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Kim's POV

The guys walked in Phil's about 20 minutes later. Once they saw me though, they turned and were about to walk out but then Jack called them back and they all sat down furthest away from me. We all sat in silence until Jack spoke up.

"Come on guys give Kim a chance to explain." There was a three whatever's before I started explaining the story to them.

"Ok, first I just want to say that im sorry. I shouldn't have said what I said that day. Im so sorry. I miss the dojo and I miss you guys. I didn't know changing my look would make us fight. If I had then I wouldn't have changed. Truth is, it wasn't my idea but I guess I realized that everyone only see's me as one of the guys. Not that I mind being one of the guys, it's just that I'm still a girl and want everyone to know that. I mean the reason I started karate was to show people that girls can kick butt too ya know? I'm so so sorry."

The guys looked at me like they wanted me to say more about what happened so I was going to but then Jerry spoke. "I want to know who the friend was that gave you and Grace the idea to change." I smiled because I knew Grace liked Jerry so she'd love to hear that he's been thinking about her. Then I told them what happened. The whole story, from the moment in the bathroom (but I left out the part about me liking Jack of course) to when I'd bumped into Jack today. All of the 2 weeks of torture was out there for them. I just hope they understand. Eddie was the first to talk.

"Well I was never mad at you Kim so I already forgave you but Grace got you to change your look because she's sick of being smart?" I winced, that was part of the reason but not all of it.

"Well kinda. She didn't want people to see her as only straight A Grace. And she was sick of the pressure from teachers." Eddie made a "o" shape with his mouth and than I looked at Milton and Jerry for their answer/questions. Milton spoke after a couple minutes of staring.

"Ok I get why you changed your look so I forgive you." I smiled and nodded my head. I looked at Jerry for his answer because he hadn't said anything yet.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know. I feel bad that one of the wasabi warriors was like this and we ditched you. We ditched you when you needed us most. Kim, we'll get the guys to back off, and if they even look at you again I'll have Jackie boy here punch them for us. But back to Grace could you tell her she was perfect the way she was? Not that i like her or anything.. Heh heh" I laughed. Typical Jerry.

"So we're cool now?" they all nodded at me saying that we're cool. "So now what?" The guys shrugged and Eddie said we should go to the dojo since I haven't been there for a while. On the way there we all joked and the guys told me about all the things they've done the last 2 weeks. Once we got to the dojo which took us about 2 minutes to get to. It's not that far but since we were messing around it took a while. Jack opened the doors and I was finally back in the dojo where I belonged.

I started walking around the dojo to make sure I wasn't dreaming. Everything was exactly how t was 2 weeks ago well mostly. I guess a girl joined the dojo while I was gone. I wonder who. The guys wouldn't tell me saying that "they were scared too" Apparently I don't like this girl. I hope its not Donna or Lorie, well nevermind it's not them because they'd be to scared to break a nail. Jack started to walk towards me looking nervous. That's weird. Jack usually doesn't get nervous, except for when he went against that one guy who hadn't lost in two years.

"Hey Kim! Want to go change so that we can spar?"

"Really?! Of course!" I was so excited! Jack had only spared with me once before…well twice if you count the time he let me win. I went to the locker room to change but I couldn't help but think that Jack wasn't going to spar with me and that he did that to get rid of me….What's really going on? Making sure that there wasn't a trap in the door way I walked out of the changing room. I didn't see any of the guys though.

I finally spotted them but with a girl I despised with all my heart. Not Donna. Not Lorie. It was…Her. The spoiled rotten brat, who always thought she was better than me. I bet if you shaved her head you'd find horns. Her name is…

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