Cheyenne is locked in the Pure One jail in a cage. The Guardians have been informed and decide to fight to have her freed so she can kill Mordecai. However this causes more strife and she is brought into the throne room. Mordecai stands there unimpressed with a menacing look on his face toward Cheyenne, who is glaring back at him.

They begin to fight. Cheyenne's training slightly paying off as she battles the tyrant. Mordecai dodges her attacks and she decides to try and end it. She battles on while outside, the light and dark are fighting each other while it goes dark, then light and vice versa, on and off. Everyone pauses while the forces change the light and dark. They stare in awe as aurora borealis comes into play and it lights up the changing sky.

Cheyenne pulls out her dagger. She tries to get him and misses several times. Then, after 3 hours of fighting overall, she is successful. She stabs Mordecai in the chest with the dagger. Almost immediately He let out a thunderous cry across the rain littered winds. The force of light and dark change to normal as Mordecai has been defeated.

Princess Cheyenne immediately turned her back to fly away when Mordecai sprung up and stabbed her with the implement she had used to stab him. She screeches in pain and the forces go into eclipse. Where the light and dark are colliding. Cheyenne falls to the ground and her pendant falls off her neck and lands between them. The two owls lay on the floor, dying as their blood seeps from their bodies and near the pendant. From this created the Amulet of Power as two powers belong in the amulet and it could be used for evil or for good.

In her final breath, Cheyenne said the praises and blessed Ga'Hoole Tree. She then dies. Hoole finds her and carries her dead body back to Ga'Hoole. The people are distraught and brought to tears as they bury her at the base of the tree that she had grown. They create a shrine and burry her under the rocks and dirt below the tree. It is said that her spirit lives in within the tree as she cares for it every day and night. Making sure it stays healthy for everyone to live in it. One of Cheyenne's male cousins became the King of Tyto after her death and their family have ruled for a long time until the coup that killed some and forced the royals into hiding.

Mordecai however had his spirit to go to hell. Where he had lived for a long, long time since that day. Their legend was later written down and shared for generations to come.

The Amulet of Power however, was hidden away by Glaux and Nya before their deaths and broken in half so no one would be able to use either half by themselves. They hid it so no one would misuse the power of Good and Evil. Both halves were discovered years later by Lyze of Kiel (Ezylryb) and Barran, the Goddess of the Moon (then Queen of Ga'Hoole), who had found the good side while a Pure One by the name of Nyra found the evil side.

The burial sight of Cheyenne still exists in Ga'Hoole in the modern times, but is never usually visited. They place flowers and things like that every so often, but it isn't a tourist attraction. Mordecai intended to find it in LOTG 3, but he would never find it, because he Is just stupid and it remains today as a tribute to the goddess herself.