Just Another Manic Monday - Part One

U.S.S. Enterprise, 2279.331, 0700 hours. Se'tak slept with the covers pulled up over most of his head while the rapid blare of trumpets sounded throughout the room. "Computer," he grumbled, "Snooze 10 minutes." The music ceased.

0710 hours. The noise began again at an increased level. This time he pulled the covers over him entirely until he was just a bulge under the sheets. From beneath the bedding he mumbled, "Computer, snooze 15 minutes." The sounds instantly died down.

0722 hours. "Se'tak!" The cool air of the ship rushed over his body as his sheets were unceremoniously yanked off. "You can't keep doing this!" Mama yelled. "Your father and I'll be late for our shifts and you'll be late for school if you don't get your butt out of this bed right now!"

He rolled away from her and curled up into a tighter ball. "Imup."

Mama grabbed him by the shoulder and tried to roll him back her way. "No you aren't so don't you even think of lying to me." He finally moved and blearily opened his eyes to see her dressed but without any make-up or boots on. Hands on hips she cried, "Honestly, you're getting too old for this. When are you going to start taking responsibility for yourself?"

"I am," he grumbled. Swinging his legs over the edge of the bed he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. She gestured helplessly up at the ceiling before backing out of the room. Se'tak slowly dragged his way over to the closet, scooping a pair of jeans up off the floor along the way. The alarm came on again as soon as he opened the closet door.

0750 hours. He entered the classroom and saw his friends gathered in the usual corner. "Hey guys."

Dimora Sulu and Tabitha McCoy gave him a cursory "Hey 'Tak" before returning to their discussion while Tilkoren 'Tilk' ch'Neferan's blue antennae swiveled in his direction. "You sound like crap."

"I feel like it." Before he could say anything else a pair of hands plopped down on his shoulders and Aaron Zyblonsky literally jumped right into the conversation. "Dude, you totally killed last night in Banshee Raiders IV! How did you even know to take out that space buoy before we reached the surface?!"

Se'tak grinned and shrugged. "I don't know, it just seemed off to me."

Aaron slapped him on the back. "Yeah, well good thing or else the whole squadron would've bitten the dust!" Turning to Tilk he asked, "So when are you done with your grounding, Buddy? We need you back!"

The Andorian exaggeratedly rolled his eyes. While conducting one of his infamous experiments he'd inadvertently blown a hole in the wall from his bedroom to his parents' room two and a half weeks ago and none of them were pleased. "Not for another week and a half," he announced dishearteningly.

"Bummer." Aaron looked up and scanned the room. "Anybody seen Egil yet?"

Se'tak shook his head. "S'not here."


Ms. Carter clapped her hands as the bell chimed and everyone headed to their seats. "Ok everyone! Put away your PADDS because it's time for a pop quiz!"

A collective groan filled the room and Se'tak hung his head in his hands.

1035 hours. Tabby came running over while Ms. Carter spoke in a low voice with Lieutenant Flanar. "You guys!" she hissed, "Guess what I just heard?!"

"Another pop quiz?" Tilk guessed.

Aaron hung his head. "I knew it. I'm doomed!"

"You and me both," Se'tak agreed.

"No, not that, it's about Egil! Apparently he's down in Sickbay and it looks really bad. Carter and Flanar are worried it might be contagious!"

Dimora looked at her rather quizzically. "Then wouldn't we all be in quarantine right now if that was the case?"

Tabby floundered. "Well yeah…I guess…I don't know…"

The Lieutenant finally began the class and started outlining the biology lab as Tabby busily consulted her PADD. Several moments later a CommPADD convo. popped up on his screen.

{I talked to Mom. They think Egil has Arethian Flu.}

Tilk tried to stifle a giggle as Aaron typed back {Man, that SUCKS!}

{No kidding} Se'tak added glumly. Seeing Tilk losing the battle he asked him what was so funny.

{I keep picturing the pink face looking all purple and I can't help seeing my great-aunt Hunaa!} After uttering this last bit all three chuckled aloud.

The Lieutenant whipped his head sharply in their direction. "Gentlemen, have I said something that amuses you?"

"No, Sir."

He glanced down at their hastily hidden PADDs. "Perhaps there's something you'd like to share with the class then?"

"No, Sir."

"Very well; then I suggest you pay attention because if you miss this step in the lab your experiment will be ruined and you'll have to stay after school to repeat it…"

1220 hours. "So," Se'tak asked as he shoved another French fry in his mouth. "How long you think Egil'll be out?"

Everyone at the lunch table turned to Tabby. "What?" Aaron gave her the nod to which she cried, "Just because my folks work in Medical doesn't mean I'm the be-all-and-end-all of medical knowledge! Just look at Se'tak; his dad's chief science officer and he's barely passing Bio."

"She's got you there, buddy."

Se'tak rolled his eyes. "Shut up."

Meanwhile Tilk busily tapped away on his PADD. "It says here that most cases of Arethian flu found in humans usually clear up within 72 hours of treatment. My guess is he'll be out until next week just to be safe."

Aaron threw down his sandwich. "Crap; there go our chances of winning the robotics competition on Friday."

"Hey, we still have a shot," Se'tak replied.

His friend rolled his eyes. "Dude, no offense, but the only thing you're worse at then science is circuitry."

"Double burn!" Dimora cried, laughing hysterically.

"Shut up!"

"Well maybe if you spent more time reading and doing homework and less time playing Banshee Whozit…"

"Banshee Raiders," all the boys corrected her simultaneously.

Dimora rolled her eyes. "Whatever. My point is if you actually gave a damn you'd probably do really well."

Se'tak grimaced. "Thanks…I think."

The girl shrugged and turned her attention back to Aaron. "Any chance you'd let me sub in for Egil? You can ask around if you want but I'm a pretty good driver…"

"You have to check with Coach," he replied, mouth full of food. "I don't think it's allowed in the rules but maybe 'cause of extenuating circumstances 'n stuff it'll be ok. "


The chime rang and everyone grabbed up their trays. "Anybody else feel like this is the longest day ever?" Se'tak asked.

A chorus of yeses went out around the table.