Author's Note: I know that AJ is from New Jersey, but in my story she is from Montana. Punk is still from Chicago. AJ is 18 and Punk is 21.

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Forbidden Love Is The Best Kind Of Love

April Mendez aka AJ as she liked to be called, came from a wealthy family that lived in the beautiful countryside of Montana. However, she wasn't your average rich girl, AJ was completely different. While the other girls went shopping and went out to parties, AJ was busy reading comic books, playing video games, or most importantly hiding from the rest of her family. Compared to them, AJ was considered the black sheep of the family. She didn't like being rich. In fact she hated it. She wanted to be like everyone else and not be treated differently. Her family however, loved every minute of it, especially her brother and mother.

AJ's brother Mike or the Miz as he liked to be called, was your typical rich kid. He was the one who went out to all the popular parties, had all the friends, and treated everyone that wasn't rich like they were a piece of trash. AJ hated when he did that, but the one thing that AJ hated the most, was the fact that he had both their parents wrapped around his finger. Whatever he wanted their parents gave him, but when AJ wanted something, they wouldn't give it to, especially her mother.

AJ's mother Elizabeth was like all the other rich women that AJ knew. She was out all the time shopping and spending her money on things that she didn't even need. It drove AJ crazy. Not only that, but it seemed like Elizabeth and Mike loved to make AJ's life a living hell. They were always trying to set her up with men that she didn't like or trying to get her do things that she didn't want to do. She wished that they would stop, but they never did. She just wished her dad was around more to stop it.

AJ's father Robert Mendez was one of the wealthiest men in Montana and own one of the most successful corporations in the world and that meant that he was always gone and had been gone ever since AJ could remember. She could only recall a handful of times when her father would be home, but she knew that he loved her regardless. Sure they had their good times and their bad times, but he would always try and stick up for her when he could and when she needed him the most, he was almost always there for her.

However, today was one of those days where she needed him there, but he was off in California leaving her to fend for herself against her mother. You see for the past year, her mother had been pressuring AJ to find a man and get married, but AJ always refused. She didn't want to be like her mother who had come from a family where getting married at the age of 18 was normal. AJ didn't want that. Not only that, but AJ wasn't sure if she would ever fall in love or get married. However that would all change when a certain tattooed green eyed groundskeepers would walk into her life and change it forever.

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