The story of two owl gods, Princess Cheyenne of Tyto who is Goddess of Light and Lord Mordecai of the Pure Ones, the God of Darkness. They are mentioned in my fics Legend of the Guardians: Owls of Moon Master Class and in Legend of the Guardians 2: War and the Ember. They have a cameo role, along with fellow goddess Nya Schana-Strata, the ancient Queen of the North, in Legend of the Guardians 3: Elanore's Revenge as Mordecai is on the Pure One side and Cheyenne is on the Guardians side, until her death in Chapter 26. Nya fights Mordecai in Chapter 29 and dies protecting the Mirror of the Snow Goddess.

A long time ago, there were two families, both alike in dignity. They didn't know each other and lived far apart. What they didn't know is the owlets that would be born are very special owlets. As the forces are coming into play and it is years before the Pure Ones began, the world is at peace. Among them existed a few Owl Gods that had made and shaped the world and now two more are going to join them.

In Tyto Forest, there is a mighty ruling family called the Charid. The Royal Family welcomes a new member as she will be the 8th child born in their new generation. She may be an only child, but she has seven cousins. It is the day and most are asleep, until the egg hatches. What they don't know is that the owlet was born on a solar eclipse. The young owl stares out the window and sees the eclipse. Like the lunar eclipse, the child will either be good or evil and will be a key factor that will change history. Some owls we know that were born on such an event was a purely evil Pure One called Nyra and her son, who is pure of heart, Coryn, but it is the past so they haven't been born yet. Pretty obvious, but it had to be mentioned.

The parents and relatives of the hatchling watch as she stares into the eclipsed sun and when it appears, her feathers turn from brown and gold to white and with an imprinted cream and gold coloured sun, which looks like it is shining, on her downy coat on her back. They look and her eyes are the colour of gold yellow, like the colour of the sun. They see if she is alright and when she starts to cry, as she is a baby and not from the light of the eclipse changing her. When you stare at the eclipse when it ends, your eyes can go blind, but this little owlet can see perfectly fine and was changed to become the Goddess of Light, which basically means that she is the Goddess of the Sun. When she laughs, the clouds disappear and it is a sunny day. They name her Princess Cheyenne Charid, as Cheyenne is the word for sunlight in the Tyto Language of that time. Chey means sun and Enne means light.

Meanwhile, on that very night, a young male Tyto owl, born to the Shan family, in the Kingdom of Ambala was born in the lunar eclipse. He stares into the eclipse and his feathers turn black with a moon imprinted on his downy coat on his back. When he stares back at them, his parents find out that he has dark blue eyes. They think he had been turned pure evil and his parents name him Mordecai. As Morde means Dark and Cai means spirit in their language.

That was the Double Eclipse that happens once every few centuries. Time will tell if the owlets will change the history of this world, but now, it is time for them to go to bed.

As they were born, their fellow Owl Gods knew they were going to have two new gods to join them, as unusual clouds have formed and a twilight happened. There are now fourteen owls, and there are some that have extraordinary powers and traits and all will someday become the Council of the Owl Gods.

There is the main Owl God, Glaux, who created the over 300 species of owls in his image, taught them languages that are referred to now as "ancient languages", good from evil and the rest of the junk. He established heaven, which is Glamoria and hell, which is Hagmire. There are the four elemental owl gods, The Goddesses of Fire and Water and the Gods of Air and Earth, who created the world under Glaux orders.

There Goddess of Snow who has made the North as the snowy place it is, from just being born. Also the Goddess of healing healed sick owls

There are other gods and goddesses that are named gods and Goddesses, but don't have important powers like the main owl gods.

The main five owl gods are semi-immortal, which means that they have been alive for a long time, and can't age or die from natural causes, but can be killed.

Mordecai and Cheyenne, the little babies, have now become the controllers of the forces along with the Goddess of the Moon, who is a few years older. They will not know this for years and years to come. As it is, no one, not even the owl gods, know what they are capable of.