Chapter 18

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Alan hung to the side of the building trying to get around the side. His body was in so much pain, the attack came as he was trying to get away from the apartment early this morning. He had been sleeping peacefully next to Eric in their bed when they heard odd noises outside in the hall, worried it was the reapers they grabbed their scythes, Alan managed to change out of his pajamas and into something that stood out less in public before leaving. They had left the apartment together but split up hoping to break any trail. It was a good thing they had to for now Alan was slowing down, he didn't want to be the reason Eric was caught. Making it around the building Alan let go of the brick and fell to the floor unable to go on. His body seized up, his mind full of voices. Trying to muffle his screams he kept a hand over his mouth as his other kept a grasp of his scythe. He would die fighting if he had to, no one was going to get to him, no one was going to use him to get to Eric.

Eric moved into a bar, stayed close to the door hoping to see those that follow think he was still on the road. He knew it was only a matter of time before he was found; he had been foolish to let his guard down for so long. Looking around he didn't see Alan, he had to stay safe. The reapers probably wouldn't go after Alan anyway, they had nothing against him, he was innocent in all of this. He was sick, but he was innocent. Making sure the coast was clear he snuck out of the bar and went searching for Alan. He didn't want to leave him alone for long. Who knew what was out here at this time of night. Demons loved the night, reapers worked in the darkness, not to mention the humans that prowled the night looking for their next meal. Heading back the way he came he made it back to the apartment before turning and going the way Alan went. Seemed he headed towards the East End, that could mean trouble if he wasn't careful. Reaching a break of roads he decided which path to take, it was strange, he couldn't sense him the way he used to. In the past he had always been able to tell where Alan was, it was a sort of sixth sense for him. He didn't know exact location but he had an idea if he was getting closer to him or not. Taking it slow, hoping something was felt he heard mumbling down a ways, female voices, they were low, but they weren't searching for someone to spend the night with. Scythe at the ready he saw two of them leaning over something on the ground. Probably a homeless man that was drunk, that wasn't too surprising in this part of the city after all. Getting closer he saw what looked like Alan's scythe in one of their hands. What was one of them doing with something like that, they shouldn't be able to see it let alone touch it. That could only mean one thing. Pushing the girls away he grabbed the scythe from the one before falling to his knees to scoop Alan in his arm.
"Al, can you hear me? Alan?! Come on stay with me now!" Watching for some sort of movement he knew they couldn't stay here, yet the safe house might still be under surveillance. Hearing movement behind him Eric swung Alan's scythe around to the disturbance.
"If you know what is good for you you will back up and leave here forgetting all you saw." His voice growled from his throat, he wasn't in the mood to deal with anyone, Alan was in bad shape, he needed to rest properly. Lifting an eye over his shoulder he saw them run down the road, were they getting someone he did not know but he wasn't going to wait to find out. Adjusting his arms he stood up with Alan secured, he couldn't fight like this but he could run, he had to get Alan to safety. That was priority.

Opening the Undertaker's back door he hoped no other reaper was here.
"Rude to just enter someone's house isn't it Slingby?" Undertaker spoke from across the room not even looking at the door.
"Alan needs to rest and we were discovered." He hated coming here for help but Alan would be safe here.
"I'll make an exception for Alan then. Lay him there." Pointing to a closed casket he laid a blanket over it before Alan was put down. Digging out a pillow and another blanket it was placed under his head and over him so he could rest comfortably.
"How far are the thorns now?"
"I'm not sure. We had split up. I found him in an alleyway unconscious, a whore was holding his scythe."
"Probably on his chest by now."
"He is running out of time. I thought those pills were supposed to slow the thorns down. He has only been on it for a couple months at most."
"It was designed to slow them down, not stop them you're right."
Sitting next to Alan he grabbed his hand while watching his face rest. He knew what he had to do, he could only hope that Alan would forgive him. He couldn't watch him die again; he couldn't sit and watch idly by anymore, not again.
"Alan. I love you. I only ask that you continue to love me after I become a monster."
Kissing his temple he stood grabbing his scythe.
"Please watch Alan for me. I'm going out for awhile. There is something I have to do."
"Alan shall be safe here, no reaper will find him." Smirking he watched Eric leave through the way he came.

Alan's eyes flickered open seeing a darkly lit room. Where was he? Last he remembered he was in London escaping reapers. And pain, he remembered the pain from the thorns.
"Eric?" Mumbling he rolled his head to the side seeing no one there.
"Eric has stepped out Alan, you're safe here though, he asked me to keep an eye on you after an attack left you weak on the streets."
"Oh. I see." Sitting up he saw Undertaker watching him from a seat at his desk. He must have been pretty bad off for Eric to take him here; he knew how much he didn't trust him.
"I thought I heard Eric just before, maybe it was a dream. I don't know." Clutching his head he tried to gather his thoughts together again. Attacks always left his mind in scrambles.
"So, how much time do I have left now?" Looking over at Undertaker he waited for the answer he knew he had. And he knew with each attack his days left in this world became shorter and shorter.
"I would say six months or so. From examining where they are on your body they have gathered on your chest."
"First stomach, then lungs, then heart. I know."
Death, something he had never given much thought to before, as a human he welcomed it, to save his parents the pain of watching him suffer and thinking he would see Eric again. Now he dreaded the thought, the thought of spending forever alone, how lonely, how depressing. Grabbing his knees he kept his body close, he never wished for something so hard until now, now he wanted nothing more than a cure. He wanted to live on this planet just a little longer.

Both Alan and Undertaker turned to the door as they heard footsteps in the building. Seeing Eric appear Alan took a deep breath, he didn't have the strength to run or fight anyone right now.
"Alan, you're awake. How are you feeling?"
"I'm getting there. Are you alright, you look a little worn out."
"Long night." Coming up next to him he sat beside Alan happy to see him up, and talking. Things he always wanted to see from him. He had no idea when Alan would get to the point where he couldn't stay awake or didn't have the strength to just say hello but with every attack that fear grew.
"I had a dream about you while I was resting."
"You did? Was it a good one?"
"I'm not sure. I can't really recall it but I know you were in it. And you mentioned something to me about monsters."
Feeling Eric wrap an arm around him to pull him closer Alan leaned against his chest.
"I'm sure it was nothing."
Closing his eyes Alan took a deep breath; let his body fill with Eric's scent. A scent he could detect anywhere, a scent he loved.
"You smell off? Are you sure you're okay?"
"I'm fine. Maybe you're still recovering."
"Maybe." Looking over Alan at Undertaker Eric saw the smile he had on his face. One that said he knew he had killed tonight. It hadn't been many, but it was enough for tonight, it was a start in the right direction, towards a cure for his love; for his Alan.


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