Here's the second chapter.

Kazemaru and Hiroto looked at each other almost in a daze. Sadly for the tealnette, Endo had to ruin the moment.

"Alright. Time to practice!" he yelled.

Kidou put an arm around Endo's neck. Sometime his boyfriend didn't know there's a time when it's best not to speak. Endo however was confused. 'Why's everyone so quiet' he wondered. Looking around he found Kazemaru still in Hiroto's arms

The two boys blushed as they separated. Both of them for different reasons. Kazemaru loved the feel of the red heads warmth. When it left, he was disappointed. Hiroto was surprised by just how small Kazemaru's waist. It was very similar to that of girls.

Sakuma looked at his friend, then to Hiroto. It seemed as if the feeling weren't too one sided. 'Hiroto just might feel something for Kazemaru. I just got to help bring his feelings out' the cyan haired boy thought. 'I just need some help.' One person he did trust was, to his own surprise, Fudou. The shaved haired boy was sneaky and smart. He was also the one to help him finally confess to Tsunami. Speaking of Tsunami, he'd also be of good help. The pink haired boy was good at keeping others spirit up.

'Who else would be of good help?' His eyes landed on Midorikawa and Aphrodi. The two knew of Kazemaru's feelings for Hiroto. The green haired boy also knew Hiroto like the back of his hands, so he'd be good for advice. Aphrodi, being the brains out of the two would keep Midorikawa from doing anything too crazy. Sakuma wasn't worried about himself. Just like Midorikawa, he knew Kazemaru inside out, so he'd be able to help without going overboard.

"Okay." Sakuma told himself. He knew who to ask for help. His eyes roamed to Endo. The brunette was going to be a problem. Endo had a habit of ruining things, so that meant asking Kidou to keep and I on their captain….at all times.

As soon as his thoughts were done, Kidou spoke. "Endo's right. We should be practicing not standing around chit chatting."

Everyone nodded in agreement. Unlike everyone else who would be practicing, Sakuma was going to use this time to talk to his 'helpers.' `Fudou wouldn't like it if I called him that, so I'll just let him be my partner' he thought with a frown. "He'll be nothing but trouble."

This one is the shortest chapter, but I wanted everyone get an idea of who'd be a big part of helping them. I'll try and get it updated as fast as possible. Hope you enjoyed this chapter.