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Yuu sat on his sofa with his feet propped up on the coffee table. A beer was in one hand and a TV remote in the other. This was a rare occasion for him. He seldom had time to himself. Flipping through the channels was a well deserved pleasure for the exhausted editor. He settled on a channel that was showing an anime that was an adaptation of a manga that had started in Marukawa. He tossed the remote to the side and sipped his beer, mildly interested in the anime. It was a rerun that he had seen many times before. He wouldn't be surprised if he could recite the lines back.

After a few moments, watching the anime had lost its appeal. He muted the TV, looking around the room for anything that could hold his interest for a moment or two. Just long enough for him to relax until he got his next call. He wasn't expecting one that night, but his job was very unpredictable. His maroon eyes scanned the room around him. He mentally sighed at all the cleaning jobs that awaited him. Ignoring the mess, he looked up again. This time, his eyes fell on his bag. A small and slim spiral bound notebook peeked out.

He set the beer down, striding toward the bag. He picked it up and pulled the notebook out. His fingers brushed over the lettering emblazoned on the front.

Yanase Yuu's sketchbook

He flipped it open, walking back to his seat at the sofa. He clumsily reached out and took his beer in his hands, sipping it as he paged through his different sketches. The majority of his sketches were done haphazardly, as if he was furiously trying to commit it all to paper before the sudden inspiration or subject was going to leave him. As he looked through his different sketches, he was careful to handle them all delicately. Many of them were done in charcoal which smudged easily.

He came across some of his sketches that were done in a regular graphite pencil. They were much lighter than the ones done in charcoal, but they were more precise and meticulous. The main reason being that his charcoal pencils in paper sheaths didn't have a precise tip like the graphite pencils he used.

"Which reminds me...I need to get some wooden sheathed ones...I liked the charcoal sketches," he muttered to himself.

Trees, mainly sakuras, filled up the majority of the notebook. He was beginning to wonder why he had drawn so many trees. He wasn't much of an outdoor person. He flipped a page that had what seemed like the fifteenth sakura in a row and found himself staring at the page.

The lines on the page twisted and folded, blending into each other. His maroon eyes raked the page, starting at the bottom of the page. The dark shading created a bit of depth in the drawing. Changes in how dark the shading was created a bit of dimension to the drawing. In this case, it showed the different folds in the fabric.

He inched up the drawing, marveling in the amount of effort and detail in it. None of his other drawings or sketches had an eighth of the detail that was in this one. The spot his eyes landed on was not the best part of the drawing. The shadows that were drawn in we're rather nice. The collar of the shirt was drawn in rather sloppily. He shook his head, moving up.

"'S his fault for moving so much."

He continued his mental assessment of the picture. The subtle contours of his subject's chin were done considerably better than the collar it rested on top of. His eyes flicked up to his favourite feature. His subject's eyes. They were dark and childish. A lovely combination that Yuu happened to love.

His fingers traced over the dark lines that made up the hair. The hair was possibly his next favourite feature to draw. His hair was so intricate and spiky. Yuu always preferred to sketch the time-consuming subjects. His gaze lingered on the side bangs that covered the left brow. He held the sketchbook at arm's length and began to assess the drawing on a whole.

Aside from the sloppy collar, it really wasn't that bad. It actually did look like his subject. A slow smile spread across his face.

"Drawing it when the deadline was far away was a good idea. Chiaki's a nervous wreck when it's deadline time."

Chiaki's playful smile and large childish eyes had been captured and drawn to perfection. Yuu wasn't one who bragged, but he had to admit; he had done a damn good job capturing Chiaki's innocent aura.

"Innocent. Maybe too innocent," said Yuu softly. "Naïve even."

Chiaki was always gullible one. He would believe anything anyone told him. It was funny at times, even adorable. But there were times where Chiaki really needed to think about what he was being told.

"Stop signs with white backgrounds are optional," muttered Yuu, shaking his head. "Idiot. Of course people should know better than to mess with someone like that. At least he had the sense to ask me...and Hatori about it before actually driving."

He flipped back to the beginning of his sketches and closed the sketchbook, carefully setting it down on the table. Upon laying the sketchbook down on the table, he leaned forward, placing his elbows on the beginning of his kneecap and clasping his fingers together. His eyebrows knit together; he was deep in concentration.

He loved Chiaki. And Chiaki was happily in a relationship with Hatori. Just thinking of the dark-haired editor made his eyes narrow and a scowl appear on his face.

He never approved of Chiaki and Hatori's relationship. It was just because of his hatred for the editor. Hatori was known as the ladies' man in high school. He had several girlfriends back then. In their senior year of high school, Hatori and his now ex-girlfriend, Hoshino Sanae, had been voted the king and queen of prom as well as the couple that would most likely never break up.

"Hmm. Hatori and Hoshino-san. They stirred up a lot of gossip back then."

But even with Hatori's past with women, Yuu would have never dreamed that Hatori would someday in a relationship with a man. Much less a man Yuu wanted for himself. It just wasn't fair. Yuu had always loved Chiaki. He had always been there for Chiaki when Hatori wasn't, and those were some of Chiaki's saddest moments.

"He deserves so much more," he whispered wistfully.

He glanced at his closed sketchbook, the drawing fresh in his mind. The thoughts of Hatori's past with women and Chiaki's gullible nature had disappeared. Only one thought circled his mind.

"He deserves so much more. So much more than him."

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