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During dinner, Katniss had a look on her face that screamed 'I'm gonna kill somebody!' It was freaking me out. Seeing her like that made me angry, because I knew that she was upset. I don't like it when she's upset. That means that somebody, or a few somebodys, ticked her off. And when Katniss is ticked, it's not gonna be pretty.

That last time Katniss got the murderous look in her eyes, it was when she found out that Prim and Rory were dating. They had come back to her house in Victor's Village three hours after dinner. I was there that day, and Katniss started flipping out. She was worried that Prim got killed. The only really bad thing she did was throw a few vases at the wall. Then she tried to clean them up, and without thinking, shoved her hands in the shards. She couldn't use her hands for a week, so I got to help her.

But, after that, I sat her down and started talking about our first date. She started smiling, then Prim and Rory burst in the front door. Prim was giggling like a maniac, and they were holding hands. Once they saw Katniss, Rory nearly bolted out of the door. Her dagger eyes were back, and focused on their entwined hands. Her eyes softened, and then she asked what everybody was wondering. "Where were you?" Well, not what I was wondering. I would've asked if they were dating, but okay. Katniss could be a little dense.

"We were in the meadow. Sorry for being late," Prim said, hoping to soften Katniss. It hadn't worked.

"Why were you in the meadow so late?" she asked.

"Umm…" Prim started. "We were… We were… Celebrating!" Prim squealed.

"Why were you celebrating?"

"Because we're… Dating. Yeah, we're dating!" Rory said proudly.

"Really? Oh, Prim, I'm so happy for you!" Katniss exclaimed. "You to Rory," she said as an afterthought. "I couldn't think of a better guy for Prim, that's her age, of course." She glanced at me. "Only Peeta could possibly be better."

Anyways, nobody died, which was what everyone was worried about. Prim and Rory did get reprimanded for not telling her though.

I was snapped out of my musings by Effie's suddenly shrill sounding voice.

"Who wants to watch the recaps of the parade?" she asked, trying to break the sudden hush that had settled over the room. "I know I do!"

"Sure thing, Effie," I replied, trying to save her from feeling awkward. "I know that I want to see how hot I looked!" Katniss and Haymitch laughed at that, because they knew how little I cared about my looks.

"Sounds good to me," Katniss and Haymitch said at the same time, making me question, again, whether or not they were the same person.

We all moved to the couches, getting away from the cold, overly formal dining table. Katniss and I sat on a loveseat, cuddling up together. Lilijanna sat on the giant, 'L' shaped couch with Haymitch and Effie. All of them were sitting at least one cushion away from each other. The recording started and Ceaser Flickerman was introducing us to the "Seventy-Fourth Annual Hunger Games!" Then the carriages started rolling out.

District One was out first, sporting a variety of vivid pink feathers. District Two was wearing battle armor that was golden and glinted in any light that ran across it. District Three was wearing nerdy glasses that made their eyes huge, and also some 'Hi, My Name is…' cards. District Four was in fishing nets that had a transparent material underneath. District Five was in white suits that had labels all around, such as 'CAUTION' and 'TOO POWERFUL FOR YOUR TASTE?' District Six was in flamboyant colors, but relatively boring clothes. District Seven had fake chainsaws and axes in their hands, and were dressed in greens and browns. District Eight was dressed in peacekeeper uniforms that hugged their bodies, and had guns in their hands that sprayed confetti. District Nine was dressed as grain plants, which were fairly realistic. District Ten was dressed in cow costumes and holding giant jugs of milk. District Eleven was in overalls made of the rare (in D12) denim and had plastic fruit decorating their heads. And District Twelve, us, were in paints that seemed to smolder. I did good work.

All in all, the only costumes that really changed was D12's, because normally they had really, really crappy costumes. Last year was different too, because we had gotten dedicated stylists.

Katniss leaned over and whispered in my ear, "You looked amazing out there. You looked very, very smokin', rest assured. I hope you know that."

"Well," I whispered back. "I knew that already, I just wanted you to say it to me." This got a silent giggle from Katniss. "Oh, come on, Kit-Kat. I know you can laugh better than that. Remember that time, when you were eating a banana, and you looked at me, and then Prim came in?" She nodded. "Remember what Prim thought we were thinking about?" She nodded again, a grin stretching across her face. "And, Katniss, do you remember what we pretended to do after that in your room?" Katniss was now just barely containing her laughter. "Remember how Prim burst into your room?"

"What's that about?" Haymitch asked, as Katniss laughing was a rare sight to him.

"Oh. That. Well, she giggled real quiet, so I told her a story and now," I explained, pointing to Katniss. "This. I knew it would happen though."

"Well," Effie said, Katniss now silently laughing, "You guys should probably get to bed."

"Alright," Lily sighed. "Peeta, you should probably carry her. I know what it's like to laugh like that, and your legs just don't work afterwards. Have a good night," she finished with a wink.

"You too," I said to her retreating figure. I took heed of her advice and carried Katniss to our room. After I had dumped her on our bed, she was still laughing. I sighed and crawled under the covers after changing. Katniss had stopped laughing and was getting ready for bed. I fell asleep after saying 'I love you' and goodnight to Kat.

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