Nina POV

I sat by the pool at my large palace. I am covered in the most beautiful gems and gold. My swimsuit is white. I have some servants fanning me.

You're probably very confused on why I'm getting special treatment. I am Princess Nina Irisi Kiya Layla Martin of Egypt. I have a great life. I opened my mouth and a servant fed me grapes.

"I think I'm going to get burned." I pouted. I've already been sunburned once and it just wasn't acceptable. I looked up at the sky. "Cut me a break Ra." I said. (AN: Ra is the king of the Egyptian gods and also the sun god).

Someone ran in frantically.

"Princess, get underground!" They yelled. I looked at a near by security guard.

"I really don't like being talked to that way." I said cocking my head at the guy who was interrupting my sun time.

"No were under attack! Your parents are already safe but you need to go or-" He didn't get to finish. About a thousand gun shots went off. I screamed and covered my head. My eyes shut so tight it started to hurt. Someone roughly yanked me up and placed me into somthing hard. Ow! It's wood. I think I got a splinter! Ugh these people better let me go. I got shoved around for hours! Who treats a princess like this? When Daddy finds them heads will roll. He's the most ruthlesss Pharoh in a really long time. He like killed someone that was looking at me when I was a baby because I wasn't supposed to be reveilled to the public. And to make it worse that person was an outsiders.

The box I was placed in ripped open. Men.

"Get up, principessa." They said. I'm guessing they mean princess. I slowly sat up. One helped me out of the box.

"Don't touch me." I snapped. The one who helped me out forced me to my knees. "Ugh." I said.

"You aren't ruler here." One sneered.

"Well where am I?" I asked annoyed.

"Rome, Principessa Nina." Another said. He handcuffed my wrist and ankles.

"What is the meaning of this!?" I demanded. They didn't respond but forced me to my feet. I struggled against them and screamed. They dragged me through this palace.

"Stop." Someone said. The guards did as they were told. It was a girl. She had paleish skin, red hair and was admittadly petite. "Take her to her room. Her trial shall be later." She said.

"Trial for what?" I demanded.

"I would be quiet Princess Nina. Anything you say will be used against you." She said.

"What are you talking about?" I demanded. She flicked her wrist and I got taken away. A girl came in. She was blonde.

"Are you here to hurt me too?" I asked.

"I'm dressing you for trial. I'm Amber." She said.

"What exactly am I guilty of?" I asked.

"Not being loyal to Italy." She said.

"Of course I'm not. I'm loyal to Egypt." I said.

"Don't talk so loud. They'll hear you." She said.

"What happens if I'm convicted?" I asked.

"You will either be executed or a slave." She said standing me up. I froze. Slave? Executed?

"They rarely execute and I don't think they will want to do any more bad blood with Egypt." She said.

"Well why are you helping me?" I asked.

"I have too. And it's not so bad here. I'm the Emperors maid. But he promted me to stylist" She said.

"Emperor?" I asked.

"Yup, Emperor Fabian. His soon to be Empress is nice too just a little cold. Joy." She said.

"Does she have red hair?" I asked.

"No, that's Patricia. She's in charge of all things criminal. She's also the Emperor's sister. But she has a few secrets. Like she's dating the Emperor of Greece which is a big no no." She said.

"Are you a gossip?" I asked.

"I prefer investagater but yea that's what Trixie calls me." She said.

"Oh. When is my trial?" I asked.

"About ten minutes. Now but this on." She said handing me a dress. I scrunched up my nose.

"What am I four?" I asked.

"It's innocent. No one wants to kill an innocent looking person now hand over your crown and jewerly." She said. I clutched my crown. It's mine. It shows who I am. Where I'm from.

"No." I said.

"Either way it's getting taken. Would you rather be restrained and they snatch it from you. You know what they would do after that? Burn it! This way it would still exist just be locked up." She said. I sighed and handed over my jewels. She buzzed a guard and they took away my things. I pouted. Amber gestured to the dress and I changed. I had to keep my bikini on because I have no bra or panties! The guard came back and chained me up again.

This will probably go downhill.