Waiting For You

Chapter 1- Wait

To cuddle up to the one you love in the middle of winter, snug and warm, using each other as a blanket, drifting in and out of content slumber...

Waking up from his sleeping state, Kagami half-opened his eyes and sighed happily, burying his head into the chest below him.


Eyes flying open and his whole body jumping up, he glared down at the blue and tanned person laying there. If it hadn't been for the fact he was lying on a flat chest, Kagami might not of realised so soon, that he had not gone to sleep embraced against someone. Let alone, him.

"What the Hell!" He whispered, backing away from the sofa as if the other person laying there was a corpse, rather than just Aomine.

Blinking hard and glaring at the male on the sofa, he tried to remember the night before...

"BAKAMI!" Aomine growled as he dragged the unconscious red head into the apartment. "You owe me for this you, you, baka!" He grumbled, stumbling over to the sofa, the weight of muscle collapsing on top of him, pinning him down to the fabric. "BAKAMI!" He yelled once more, but it was no use, the boy was stone out.

Aomine took a deep sigh and opened the crammed shut, closed eyes, to look at the other.

Heart skipping a beat, he noticed the peace and calm on the normally scowling face, and his breathing became heavy... Wait.. What was he doing fantasising about this jerk!

Eyes darting to the blank white washed ceiling, he felt his heart racing, and his breath unsteady. Just because his eyes were not on the other male, did not mean he could not feel the head on his chest, the legs tangled with his, the hands brushing against the bare skin of his torso, where his shirt had risen at the fall, and the bulge, against his thigh.

Aomine frowned at himself. This was his enemy, his foe, his opponent, a guy! Yet Aomine could not stop his shaking arms from wrapping around two broad shoulders and holding him tight, not bothering to struggle, to try and break out free from underneath, but content to lay here and sleep.

No, Kagami couldn't remember anything from last night. So he headed to the shower and washed, before dressing and taking his place in the kitchen, to make his breakfast. If Aomine thought he would be getting any food from him, he was wrong, Kagami didn't owe anything to that jerk, or so he thought anyway.

Living alone in a tiny, little apartment, Kagami had to learn to cook, clean and shop pretty quickly. He started off in a bit of a mess, but with determination and practice he got better, and was now pretty good at it. A bit like basket ball really, the only difference being in now he was amazing at basketball.

When Aomine finally woke up, he felt a strange emptiness, and he wondered why. Then he realised his arms were empty, unlike how he had fallen asleep.

Sitting up with a start, he had to double-check his surroundings to make sure he wasn't dreaming it. Letting out a calming sigh when he saw the vaguely familiar room around him. Only recognising the outlines of objects from the dark room of last night.

Standing up, he went to head towards the bathroom, but paused as he saw a glimpse of red from the corner of his eye. Through the crack in the kitchen door, he could see Kagami cooking, his hair still damp from where he must of showered, and his muscles flexing under his shirt as he stirred and stretched and chopped.

Then, as if Kagami had sensed someone looking at him, Aomine's eyes locked onto a fiery red pair, looking rather confused and suspicious.

Pulling out the way, he rushed to the bathroom and locked the door... What was wrong with him?

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