Chapter 7

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This was insane, Alan didn't remember Eric being this childish before. He wasn't talking to him. He stormed out of the training room the other day, wouldn't stop and talk to him and now kept blowing him off. Okay, so he was peeved he didn't tell him he had no place to stay right now, he got that. But at least he should let him explain. Finishing lunch Alan saw Eric leaving the dining hall and ran after him, this was stupid. They were supposed to be working together; he was supposed to be his mentor not some immature child.
"Eric, hey wait up!" Catching up to him they walked, side by side until Eric stopped, turned to him, opened his mouth, said nothing and went back to walking.
"Why are you being such a child? Okay so you're mad at me. Let's talk about it. Ignoring me won't do anything and you know it."
Stopping again Eric turned around to face him.
"What's to talk about, you chose to live in the office rather than talk to me. I knew they would throw you out of the student housing soon enough. I could have set you up in temporary housing like I had but no, you have to solve everything on your own!"
"I never even knew they had such a thing! Not that I would though since you refuse to tell me anything about this place! You hated the idea that I could become a reaper so you decided that you wouldn't talk to me about anything! You never told me anything about what you did before I arrived!"
Turning back around Eric started walking away from Alan again.
"Yea walk away, that's mature! Your file was spot on about you wasn't it?" Storming away they went their separate directions.

Alan made it to their work space first and noticed they had an assignment waiting for them. Not seeing Eric coming and too pissed to want to sit still he grabbed the paper and headed to the weapons room for his scythe. He could handle this job without Eric anyway; he didn't need him to gain access to the living world. He didn't have to tell Eric about staying at the office, and he had spoken the truth. Eric never said two words about this place before he arrived. All he learned from him before having him as a mentor he had to drag out of him.
"What a child."

Sitting on the roof he watched and waited for the proper time. So far that wasn't too difficult, and he only had to collect one soul which he could easily handle. He may not know the cause of death but he really didn't have to, something told him this would be quick and easy. Being here really wasn't calming him down he was still pissed about what happened. Seeing his target go down he leapt down from his spot and dug his scythe into them. Starting the collection he tried to dodge as he felt the records fighting against him. Surrounded, he could feel them burning his skin as they tried to enter his body. The man he had been trying to reap memories ran through his mind. His mind snapped back to the present as the memories suddenly left his body. Getting his bearings back he saw Eric beside him gathering the records he had failed to.
"You okay?"
"I am, thanks." Standing, he gave him his hand.

Sitting together they looked over at the water from one of the roofs before they had to head back. Something about being here was relaxing.
"Are you sure you're okay?"
"I am I swear. How did you find me? I mean I took the paper with me when I left."
"Will asked me why I was still there when I went to his office to see if you were there."
"Oh. Sorry."
"Why did you go alone?"
"…because I was pissed at you for being so childish for no good reason. I wanted to blow off steam and I didn't feel like waiting."
"You shouldn't be so reckless."
"Thanks. For coming and saving me."
"Sorry. For blowing up on you and being a jerk."
"Why did you get so upset? It's not like I had to tell you."
"No, but you're my friend; you shouldn't be sleeping at the office. Not when you don't have to."
Saying nothing both watched the water. Alan grabbed his knees closer. Both were at fault but for various reasons and neither wanted to properly apologize.
"Want to forget this ever happened?"
"Sounds good to me."
"Can you set me up with housing? The office showers are a pain."
"I can but I'll do you one better. Be my roommate."
Sitting up straight he looked over at Eric, was he serious, he wanted them to live together?
"What, you don't like the idea? I have plenty of space, we're good friends it makes perfect sense. I was going to ask you sooner so you could move in before you got kicked out."
"Roommates huh? How much would I owe you?"
Shrugging his shoulders he didn't give Alan an answer. He hadn't thought about it. He really wanted Alan to move in that was all. A few others had done that here and it sounded like a cool idea. Alan didn't get out much, now they could see everything together.
"I really don't have a choice and it really doesn't sound like a bad idea. I won't cause too much trouble I hope."

Eric showed Alan his new room and where certain things were, like the towels. Now he really felt like they were brothers. And coming here was becoming less and less dreadful. He also learned that, like himself, Alan couldn't cook. They hadn't had to when they were alive and it wasn't as if they instantly knew how once they became Death Gods. Once Alan was unpacked and settled they headed out so they could see if there was a book or something that taught you how. Eric knew some basics but the best thing he could make was a sandwich. Finding there was such a thing they stopped at the store to pick up some ingredients and give cooking a try.

"What does this mean?"
"What does what mean?" Alan looked over Eric's shoulder careful not to get flour on him since he was covered in it.
"Fluff an egg? Ummm, no idea. Flip to the front and see if it says how." Reading over his shoulder he picked it up before Eric did. Of course it couldn't be that easy to do.

"You okay in there? Please tell me I haven't killed you?" Hearing Alan throwing up in the bathroom he tried to think of a way to help. Opening the door he handed him a glass of water as he stood to rinse his mouth out.
"So that, we messed something up."
"Okay, so cooking, not our strongest point."
"I'll stick to reaping. Can we go out and eat? I'm not up to trying that again."
"Sure. I'll grab our jackets."
As they walked the streets looking for a place to stop and eat both noticed how nice this felt. The teacher, student was still there but so was the brothers, childhood friends feeling as well. The thought of living with Eric didn't seem so strange anymore; it seemed almost like common knowledge. As if they didn't then people would start to ask why.

Eric walked into the training room to go over some things with Alan. He was doing well in reaping and his combat skills were impressive. Watching from the side lines he noticed he had excellent form. His scythe was the extension of himself the way it was supposed to be and his control was right where it should be.
"How long are you going to watch?"
Busted he moved closer so they could get things underway.
"Like what you see?"
"Actually I do."
Hearing the tone Eric used Alan stopped now flustered.
"Your face is beat red. I never thought I would have that great of a effect on you."
"Oh get over yourself. How anyone would find that or you attractive I will never know."
"I'm attractive am I?"
"Oh get off your high horse and train me." Trying to end this derailing conversation he hoped to rein Eric in. H liked to focus on everything but their task every time they were together. That included work, especially paperwork. How Eric still held his job and was pushed through training amazed him.

After finishing up their last assignment for the day Eric noticed Alan staring off into the distance.
"Everything okay?" Coming up beside him he saw a longing on his face.
"Our home town, it wasn't far from here."
"Want to go pay a visit? See how everything is going?"
"We can do that?"
"Sure, so long as we don't kill anyone not scheduled to die no one cares."
"Can we then? I want to see how my mother is doing."
"Sure, come on."
Following Eric they walked to their hometown. The place looked the same which was nice. Though, Alan still felt his heart hurting.
"I am going to check in on my folks, see how they are doing. It's been a while since I saw them."
"Okay, I'm going to see mine. Meet up at our old spot?"
"Hey Eric, everything alright?" He seemed troubled, lost in thoughts.
"Yea, fine why wouldn't I be?" Shrugging he headed towards his old house leaving Alan alone.

Alan carefully entered his parent's home. Coming through his old bedroom window he noticed his room looked the same. His books still stacked neatly on the shelf, bed made, pictures on the walls. This was rough. Leaving the room he went to his parents' room, he really wanted to see how they were doing. Gently opening the door he made sure they were both asleep. Coming further in he heard a strange noise and turned towards it hoping it was nothing. Seeing a crib he lowered his defenses and stepped closer.
"Well hi there." Seeing his baby sibling he took a glove off and brought his hand to them to play with.
"I'm your big brother, I'm Alan. It's nice to meet you. I would ask your name but I know it's pointless. You're cute you know that. You have our mother's eyes." He couldn't get over being a big brother. He would have loved to help them grow. Seeing what they were wearing he guessed it was a girl.
"How are mom and dad doing? You making them happy?"
Hearing someone roll over in bed Alan quickly pulled his hand away from her. She started to cry making someone in bed wake up. Alan ran to the corner away from the bed in hopes he couldn't be seen.
"Allison, sweetie what's wrong?"
Seeing his mother get out of bed Alan covered his mouth so he wouldn't make a sound. She looked well, same as he remembered. That was wonderful. Seeing they were heading towards the door Alan ducked and tried to move away. Getting halfway out of the bedroom she stopped and turned back to the room. Alan froze, his heart stopped beating in fear of her noticing it. Feeling her eyes on him he stood up.
"Don't scream, please mom. It's me, Alan. Please. I know this seems scary but please, don't do anything."
"Alan? Don't play games with me thief. My son died two years ago."
"Mom I swear it's me. And it's complicated. I shouldn't be here. I just wanted to see how you were doing."
Moving closer he had her go into the living room. He would have loved talking with his father but he shouldn't even be doing this.
"It's really you, isn't it? I hardly recognized you. You look strong."
"I am doing well. I became a reaper, with Eric. Mom, it's as if I got a second chance at life."
"Oh Alan. I'm so happy you're alright."
"Mom." Feeling her hug him as best she could with Allison in her arms he hugged her back. He could tell she was crying, he hoped those were happy tears.

Once they let each other go he was handed Allison as they spoke briefly. He knew he shouldn't be but he couldn't stop talking about his new life. He loved telling her all about the society, about living with Eric, about feeling great. He was glad it was dark out though, he didn't want her to see his eyes. He had gotten used to it finally but he knew she wouldn't be and he knew she always loved his light brown eyes. Seeing Allison had fallen asleep in his arms he handed her back to their mother.
"I should get going; I didn't want to spend so much time here. I hoped you were doing well."
"Must you leave so soon Alan?" Together they stood from the couch. "Your father would love to see you."
"No, it's better this way. I really shouldn't have spoken to you."
"Oh, well, alright then. I know this will sound foolish but, will I see you again?"
"Don't go looking for me."
"Alright hun." Silently they walked back into the bedroom to place Allison back to her crib. As Alan went to leave he felt his mother grab his jackets sleeve.
"Please, one second." Having him follow her they went into his bedroom.
"I just wanted to tell you that I am so glad you came by, that we spoke. I am so relieved to hear you're not sick anymore. I will sleep better knowing this, and that you and Eric are still friends. You both can look after each other. Please take care of yourself Alan."
"You too mother. I will sleep better knowing you're doing well." Hugging one last time Alan kissed her cheek and left through the bedroom window. Without looking back he walked away from his house and into the woods.


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