Okay, so this is just something that I came up with today, so tell me if you think it's a doomed fanfic.

Peeta POV:

When I woke up, all that I could think about was today. Who I might be with.


Just the name made me feel warm from the inside out.

Today was the reaping, and I had a plan for afterwards. I know that I probably won't get chosen, as my name was only in there seven times, so the odds are in my favor.

As for the backstory of Katniss and I, well, here it is. On the very first day of school, my father pointed her out and said that he wanted to marry her mother. After that, she sang in front of the whole school, and I fell in love with her. Then, when she was eleven, her dad died in a mining accident. She had nearly starved to death, but I had saved her. I hadn't known that day would change my life.

After that, there was the occasional glance toward the other. She would catch me staring at her and look away, and vice versa. When we were fifteen, I asked her on a date. She said yes, and we went to the meadow and had a picnic. We had our first kiss a few weeks later, and ever since we've been dating.

Then, last year, Katniss had volunteered for her sister, Prim, at the reaping. She had, against all odds, survived and became a victor. Things had been a little weird at first, but we had gotten used to it and started dating again.

I got up and dressed, but the whole time I was just thinking about later today, after the reaping. Katniss would leave to mentor the tributes, and we wouldn't see each other until she returned. Unless you count on a television.

I went downstairs only to find it empty. Oh well, I thought, it's better that way. I picked up a piece of bread and slowly ate, not having much of an appetite. Just then my brothers fought their way down the stairs. I kept eating.

They were both dressed, and they seemed in a good mood until they got to the end of the stairs, when they saw my solemn expression. They immediately calmed down and sat on either side of me. We didn't speak.

Then Mother and Father came down the stairs. Quiet as death, they were. They joined us at the table, and before I knew it, it was time for the reaping.

2/19/2014 :

I'm fixing everything. For the most part. I feel like I screwed everything up. All chapters will be changed, and you'll get another chapter. I'm also updating my other story. Yay!