Fire in our Eyes

By Ioio


-7 years ago-

All he could see in front of his eyes was death- the unmoving bodies of his parents laying on the floor, one on top of the other, as his older brother was looking at them with shocked and scared eyes. His brother, who never showed any sort of emotion whatsoever, was looking shocked.

An 8-year old Sasuke Scooted closer to his brother, as he started to cry 'What happened?'. He couldn't quite comprehend the whole situation at hand. He was confused; he could of course realize that his… their parents were gone. He cried bitter tears as he clung desperately to Itachi's sleeve. Yes, he missed his parents already, but it wasn't all bad. His aniki was there with him at least.

Through tears, Sasuke could see that Itachi wasn't crying like he was. Itachi only stood there, with trembling hands, looking at the collapsed bodies.

"N-nii-san…" Why did their parents die? How could they die, when he could see no blood? Not on their clothes, not on their faces, nor on the ground. The only thing Sasuke could certainly acknowledge were his parents' eyes, wide opened, dead eyes.

"Nii-san, what happened?" Again, Itachi said nothing as he closed his eyes and collapsed on the ground, on his knees, as his shaking hands went to hold Sasuke's.

"Otouto… I… I don't know…" His voice was broken and low, holding a shaking undertone to it.

Sasuke freed his hands from his brother's to touch his mother's cheek. It was still warm. 'How did this happen?' He felt strange. 'What's wrong with me?' He was devastated to see his parents dead, he cried his heart out, but he wasn't really suffering.

"Nii-san?" he looked behind to see Itachi still on his knees, black hair framing his face and covering his eyes as he looked down. "What… do we do now?"

"Call…" his voice cracked and he couldn't say anything else for a moment. Itachi wasn't sad or devastated, he was shocked. He couldn't believe his eyes, and his features showed utter shame.

"Who? The police? And what do we tell them? We don't even know what happened here… There's no blood, nothing! Aniki… are you okay?"

"No." Sasuke looked at his mother again, touching her hair gently, whispering a silent 'mom'. He treated this like his parents were only asleep. His 8-year old mind comprehended death, but not the actual consequences, or what it implied.

"Call… Call Madara. He'll know what to do."

"Why should we seek help from that creep?"

"Just do it." came Itachi's impassive answer. Sasuke had a frown on his face as he took Itachi's cell phone in his hands and called Madara. It wasn't anything new that the younger Uchiha had a strong dislike for their uncle Madara. His considered him to be a total mad man. Even his appearance suggested the man wasn't completely sane. At least to Sasuke, the long mane-like hair added to the weird behavior.

Ever since their father introduced Madara to them, the man only seemed to pay attention to Itachi (and acting too much like a father for Sasuke's liking). Always treating his aniki like China porcelain, and always looking down on Sasuke, like he wasn't worth his attention. Why did everybody take so much care of Itachi? Why did everybody ignore HIM? And even with all that, Sasuke loved his brother more than he loved anybody else. That's the main reason he hated 'uncle' Madara in the first place. Madara was someone his brother turned to when something was troubling him. But if Itachi said he had to call him, then he would.

20 minutes later, the door opened and a tall man entered, gasping as he saw the scene in front of his eyes. Sasuke only mentioned on the phone that 'Itachi-nii told me to call you… We have a problem here, come as fast as you can.' He didn't even look at the bodies; he immediately went to stay by Itachi's side, scanning the 11-year-old boy quickly.

"Itachi-kun, what happened?"

"I… I don't know… I think it was-" Madara signaled Itachi to stop as he went near the bodies and turned them over. 'No blood,' he noticed. He knew what it was, and he couldn't help but look at the trembling boy next to him in admiration.

"Sasuke, go pack. You're moving in with me. Itachi, you'll only be staying around for one week. You have to leave, do you understand?"

"He's not leaving anywhere!" Sasuke shouted, the sudden death of his parents forgotten in a second.

"It doesn't concern you. Now shut up." Another thing about Madara that annoyed Sasuke to no end was his imposing personality. Even when Sasuke was decided not to listen to what the man said, when Madara simply raised his voice the tiniest bit, he found himself obeying. Just like now. He wanted to shout at the elder so badly, and ask him why Itachi had to leave. Ask him what happened to Itachi that he was so shaken by the death of their parents. It was a well-known fact that his older brother never cared too much about them.

But it was probably accumulated stress, Sasuke thought. 'Shisui just died as well'. Only one month ago. And it was Itachi's fault. Nobody accused him, but Itachi was under the impression that he was the one who killed Shisui, because he wasn't able to help. Itachi said that the moment he saw Shisui drown, he panicked, and couldn't move a finger. Again, Sasuke didn't care in the least about the now dead cousin; he hated Shisui because he was Itachi's best friend and always wanted to spend time with him. But to Itachi, it was like the world crushed beneath his feet. Ever since Shisui's death, Itachi's been acting weird, pushing everyone away and isolating himself. The only person he talked to was… Madara.

"Until when?" His aniki's voice interrupted his thoughts.

"Until we're sure the history doesn't repeat itself"

Sasuke didn't understand a thing they were saying. How could he? There was not something his ears were supposed to hear, he could at least understand that.
He really felt useless at the moment being. He didn't get why Itachi had to leave. He wanted to punch Madara for even suggesting that his brother should leave. Wasn't it enough that he lost his parents, now he was about to lose his brother as well? If there was any God up there, then he hated Sasuke with a passion.

If Itachi left, then Sasuke would end up staying with Madara, whom he disliked greatly. And this entire situation confused him a lot. One thing that added to him confusion was the lack of hurt he felt. Why? This wasn't normal, he was sure of it. Any other kid he knew would have already fainted from crying and done stupid, reckless thing as well. But he was okay with his reaction, somehow. Itachi didn't look too suffering either, and Sasuke always wanted to copy his brother in everything.

Itachi didn't look scared and ashamed with himself anymore. He was simply standing on his knees, looking at Madara blankly and blinking every now and then. Sasuke dried his tears and came closer to his brother, embracing him from the back.

"Nii-san, don't go! I don't want you to leave me…"

"Otouto, I'm sorry"

"Don't say that! If you don't leave, you won't have anything to feel sorry about!

"I'm sorry…"

That was all he ever said. One week later, he was gone.

The doctors didn't clear the fog about Mikoto and Fugaku's deaths. It was only revealed that they both suffered some severe brain damage, and it was a disease of some type. Bottom line: it was a natural death.

At the moment the doctors announced that, Sasuke could clearly see the relief on Madara's face. He already thought the diagnostic to be half-assed, but when he saw his uncle's face, he began to wonder whether… Madara killed them? But how could that be possible? There was no blood? And all the forensics were negative.

That night, it seemed like Itachi had an idea of what happened. Of course it had to be MADARA to try and keep him as far away as possible from Itachi during that week! He didn't get to talk to his aniki once! 2 months passed, and he missed his brother terribly. He's been repeatedly asking his 'uncle' about Itachi's location, but the only answer he got was 'abroad'. He couldn't even send him a letter!

All the days passed without any major events. Every day, Sasuke woke up and had to put up with Madara, who always had something to criticize him about. His hatred grew when Madara went away from home for ONE month to visit Itachi, without taking him as well.

It's been 7 years now, since he's last seen his brother…

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