the clock, he was usually at his desk working on paperwork if he wasn't on the field.
"Ronald, have you seen Alan?" Going up to Ronald as he was leaving the weapons room he saw the look on his face, so much for that help.
"Alan? No not recently. Why?"
"I can't seem to find him. Strange that he would just leave without saying anything or without me."
"Maybe he couldn't find you?"
"Nah. I've been at my desk all day." Both thought about it before Eric decided to go home and see if he was there. He didn't live far from the dispatch he could always come back if he wasn't there.
"Well I'll see you tomorrow Ron. If you see Alan tell him I went home."
"Sure thing. See you tomorrow." Separating Eric headed out the doors of the dispatch to head home. Taking the main road he had a better chance of seeing Alan if he was coming back from something or was on his way home as well. Getting to the house he realized it was dark and quite, Alan wasn't here either. Perhaps Will gave him over time? But then why not just tell him?

It was dark outside when he heard the front door open. Alan must finally be home. He had tried to hold off dinner until he got back but he was running hours behind, and while he wasn't much of a cook the way Alan was he could make something for Alan to come home to. Coming from the living room he saw Alan blow past him and go into his bedroom.
"Alan?" Confused and wondering what was wrong he stood outside of Alan's door. He had never done this before, what could cause this?
"Hey Alan, are you alright? Can I come in?" Going to open the door he heard Alan shout back, "Stay away from me!" He didn't sound scared, he sounded upset, angry. But what could he have done to receive such a reaction from him? This couldn't be because he came home without him could it?
"Alan. What's wrong?" Opening the door he caught something as it flew towards him. Looking at his hands he saw a records book. What was Alan doing with something like this? They couldn't leave the records room unless it was for soul collection, or you had manager privileges, neither of which Alan had. Taking a closer look he saw the cover, panic flooded through him as he looked up to see Alan's puffy red eyes.
"How did you find this?"
"It flew off the shelf at the library."
"You read this didn't you?"
"How could you? Is this what you were protecting me from?"
"Alan I,"
"Just don't! How could you! I, I had every right to know about this! You bastard!" Falling to his knees he cried on the sheets at the foot of his bed. Putting the book on the bed Eric went over to him, just resting his hands on Alan's shoulders Alan looked him, eyes glaring before pushing him away and stood up to leave the room.
"Alan!" Running after him Alan just made it outside before he caught up to him and stopped him from going further. "Let's talk about this. Alan I am sorry, I,"
"You what! For years you've known about this but you never wanted to tell me! This is why you didn't want me to become a reaper! This is why you regretted bringing me here isn't it!?"
"Isn't it!?"
Dropping his shoulders Eric took a deep breath. "It is. I, I came across it right after I brought you here. Alan I'm sorry. I just thought that if I never told you about it you wouldn't learn and worry about it."
"I am destined to die! You are destined to try and save me! You are, you're the, it's written in the…"
"I know." Seeing Alan shaken, and angry he wanted nothing more than to wrap his arms around, make him forget it all. He never wanted him to learn this. This was why he always wanted to protect him.
"It won't happen. I won't let it come true. Sure it's written in the record but that doesn't mean it has to happen. You will live forever, I won't become the Fallen One, and we will be together for all eternity."
"Eric, I," He didn't know what was worse, learning the truth or learning that Eric was destined to kill hundreds to try and save him. He always believed he was running on borrowed time, whether it was in the living world or in this one but Eric, he didn't want Eric to risk everything for him. Slowly moving closer Eric wrapped his arms around Alan to keep him close.
"I love you Alan. I won't lose you. I won't let anything happen to you."
Unable to speak Alan brought his arms around Eric. He didn't want to hear those words, those words scared him. He wasn't scared of death; he was scared of what would happen to Eric. He didn't want him to become something he wasn't.


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