The Story


Ella "L" Phantom

Second Generation Phantom

By: Danielle Fenton

Chapter One: Ella Fenton

I smiled ironically as I got out of Mr. Lancer's class. He was always so…. Boring. Just like Dad had used to tell me stories of. Unfortunately, like the rest of the world, he was always on the lookout for ghost hijinks. And if there were any, they usually got blamed on me.

Me being Danielle "Ella" Fenton, oldest daughter of Danny "Phantom" Fenton and Samantha Manson Fenton, and the heir apparent to his last legacy: his DNA. I was developing his ghostly powers… least, I was supposed to be. Mom OR Grandma Maddie couldn't figure out what was up with my late blooming. I mean, the twin terrors were all of ten years old and they had already developed their powers of flight, ghost ray, phasing and cloning. Well, so far that last one hadn't gone quite right, even for them. I hadn't gained any ghostly power at all. Or so they thought, anyway.

I had had one and only one display of true ghostly power, one that had scared the heck out of me. If any of you had seen my Dad's "Ghostly Wail", well, guess what my incident had been? I was the twin's age at the time of both this incident and another. The day Amity Park had been attacked by that army of never-before seen ghosts, my Dad vanished along with the ghost army. Since then, Amity Park had never again been troubled by a huge outbreak of ghosts like that. Oh, sure, there had been a ghost or two, but nothing unmanageable for the Fenton family. The human half, anyway.

"Hey! Ellaaaaaa!"

"Yoooohoooo…. Earth to space case, come in space case."

I scowled at the last comment. My two best friends, Nya Hiroyuki and Grace Foley, were waving me over. Nya was a tall, gangly Asian girl with waist length raven hair and piercing brown eyes. Grace was a childhood friend of mine, a curvy African teen with her Dad's green eyes and her Mom's rich African hair. I smiled as I walked over to them, "Hey you two. What's going on?"

Grace's full lips curved into her trademark grin "Missed you Elle-belle. Was your first day in Mr. Lancer's class as horrible as Dad describes? From what he said, I'm REEEALLY glad I don't have him."

I filled my friends in on the happenings of Mr. Lancer's class, which admittedly wasn't much but a lot of blather from the teacher. I prowled with them to the lunchroom. As usual, people tended to ignore me at first glance since my Dad wasn't around to remind them who had once saved their tails day in day out. We looked quite alike, Dad and me. I had his black hair and vivid blue eyes, some people saying I looked the spitting image of Dad (only as a girl).

Nya, Grace and I sat down at our usual lunch table. We talked over our summer vacations, our school lives so far and nothing else in particular. Grace had gone to a technology convention with Tucker Foley, my god parent and my Dad's best friend. Valerie Foley, Grace's mother, had actually attended with them, so of course they had a blast. Grace was a technology fiend, going fan girl over both combat tech and normal technology like a rabid comic book geek (Which she also was). My closest friend since childhood openly admitted that she was a nerd, and was proud of it too.

Nya had gone to Japan for the summer, and come back with plenty of Japanese sweets and souvenirs. She had recently moved to Amity Park, about the same time my Dad disappeared. Nya had made friends with Grace, and so she'd made a reluctant friend of me as well. I didn't especially trust the girl, even though she'd been a good friend for almost five years. I made it a point not to trust a lot of people after what had happened to Dad. Even though Nya was everything a friend should be I couldn't help not trusting. I had trusted my dad…. And look what happened to him! All because of the stupid Ghost Zone….

Neither of them noticed I was only picking at my food. Dad used to really get onto me for that, but he wasn't here anymore. Watcher sometimes did that too, but I could ignore him if I wanted to. I was starting to feel lonely and stuck. Not even Grace could remedy this feeling. My life was… MISSING something…

I passed through the rest of the day in a fuzzy haze. I was starting to feel odd…. Like I was a ghost in human skin…. Ooohh nooo…. I remembered that feeling, from four years ago…. It was raining then, like today. Back when Daddy vanished….

The day ended and the bell rang. I dashed out of my last class, feeling sick to my stomach and needing to go home. As Fenton Works was only a block or two away, I decided to walk there. No matter that I didn't have an umbrella, or even a raincoat. I ran quickly along the sidewalk, not caring as my long black hair became plastered to my head by the pouring rain. I wanted everything to be right again, like when my Dad was with us. Ignoring Grace's confused yells when she spotted me, I sped up my pace. I was feeling relieved I'd taken my mother's advice in training early and well in speed and reflexes.

I raced along quickly until I felt a crippling sensation in my stomach. Moaning painfully, I staggered and slipped on the sopping sidewalk away from the street and into a dark, rain lashed alley. I jerked in surprise as thunder crashed overhead. Great. Just what I needed, lightning adding to my predicament. A blue white flash accentuated the thought, another wave of cold and nausea washing over me as I staggered to smack my back against the brick walls of the dingy alley. Sliding down, I shuddered and spasmed as I felt the familiar power rush slide over me.

To compound my pain, I felt a sudden, sharp electric shock zap through my systems, making the pain far, far more intense than it should have been from previous experience.


I managed a hoarse wail, drowned out by rolling thunder, before I fell unconscious.