A/N: This chapter is written for the 'The Last Ship Standing Competition' (I used the emotion-prompt (elated), the action-prompt (someone drinking Firewhisky) and the song-prompt ('Smile' by Uncle Kracker)). It is also written for the 'Fanfiction Tournaments, edition May 2013 (write about someone from the Marauder Era - technically Arthur and Molly are a few years older than the Marauders, but I still consider them to be from that Era (because that's closer than Riddle Era)).

Molly looked expectantly at Annabel, her co-worker.

"I have something to tell you," Annabel had mysteriously said to the other three Healers in their department.

"Well, come on," Nicola urged her when she kept silent.

"I know that twinkle in your eyes," David, the only man in their department said. "You have good news, haven't you?"

Annabel nodded. "I'm pregnant!" she beamed.

"Oh that's fantastic! Congratulations!"

"How far along are you?"

"I'm thirteen weeks now."

While Nicola and David congratulated Annabel and where asking her all sorts of questions, Molly was calculating. How long had it been since she had last had her period? She wasn't entirely sure, she was not one of those women who know their period by heart, but she was still pretty certain it had been more than four weeks...

"Molly? Is everything alright?" Annabel's concerned voice shook her out of her thoughts.

"Yes, sorry, I'm fine."

"Are you sure?" Annabel bit her lip. "Is it, is it a sensitive topic, me being pregnant?" she asked hesitantly.

"No, really, I'm fine." Molly smiled at her. "I'm sorry for appearing so absent. It's great news, congratulations! How's Howard about it?"

Annabel shot her a last puzzled look, but then continued to answer Molly's question.

"Oh, he's elated. He hopes it's a boy this time." Annabel chuckled. "Not that he doesn't love Susy, but, you know, she really likes ponies and dolls et cetera and Howard just doesn't know what to do with them."

Later that day, Molly went to the gyneacology department. "They won't miss one," she muttered, as she put a pregnancy test in the pocket of her apron. Asking for one would only raise questions, and if she really was pregnant, she wanted Arthur to be the first to know, not her colleagues. She hurried home after her shift, excitement bubbling in her stomach.

Arthur was sitting in one of their comfortable chairs, a glass of Firewhisky within reach. He looked relaxed.

"Hello love, how was work?" he asked. "I've put the chicken into the oven, by the way."

Molly smiled. "I don't know how I lived without you." She sauntered a bit and fidgeted with her scarf.

Arthur of course immediately noted this odd behaviour. "What's wrong?"

Molly took out the test from the pocket of her apron.

Arthur's eyes grew big. "Is that... is that what I think it is?"

Molly nodded wordlessly.

Arthur got up from his chair and walked over to Molly. "What are you waiting for? Open up," he urged her.

With trembling fingers, but her cheeks glowing with excitement, Molly opened the test. Together, they read the instruction.

"Okay, so we need a wand," Arthur said. "Take mine."

Molly took it and placed the of the wand inside the package. "Now we have to say the incantation," she said and then started reading the incantation out loud. The tip of Arthur's wand glowed white as a soft swirl of dust wrapped itself around Molly's belly.

"It should become golden if I really am pregnant," she whispered nervously. But she need not have been nervous. After about a minute, the dust changed colour from white to a soft yellow and then it suddenly turned golden. The dust sparked brightly one time and then it faded.

Arthur and Molly looked at each other speachlessly, but then a huge grin started to spread on both their faces.

"You're pregnant!" Arthur exclaimed enthralled.

"I'm pregnant," Molly said. "I'm pregnant!" she repeated enthousiastically. "Oh Arthur, we're going to have a baby!"

Arthur hugged her tightly, lifted her off the ground and swirled her around. They were swirling and dancing like fools, until they almost forgot to breath.

Laughing, they fell back onto the couch. "We are going to have a baby," they said, still amazed.

Arthur took his glass of Firewhisky and raised it. "Let's drink to that!"

"Arthur...," Molly said, slighty reprimanding.

"Oh right," Arthur said sheepishly. "Not really a good idea when you're pregnant. Sorry."

"It's okay. I guess we both still have to adjust a bit to the news."

"We should Floo our parents!" Arthur said and jumped up.

Molly placed a hand on his arm. "Can we wait just a bit longer? I'd love to savour the secret with the two of us, even if it's only for a couple of weeks. Just you and me, knowing something no one else knows, getting used to the idea of becoming parents. Let's wait a bit until we share the news."

Arthur said back down on the couch. "I like that. I don't know if I will be able to keep my mouth shut, but I'll try. Just you and me. Our little secret."

He put his mouth close to Molly's adomen. "Your Mummy and I already love you," he whispered affectionately and his hand stroked her belly.

Molly had a smile on her face that was almost as bright as the sun. We are going to have a baby, she thought happily.