Chapter 13

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"Are you sure about this Alan? We don't have to go if you don't want to."
"Eric, jeez, will you stop. I am sure about this. It sounds like fun, really." Opening the door to the club Ronald's group date was Alan stepped in with Eric behind him. The place had just opened for the night and it was already loud. What had he agreed to?
"Ron's over there." Eric pointed over to the table in the corner seeing Ronald already had a drink in his hand a woman next to him. Together they walked over to take a seat.
"Awesome you guys made it! Gina, Eric, Alan."
"Hello Eric."
"Hi Gina, you're looking well."
"Wait you two know each other?" Ronald took a quick drink before sitting up.
"Eric and I go way back, from when he was new to reaping." She whispered into his ear, though the other two heard her perfectly clear. Eric wanted to slap her; they ended, mutually, right before Alan showed up. She had no right to say things like that anymore.
"I think I'm going to get a drink, want something Al, Ron?"
"Something strong, please."
"That's the spirit Alan, and I'm good. Just topped off."
Eric got out his seat seeing Alan rubbing his head; oh this was going to be an interesting night that was for sure.

Coming back he handed Alan his drink and hoped he didn't miss much while he was gone, Alan wasn't looking to hot.
Leaning over to Alan he whispered, "What did I miss?"
"Nothing really." Taking the straw from his glass he took a large sip before keeping it in hands.
"We can leave."
"Why because I have to sit with your ex? It's fine really."
"I'm sorry, I didn't know she was with Ron, though she was one to move around."
"Just stop. It's fine." Eric really wasn't helping things, it was bad enough she had to watch Gina all over Ronald, watch her bat her eyelashes at Eric but he didn't need Eric to tell him how she hooked up with others. Turning back to the two across from them they saw they didn't even realize they weren't paying attention. Alan took another drink from his straw; this was going to be a long night. Eric was right behind him.

Alan was pink in the face after his third glass and was starting to feel tired. He never drank so much before or with anything so heavy in liquor. Both were tired of watching Ronald ready to take Gina to bed, she was all over him it made their stomachs turn.
"Woah, just shut my eyes for a second there." Hearing Alan and watching him doze they decided to call it a night, he could carry Alan home but he was starting to feel a little buzzed as well so it wasn't the greatest of ideas.
"Aww going already?" Gina pulled her head from Ron's shoulder hearing Eric talk about leaving.
"Yea, before I drink more and really start to feel it. Plus, Alan looks ready to pass out."
"I'm good. Never better."
Rolling his eyes at him he started to get up.
"You working tomorrow Ron?"
"Yea I'll be there."
"Bye Air bear."
"Night Gina." Helping Alan to his feet they walked away from the table.
"Air Bear? Really?"
"I'm not talking about it, you're drunk."
Alan pulled away from Eric to walk on his own. He was feeling the alcohol in his system but he wasn't completely wasted.
"No wonder you liked her though, she is something else."
"Alan, I'm not going into it."

Somehow Alan made it home without help from Eric and went into his bedroom to crash. Someone would have a hangover in the morning, Eric could see that now. Worried about him he changed and went into Alan's room to sleep beside him. He wanted to make sure nothing happened during the night. Curling up beside him he put an arm around him and fell asleep. He really hoped Alan would forget all about last night in the morning. He really didn't want to talk about Gina, she was just a fling and he never thought about her. Plus, he really didn't want to argue with Alan over her. He had never seen Alan jealous but something told him he wasn't pretty when he was.

Eric woke up with the sun in his face and his arm still around Alan. What time was it? Rolling over he saw it was twenty after nine. Sitting up he realized they were beyond running late; they were late for work, the day started at nine. Shit!
"Hey Al, you'll want to get up." Reaching over to wake him up he saw his face was red. "Alan?" Was this from his hangover? Gently shaking him he tried to get him to wake up, make sure he was okay.
"Eric? What time is it?" Opening his eyes Alan felt miserable, part of it was from last night but his body felt on fire, that didn't seem right.
"It's late, are you feeling alright? You don't look well." Feeling his forehead as he tried to sit up he felt hot, no doubt he had a fever.
"Is a hangover supposed to make you feel this miserable?" Placing his head in his hands Alan tried to get the pounding to go away while moving his legs out from under the covers as they felt sweaty.
"It can but I don't think this is just a hangover. I think you've come down with something."
"Is that possible?"
"I don't see why not. Why don't you go back to bed, I'll go to tell Will you're sick."
"Are you sure? I'm sure I can pull myself together."
"I'm not taking you into the field like this. You look ready to fall apart." Trying to coax him to lay back down Eric got up to get ready for work. He was already going to get an earful about being late; maybe he could use Alan being sick as an excuse. And had Alan felt crappy last night? If so he shouldn't have gone out or been drinking neither of those were going to help him.

Alan woke up again around noon still feeling like garbage. His hangover was not helping anything as he tried to get up get a drink of water. Feeling hot and sweaty wasn't helping him feel better as it was. Ready to stick his head under the bathroom faucet he found a cup and used that instead for a drinl before stripping down and going into the shower. Hopefully a shower would help him feel even a little better. Letting the water run around him he stood there a moment not doing anything but letting the water work its magic. Feeling lightheaded he lowered himself in hopes to get his head to focus again. He hadn't felt this bad since he was still a human. What was wrong with him? Maybe it was just a cold and mixed with the alcohol he had last night it was making him feel ten times worse than he was. He didn't even want to think about last night. He hadn't been feeling one hundred percent when they arrived and then he got to meet Eric's ex and while he didn't feel threatened by her he didn't enjoy watching her flirt with Ronald, one of his close friends, and saying things to Eric that were beyond inappropriate. He understood that they had to keep their relationship under wraps but he refused to sit around and let others flirt with Eric.

Eric came home from work an hour late to make up for the half hour he was late. It wasn't fair but it could have been worse, thankfully Will took Alan being sick as part of the reason that he was late but he was still pissed. Coming into his house he saw Alan sitting at the kitchen table with a mug of something in his hands. He looked a little better, though his face was still red.
"How are you feeling?"
"I've slept all day and still feel like garbage."
"Don't apologize. You didn't make me sick. Unless you didn't tell me something then in that case don't come near me I am pissed."
Sitting next to Alan he smiled as he felt his head again. It wasn't the best way to check a temperature but that was what he was used to, his mom used to do it to him all the time when he was kid.
"Have you eaten?"
"Not really. I haven't really felt like food."
"You should probably eat something though. What if I made you something light?"
"Alright I guess. Oh and Eric, remind me to never drink so heavy again."
"Will do."
"So I know I was drinking but Gina, is she always like that?"
"Pretty much."
"I can see why you liked her. She is right up your alley."
"Al, I really don't want to talk about her."
"She gave you a nickname."
"One I never liked."
"I think she still likes you. If she didn't she wouldn't have been all over Ronald the way she was. Well at least I hope so."
"She is always like that, sadly. You do know I would never go back to her right? Or anyone for that matter?"
"I know. When I am feeling better I would like to know how many came before me."
"I'll tell you now, none. You are the first person I ever actually dated to date. Anyone I was with prior was just a hookup. Not that I like admitting that." Putting food in front of Alan he saw the small smile on his face. At least he made him happy, that was good to see. He really liked making Alan, by any means.


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