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Question Time?

"Oh Miranda." Stevie rolled her eyes as she unlocked the door to the small gift shop her best friend owned. "Ae you sure about this?"

"Of course I'm sure." Miranda stated as she bit her lip. "I think I'm sure. Oh you've got me thinking about it again now. You always do this." She huffed as she tugged her jacket off. "Don't look like that. You know you do."

"Do what?" Stevie stared up at her.

"Make me think I am certain about something and then ask me again at a later date and I suddenly don't know again."

"That's not my fault, Miranda." Stevie headed towards the kettle. "Ask him."

"I can't ask him." Miranda huffed again before flopping down onto a pink plastic inflatable arm-chair in the corner. "Do we actually sell any of these?"


"These chairs? You can't sit in them."

"Normal sized people can."

"Oh thanks." Miranda slid out and sat on the floor. "You know me. I'm not like Tilly and those girls from my school. I'm."

"Vaguely normal?" Stevie arrived back in the shop with two mugs of tea. "Things have been going well with Gary. Haven't they?"

"Yeah." Miranda smiled as she thought of the chef she had been seeing since Christmas. "It's nearly a year now."

"Well then. Ask him. What is going on? Is Tilly's friend just making up nasty rumours or is there something really going on? Was he really with that bimbo or what? I'd ask him. If I were you." Stevie drank a mouthful of tea as Miranda stared into space.

"No, she's just making things up. Gary wouldn't cheat. But then Ally is blonde and very pretty and thin and well, nothing like me. Bet she could sit in a plastic chair without falling off. "Miranda closed her eyes. "No. I am being paranoid."

"Do you want me to ask him?"

"Would you? Stevie? Would you?"



"He's your boyfriend."

"Oh yeah." Miranda smiled. "That's besides the point."

"Miranda. I am sick of being the go between with you two." Stevie watched as her best friend stared into her mug. "Ok, ok. I'll ask around, find out what's been going on."

"Would you? Thanks." Miranda got to her feet and narrowly avoided falling over the boxes of Christmas novelties she yet had to find display place for.

"Yeah." Stevie smiled, hoping that there really would be nothing to find. Gary just wasn't the type to cheat. Was he?


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