Waiting For you

Chapter 7- Ace's Secrets

Eyes on knowing eyes, a constant erotic thud which played over and over in the ears of both males. With smiles which show the smirk of knowing behind them, Kagami Taiga and Aomine Daiki stand to oppose each other, against each other. This is how it was meant to be, how it always was, how it appears still, but is as non-existent as the dinosaurs that once roamed this earth.

In his mind Daiki played over the extremes of the past two years he had spent with Taiga. From the punch up in the locker room, where both males came out with more bruises and injuries than ever intended. To the soft and gentle touches of lips against skin and caresses of hands. He knew Taiga's mind would be much on the same path as his, as he slowly dribbled the ball between them in time with their hearts. Or at least Aomine knew it was in time with his own heart, but from now he had only presumed their hearts beat in a synchronized pattern.

On the out side, the crowd would see the normal competitiveness of the pair as they fight up and down the court, scoring baskets and simply just showing off. But through those oh so knowing glances which they often shared, they knew it was not just a fight for dominance on the court, but dominance in the relationship.

Kagami had always been far behind his opponent, which was no surprise due to the skill which Aomine held in his hands when the ball lay there, but only in the more recent matches have they began to level out, and no one knew the reason behind this. Well no one but three.

Kagami was gaining strength over Aomine, in fact he was gaining strength in general. Kuroko was often benched without use, as the red head rushed up the court and broke past the bluenette with ease. To the outside world all seemed as if Kagami was getting greater. Yet as always Aomine beat all others, like Kise Ryōta for example, just as he normally would, but Kagami... Was the only strange exception, and it stayed that mystery.

To the couple though, Aomine knew Kagami dominated him strongly, his determination was amazing. You see, Aomine never needed the determination so much when it was just simple basketball, he had the skill and the confidence, but now with neither of them, he was stuck. So Kagami made him weak and drained him of his power, making his eyelids flutter and his body give into him, submitting pathetically. This idea worked very much on the court. With subtle brushes of the hand and looks of the eye, Kagami could hold Aomine in place and jerk his mind to mush or embarrassment, giving Kagami a pathway to shoot, simple, really.

"The only one who can beat me is me... Love... and Taiga..." ~Aomine Daiki

With the last three seconds left Kagami scores and settles the scores 57 Tōō Academy, 60 Seirin High. A burst of cheer and celebratory yells were spread through the air, as the unbeatable was beaten. Yet the two ace's were not acting like either of their teammates, both teams acting as in shock as the other. No, they were both at the edge of the court, still smirking, Aomine looking more worried actually.

"Looks like I won... Dai...ii...ki" Taiga murmured softly, sounding out the others first name slowly. A unnoticeable shiver ran through Aomine's person as he quickly protested. "You cheated." in a quiet and pissed off tone as he scowled deeply, holding that same posture and look he always held.

Kagami had chuckled softly and hummed. "I guess you could say I did." He added in a teasing voice, trying to rub in the fact he had finally won. A death glare was sent his way, and the hiss of, "You ran your fingers over my chest and blew on my neck!" spouting out of the worked up Aomine's mouth.

This only caused more chuckles from the red head. "Do you have any proof of this?" he raised one eyebrow, knowing very well that he had done exactly this, but so quickly even the cameras wouldn't pick it up. Then he sighed out and leaned back up against the wall. "Besides, what is that English/American saying I heard once... Umm, oh yeah... All is fair in love and war." He grinned, before pushing away from the wall and finding his teammates to finally roll in the happiness that emitted off them.

Aomine frowned, it wasn't the love or war he was worried about... It was the bet they had made before hand.

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