Rules of My Saxophone Section

You have to be a flirt. If you aren't when you get into the section, you will become one. Usually after the first sectional.

You have to be able to gossip.

You have to fight like a family, and then turn around and love like one.

No one but the people in the section can insult one of us.

Call it 'sexaphone' and you get several displeased looks.

Make fun of each other.

Help each other, even in a competition.

Have a slight arrogance.

Be lazy and usually a protagonist.

Don't be afraid of sharing water, reeds, or neck straps.

Don't steal reeds, or you will have a bad section reputation.

Share reeds when you can.

You have to have saxophone swag.

You have to be able to dance while playing.

You have to be able to march creatively while heading into the stadium.

You have to be sassy.

You have to be okay with being embarrassed in front of your friends.